Sea of Stars How to Complete Clockwork Castle and Beat the Strife Dweller? Sea of Stars Clockwork Castle Puzzle Solutions

Sea of ​​Stars game information

Developed by Sabotage Studio and released in 2023, Sea of ​​Stars is a role-playing video game available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/ S. The game is set in the same universe as The Messenger (2018) and centers on two protagonists, Valere and Zale, who use the power of the sun and moon to battle the Alchemist.

Gameplay combines elements of puzzle and turn-based combat, allowing players to manage a party of up to six characters. Sea of ​​Stars received critical acclaim upon launch, offering an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

How to clear Clockwork Castle in Sea of ​​Stars?

In Sea of ​​Stars’ Clockwork Castle, solving complex puzzles and defeating the conflicting denizens requires a strategic approach. Players need to effectively utilize the tools available to them to progress. Solving these puzzles requires creativity and problem-solving skills to ultimately defeat the conflicting residents.

The detailed steps and solutions for this specific part of the game may vary, so consulting the Clockwork Castle in Star Ocean game guide or walkthrough may provide more precise instructions on how to complete this challenging part and defeat the conflicting denizens .

Star Ocean Clockwork Castle Puzzle: Open the Door

To solve the Clockwork Castle puzzle and open the gate in the Star Ocean, follow these steps:

  • Enter the correct door and kill the enemies you encounter.
  • Stand on the gold bricks and build a bridge.
  • Cross the bridge to get the Garden Key. Return to the door area and enter the door on the left.
  • Destroy the enemy after falling down. Push the clog posts in the following order: left, up, right, down, left, up.
  • Get on the platform and use graplou three times.
  • Use graplou on the lower platform device. Then, push the gear column to the right.
  • Go back outside and insert the Garden Key into the door to unlock it.

Star Ocean Clockwork Castle Puzzle: Level 1 Puzzle Solutions

To solve the level 1 puzzle in Star Ocean’s Clockwork Castle, follow these steps:

  • Activate the left control stick to obtain the gear column.
  • Activate the right control stick to summon the block.
  • Push the gear column in the following order: left, down, right, up.
  • Climb the stairs and use graplou.
  • Push the gear column to the left, then wait for the effect to dissipate, then push it to the right.
  • Use graplou to the right, then to the left.
  • Push the pillar down and pull the lever to the right.
  • Use Grabulu to reposition the pillar from its current location. Next, push the pillars into each corner and climb up the stairs.

Star Ocean Clockwork Castle Puzzle: Level 2 Puzzle Solutions

  • Drop down and use the graplou on the left platform.
  • Quickly run to the right, climb the stairs, and use the floating platform before the time expires. Use the lever to retract the bridge.
  • Stand on the gold bricks to create a new bridge. Use the green lever to move up.
  • Stand on the gold nugget on the right to generate a bridge leading to the room on the right.
  • Pull the left and right levers, but do not touch the center lever.
  • Climb the stairs and jump on each platform. Graplou gear twice.
  • Return to the room with the red and green levers. Stand on the tiles on the left to form a bridge to the room on the left.
  • Push the gear column up and to the left.
  • Climb the stairs, use the grapple, stand on the platform, and then grapple the gear.
  • Open the chest before the timer expires to receive the Evergreen Leaf Ring.

Sea of ​​Stars Clockwork Castle Puzzle: Level 3 Puzzle Solutions

To solve the Clockwork Castle level 3 puzzle in Star Ocean, follow these steps:

  • Use the graplou on the left to enter the platform.
  • Push the stairs to the second cage room and pull the lever on the bottom platform. Then, climb the stairs and pull the lever to go upstairs.
  • Pull the lever to go downstairs, push the stairs to the first cage room, and pull the lever to go upstairs.
  • Push the stairs one more time, then climb up the stairs and use the Graplou on the gear column.
  • Standing on the golden tiles outside.
  • Drop down to the right and activate graplou. Then go back and jump onto the Graplou platform to reach the ledge above.
  • Enter the room on the right and use the graplou on the gear in the northeast corner.
  • Graplou This facility is located on the North Center Floor. Now, it’s time to head to the upper level.


How to defeat conflict dwellers?

To defeat the denizens of strife in the Astral Sea, follow these steps:

  • Take out the four support enemies before facing the residents.

Combo 1: Todome lifts a rock and throws it to an ally.

Combo 2: V attack slashes two allies in a V shape.

  • Conflict dwellers are susceptible to magic, so prioritize magic-based skills during combat.
  • Take advantage of real-time mana abilities.
  • Be prepared for regular attacks from the denizens, which include firing an eye beam at one of your allies.
  • Watch out for the Dweller’s charged attack “Eclipse Laser”, which will target all party members and cause severe damage.

The story of the stars and the sea

Sea of ​​Stars is a retro-style role-playing video game centered on two heroes named Valere and Zale, who harness the power of the sun and moon to fight the Alchemist. Gameplay combines puzzle solving and turn-based combat, allowing players to control up to six characters.

Inspired by classic RPGs like Visions of Gaia, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger, the game also features navigation mechanics, side quests, and combat strategies centered around exploiting enemies’ elemental weaknesses. Set in the same universe as The Courier but taking place thousands of years earlier, Star Ocean offers an engaging, immersive gaming experience.

Stars and Sea trailer

Stars and Sea Reviews

Upon its release on August 29, 2023, Sea of ​​Stars received “generally positive reviews” for its Windows version and “generally positive reviews” for its console version. The game’s official Twitter account also proudly announced that it had reached the impressive milestone of shipping 100,000 copies on August 29, 2023. This is the first day.

The role-playing game offers a single-player experience that has been critically acclaimed by critics and players alike, cementing its status as a successful and critically acclaimed title in the gaming community.

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