Sea of Stars Elder Mist Boss Fight, How to Beat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars?

Star Sea Ancient Mist Boss Battle

The fog boss encounter in Xinghai RPG is an initial test of the player’s skills. This formidable foe possesses an array of cunning tactics to punish those who fail to remain vigilant. However, players with the right strategy and precise execution can quickly defeat this formidable opponent.

In the sea of ​​stars, fighting against the ancient fog requires a keen understanding of its complex mechanisms. Players must concentrate and react as this boss employs a variety of tricks and challenges that require quick thinking and adaptability. However, with the proper approach, victory is within reach.

By employing a well-thought-out combination of tactics, making effective use of their characters’ abilities, and coordinating their team’s actions, players can overcome the massive obstacles of the Mist of the Ancients and emerge victorious in this early but significant encounter that sets the tone for the adventure to come.

How to defeat Elder Mist in the Star Sea?

rest and prepare

Before facing the Mist Elder, you must rest by a campfire outside the battle zone. This action will heal your character and ensure they are at their best for battle. Additionally, utilize nearby save points to create save files so you can retry the battle if needed.

The ancient boss battle in the Star Sea and Mist. How to defeat the Mist Ancient in the Star Sea?

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Understand the moves of Elder Mist:

  • Overhead punch: Elder Mist’s main attack is the overhead punch. You can successfully block this attack by pressing the button correctly (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox and Switch).

  • Sword Counterattack: The Mist Elder’s sword can counterattack when you attack. The counterattack targeted all three party members simultaneously. Despite the risk, prioritize attacking the sword, as drawing it will limit the Mist Elder’s ability to attack. Remember that the sword respawns periodically, so be prepared to handle it again.

  • Charged Attack: The Mist Elder’s most devastating attack is a charged move with three symbols above it. To counter this attack, you must match the symbols correctly. Valere and Garr’s melee attacks deal hammer damage, while Zhar’s melee attacks deal sword damage. Valere’s magic attacks are based on the moon, while Zaar’s magic attacks are based on the sun. Matching symbols with corresponding actions before the timer runs out will prevent the most devastating attacks.

Valid button timing

The timing of the button press is crucial. When matching symbols to perform a charged attack, make sure to press the confirm button at the right time to perform a double attack and eliminate multiple symbols. Valere’s Moon Dart skill is especially useful for taking out multiple moon symbols.

Utilize Gall’s Nourishing Skill

Garr’s Nourish ability should be used strategically to restore health during combat. Also, be prepared to absorb the orbs that appear when attacking the Mist Elder. To do this, pay attention to the “Boost” button prompt when selecting your character. Absorbing these orbs empowers your character’s next attack, increasing your damage output.

Utilizing Combination Attacks

Keep an eye on the combo attack bar on the left side of the screen. In the heat of battle, combos can be a lifesaver. Not only do they restore health, but they also deal additional damage to the Mist Elder. Use them wisely when you are under pressure.

The ancient boss battle in the Star Sea and Mist. How to defeat the Mist Ancient in the Star Sea?

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Stay vigilant and manage resources

Throughout the battle, stay alert and manage your resources efficiently. Prioritize healing when necessary, absorb orbs before unleashing powerful attacks, and kill the Mist Elder’s sword in time for each respawn.

The ancient boss battle in the Star Sea and Mist. How to defeat the Mist Ancient in the Star Sea?

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Execute strategy

By consistently applying these strategies, you should be able to defeat Ancient Mist in less than 10 minutes. Remember to be patient, adapt to the boss’s moves, and coordinate your character’s abilities to maximize your chances of success.


Sea of ​​Stars game information

In 2023, Star Ocean, a fascinating role-playing video game, was born from the creative minds of Sabotage Studio. The highly anticipated game debuts on a variety of gaming platforms, including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Star Ocean plunges players into an immersive world, delivering a mesmerizing experience that is intricately connected to the universe introduced in its predecessor, The Courier, released in 2018 by the same developer.

Star Ocean is positioned within the realm of role-playing video games, immersing players in a compelling narrative and gameplay that embodies Sabotage Studio’s signature style.

Released on multiple platforms, including current and previous generation consoles as well as PC, the game caters to a wide range of gamers, ensuring a diverse audience can experience its captivating universe and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Additionally, Sea of ​​Stars shares a tightly connected universe with its 2018 predecessor The Courier. This connection establishes a sense of continuity and familiarity for players who have delved into the developer’s previous titles, offering the potential for interesting crossovers. , references, and extensions of established knowledge.

Sea of ​​Stars gameplay

Star Ocean is a timeless, immersive turn-based role-playing game that draws inspiration from beloved classics such as Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. At the same time, it also created its unique image. In this engaging adventure, players navigate a carefully designed world, meet lovable characters, and engage in tactical combat against cunning opponents.

The combat system unfolds carefully, requiring adaptive strategies and well-timed attacks to gain the upper hand, injecting exciting anticipation into every conflict. One of the highlights of “Stars and Sea” is the richness of the characters. The game features six playable party members, each with unique personalities and combat skills, providing a multi-dimensional experience.

Crucially, character development is harmoniously intertwined with the unfolding narrative, avoiding monotonous grinding. Instead, players can anticipate important interactions that keep them firmly involved in the story’s progression. The game’s dynamic cycle of day and night enriches its world and injects a palpable energy into it. The carefully crafted 2D pixel art magnifies the visual splendor and returns the nostalgic charm of classic aesthetics.

Stars and Sea trailer

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