Remnant 2 Forbidden Grove Harp Puzzle, How to Solve the Harp Puzzle in the Forbidden Grove?

Ruins 2 Forbidden Forest Harp

The Forbidden Forest in Remnant 2 is an intricate landscape characterized by lush, forested terrain. This mysterious place is known for its complex and mind-bending puzzles, challenging adventurers who dare to traverse its depths. The dense foliage hides hidden paths and mysterious mechanisms that require sharp intelligence and problem-solving skills to navigate.

The Grove has a reputation as a proving ground for intellectual acuity and resourcefulness, attracting explorers seeking to unlock its secrets. Combining natural beauty with intricate mysteries, the Forbidden Forest is a mesmerizing and daunting destination for those seeking to unravel its mysteries.

“Remnant 2” Forbidden Forest Harp Puzzle

In the vast world of “Remnant 2”, players will encounter a variety of challenges, including powerful elite enemies, majestic bosses and intricate puzzles. While the biomes and storylines vary from player to player, certain puzzles remain consistent across environments. For the key location of the Forbidden Forest, the Harp Puzzle must be deciphered to gain access to the Reaver’s lair.

Although this dilemma arises early on, its solution may become apparent only after substantial progress has been made. To unlock the bridge to the next main road, players must carefully follow a series of steps. This blend of exploration, strategy, and problem-solving defines Remnant 2’s immersive gameplay experience.


How to solve the harp puzzle in the Forbidden Forest?

When encountering the giant harp in the Forbidden Forest, trying to solve its puzzles is futile unless you power up the machine. However, you have to go deeper into the biomes to achieve this. Climb the stairs near the World Stone Chamber to reach the entrance to the next biome section. Battle through and maybe even venture into another area until you find yourself in a new part of the Forbidden Forest.

Activate the levers in this new area to power the harp to gain a shortcut back to the Worldstone. Take a break if needed and peruse the books in the room, looking for note and spacing cues that are crucial to playing the correct melody on the harp. To apply notes from the book, raise the pins (notes) and lower them (spaces) in the correct order. If the line does not require a comment, it will be represented by zero. The order of use is for reference: 5,0,4,0,3,4,1,0.

Once the sequence is entered, pulling the mechanism’s left lever triggers the harp’s melody. A large stone bridge will rise, leading to the next area. Get ready for the upcoming confrontation with the powerful Predator boss. Although challenging, keep in mind that this puzzle is just a glimpse of the intricate mysteries in Remnant II.

What is the positioning method for the giant harp?

When you first encounter the harp puzzle, interaction will not trigger its activation, even if the correct note is placed. The reason lies in the need to activate the giant harp mechanism located higher up in the Forbidden Forest. Near the harp puzzle, the NPC will serenade you and begin the quest to find the harp.

After starting the mission, you need to go through two complete areas and defeat the boss to re-enter the Forbidden Forest. Upon returning, you’ll find yourself at a higher level and can find the Giant Harp in the room above. Next to the harp, engage the lever to activate the mechanism.

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