Savanah Graham Top Boy, Who is Savanah Graham? Role as Erin in Top Boy

Savannah GrahamTop Boy

Savanah Graham is an actress known for her role in the television series Top Boy. In the show, she plays the character Erin, the daughter of Dris and close to Stefan. It was her breakthrough role and made her even more famous as an actress. She did a great job playing Erin, and Top Boy viewers still remember her from her performance on the show.

“Savanah Graham Top Boy” refers to her participation in the popular Netflix thriller series. It was an important moment in her career and she was recognized for her acting skills in the role. Savannah Graham impressed audiences with her performance as Erin in Top Boy, which marked the beginning of her journey into showbiz.

Who is Savannah Graham?

Savannah Graham is an English actress best known for her role as Erin in the television series Top Boy. She is recognized for her performance in the Netflix thriller series and is known for her work in the entertainment industry. Not much is known about her personally, but she is best known in the acting world for her role as Erin in Top Boy.


Who is Erin Wright in Top Boy?

Erin Wright is a fictional character in the television series Top Boy, played by Savanah Graham. In the show, Erin is Dries’ daughter and her character plays an important role in the storyline. Erin is known for her close relationship with Stefan, one of the series’ central characters. She becomes an important part of the drama and the relationships between the various characters. The character of Erin is played by actress Savannah Graham, who brilliantly portrays the character of Erin on screen.

Erin’s presence in Top Boy adds depth to the narrative and illustrates the challenges and complexities of life in the gritty world the series depicts. Her character’s development and interactions with other characters contributed to the drama and suspense of the entire show, making her a memorable part of the “Top Boy” story.

Top Boys Overview

Top Boy is a British crime television series set on a fictional summer house estate in the London borough of Hackney. The series follows the lives of two drug dealers, Duchamp (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson), as well as other characters involved in London’s drug trade and gang violence. This is a gritty and intense series that explores the challenges and dangers of this world.

The show consists of four series (seasons) with a total of 26 episodes. The first two seasons originally aired on Channel 4, while seasons three and four were re-aired by Netflix due to interest from Canadian rapper Drake. The show was critically acclaimed for its acting, cinematography, themes, realism, writing, and score, and rivaled other crime dramas such as The Wire, Snowfall, and Thrones. “Top Boy” also won awards and nominations at the British Academy Television Awards, highlighting its influence and quality in the television industry.

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Gerald “Sully” Sullivan


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Savannah Graham

Erin Wright

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