Project Mugetsu Shihoin Clan Guide: The Complete List

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In Project Mugetsu Shihoin Clan, players are welcome to delve into the fascinating world of this legendary clan and explore its unique buffs. This guide is tailor-made for fans who love the Bleach anime/manga and also love the Roblox universe. With Project Mugetsu, players will immerse themselves in the realms of Soul Reapers and Hollows, using their Shikai abilities to engage in thrilling battles.

The Shihoin family stands out for its powerful and unique buffs, making them a formidable presence in the game. As players progress through Project Moonless, understanding and utilizing these buffs is crucial to honing their soul skills and working towards becoming a legendary reaper or incorporeal. This guide aims to reveal the hidden secrets and strengths of the Shihoin family and help players on their path to greatness.

For those seeking battlefield dominance or a deeper understanding of the Shihoin clan’s rich lore, our comprehensive guide has you covered. It features codes, Shikai tier lists, and tribe tier lists to enhance players’ Roblox adventures in Project Mugetsu. In addition, players can join the developer’s official Roblox group to connect with like-minded people and continue exploring the fascinating Project Mugetsu universe.

Project Mugetsu Shihoin Clan Guide

Like the other clans in Project Mutsuki, the Shihoin clan offers passive abilities that can be used to gain advantages in various game scenarios. These buffs are crucial in shaping your gaming experience and enhancing your performance on your journey to becoming the legendary Shinigami or Sora.

While the Shihoin family is still in the development stage, its potential is undeniable and is inspired by the families in the Bleach series. As you explore the world of Project Moonless, understanding and utilizing the Shihoin clan buffs will aid in your pursuit of power and dominance.

Keep in mind that clans play an important role in Moonless Project, as the surname associated with your character and providing different buffs based on their rarity. If you want a different tribe, you can choose to rejoin and discover new possibilities. For a broader understanding of team strength, you can refer to our Project Mugetsu team tier list. Get ready for an exciting adventure in the enchanting world of Project Mugetsu!


Shihoin family lovers

In the world of Project Mutsuki, the Shihoin clan is a recently launched and still developing clan inspired by famous families from the Bleach series. Its legendary rarity brings with it a unique set of buffs that provide unique advantages to those who join this powerful tribe.

  • +55 spiritual pressure
  • Fire Resistance – Resistance to fire damage
  • Freeze resistance – resistance to freezing damage
  • +1.8 Melee
  • Master Assassin – Using ESP and Scan, you will not be detected by enemies (you will not make footsteps)
  • +65 health
  • Shunko (will be launched in a future update)
  • Feline transformation (coming in a future update)
  • Increase strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Hakuda Combatant – Deals +5 bonus damage with fists per physical attack
  • +3 squares

Roblox Project Wuyue Wiki

Below is information about the popular fan-made Roblox game Project Mugetsu. Inspired by the beloved anime and manga series Bleach, the game allows players to create and personalize their own character, choosing from a variety of options such as appearance, race, and abilities. Once a unique avatar is crafted, players can embark on an immersive journey through the game world, participating in quests, fighting other players or AI opponents, and exploring.

The developers have set up a Trello board for the game, which provides tons of valuable details, including beginner tips, available tournaments like Hollow and Soul Reaper, as well as upcoming tournaments, Shikai, Res, and more. Players can access the official Trello link provided in the Project Mugetsu Wiki guide for in-depth information. In addition, the game’s Discord server provides event updates, news, and major adjustments to ensure a vibrant and engaged community.

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