Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option: All You Need to Know

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The Pixel Perfect setting in Star Ocean is a video setting designed for players with monitors with an aspect ratio other than 16:9. When this setting is enabled, black bars are added to the top and bottom of the screen, preventing the game image from being stretched to fit the player’s monitor. This is especially useful for players who want to maintain the authentic look of retro 1990s games, such as Chrono Trigger and early Final Fantasy games, which were designed for specific pixel sizes and aspect ratios.

If you have a 16:9 display, enabling the Pixel Perfect setting won’t have any impact on your gaming experience, as it’s primarily meant to address the issue of displays with different aspect ratios. The purpose of this setting is to preserve the expected pixel sizes and ratios of game graphics, thus more accurately representing how the game will appear on older hardware.

It’s worth noting that this Pixel Perfect setting appears to be exclusive to the PC version of Star Ocean, and may be particularly relevant to users of devices like the Steam Deck with a 16:10 resolution. Players can adjust this setting during gameplay and in the main menu, allowing them to quickly switch to find the best viewing experience based on their monitor’s aspect ratio.

Benefits of Pixel Perfect Settings in Sea of ​​Stars

The Pixel Perfect settings in Star Ocean serve a specific purpose, especially for players using non-standard aspect ratio monitors. This setting is located in the game’s video options and addresses situations where the player’s monitor does not have the typical 16:9 aspect ratio. For players using 16:9 monitors, this setting has no impact.

When the Pixel Perfect setting is enabled, it introduces black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. This adjustment prevents the game’s pixelated images from stretching unnaturally to fit the size of the player’s monitor. This approach is common in emulating older games, as the characteristics of modern monitors can distort the visual presentation of retro games that were originally designed for different screen sizes.

The decision to use the Pixel Perfect settings largely comes down to personal preference. Players can choose if they prefer a slightly stretched screen, or if they want to keep the pixels at the intended size and aspect ratio. This option is especially suitable for those looking for authentic, faithful recreations of classic games from the 1990s such as Chrono Trigger and early Final Fantasy games.

It’s worth noting that this specific setting seems to be unique to the PC version of Star Ocean. This makes it particularly suitable for users of devices such as the Steam Deck (which has a 16:10 resolution). Settings can be conveniently adjusted in real time, whether from the main menu or during gameplay, allowing players to easily turn it on or off. This flexibility allows players to find their preferred visual settings without interruption.


Stars and sea

Star Ocean, an engaging role-playing video game developed by Sabotage Studio, graces the gaming world in 2023. The highly anticipated game debuts on a range of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, ensuring that a wide range of players can embark on its enchanting journey.

What’s fascinating about Sea of ​​Stars is its connection to the universe of another critically acclaimed title, The Courier, which launched in 2018. As players delve deeper into Star Ocean’s rich content, they not only offer a standalone experience, but also a sense of continuity, a shared realm that fans of the studio’s previous works can enjoy.

In the game’s immersive world, narrative and gameplay are intertwined to deliver a unique role-playing experience that captures the essence of exploration, discovery, and epic adventure. With a carefully curated release across a range of platforms, Sea of ​​Stars invites players across ecosystems to uncover its mysteries and immerse themselves in a universe that transcends the limitations of the screen.

Sea of ​​Stars gameplay

Star Ocean is a timeless, immersive turn-based RPG that draws inspiration from revered classics such as Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy , and also created its unique image. In this engaging adventure, players navigate a carefully designed world, meet lovable characters, and engage in tactical combat against cunning opponents.

The combat system unfolds carefully, requiring adaptive strategies and well-timed attacks to gain the upper hand, injecting exciting anticipation into every conflict. One of the highlights of “Sea of ​​Stars” is the richness of its characters. The game features six playable party members, each with unique personalities and combat skills, providing a multi-dimensional experience.

Crucially, character development is harmoniously intertwined with the unfolding narrative, avoiding monotonous grinding. Instead, players can anticipate important interactions that keep them firmly involved in the story’s progression. The game’s dynamic cycle of day and night enriches its world and injects a palpable energy into it.Carefully crafted 2D pixel art magnifies the visual splendor and returns to the nostalgic charm of classic aesthetics

Overview of Stars and Sea



First published date August 29, 2023
Developer destruction studio

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,

Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

school Role Playing Video Games, Indie Games, Adventure Games, Adventure
composer Yasunori Mitsuda, Rainbow Longan
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