Nier Reincarnation Tier List August 2023

Nier reincarnation level list August 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive NieR Reincarnation tier list, designed to help you explore the intricate game world. In this list, we’ve carefully evaluated and ranked all characters and weapons based on their usefulness, damage potential, and various other statistics.

NieR Reincarnation is a mobile gacha adaptation of the famous NieR series, featuring a diverse cast of characters, each with unique personalities and characteristics that make them special. The following is a detailed explanation of the meaning of each layer:

  • S-Class Nier Reincarnation: These are the most prominent characters in the game. Obtaining them should be a priority, as they will bring extraordinary power to your arsenal.
  • A-level NieR Reincarnation: These characters are the strongest characters in the NieR Reincarnation realm. With their strength, you can complete quests and dungeons efficiently, making your journey smoother.
  • Tier B Nier Tensei: While not at the pinnacle of Tier A, these units are serious contenders. They offer reliable performance, ensuring you can overcome most challenges with relative ease.
  • C-level Nier Reincarnation: Characters at this level are relatively weak, but don’t underestimate their potential. With strategic planning and upgrades, they can handle many encounters, although investing too much effort may not always be justified.

Now that we’ve got the tiers figured out, it’s time to delve into the heart of the matter – NieR Reincarnation’s tier list. This compilation is your guide to understanding character and weapon hierarchy, ultimately helping you optimize your experience in the enchanting world of NieR Reincarnation.

NieR Reincarnation Tier List – Best Characters in PvE


Neil reincarnation character

S 063y – Prisoner with Broken Bones
S 2P – Simulated Machinery
S A2 – Divergent Attacker
S Emile – The Strange Thing of Divergence
S Fio – Girl at heart
S Gail – Celebrity Hunter
S Grif – Captain Abstract
S Noelle – Celebrating Weapons
S World Terminator – Divergent Boy
A 2B – Divergence Fighter
A Akha – Summer Assassin
A Dimos – Abstract Gunner
A F66x – Abstract Captive
A Fio – abstract girl
A Fio – summer girl
A Gail – Abstract Hunter
A Gael – Bloody Hunter
A Grif – Celebrating Captain
A Livania – The Beast Reborn
A Lyon – Mechanical Exile
A Lyon – Summer Exile
A Zero——Different Sister
A Akeha – Abstract Assassin
A Akha – the dissident assassin
A Akhal – Mechanical Assassin
Second 9S – Divergent Scanner
Second Argo – Celebrating Travelers
Second Dimos – the dissident gunman
Second F66x – Captive of Dissent
Second Fio – Celebrating Girls
Second Fio – the dissident girl
Second Feo – mechanical girl
Second Fio – Analog Girl
Second Fio – Analog Girl
Second Kainé – Warrior of Divergence
C Lars – Abstract Soldier
C Lars – the reborn truant
C 063y – Abstract Prisoner
C Argo – abstract traveler
C Argonauts – the dissident traveler

NieR Reincarnation Tier List – Best PvP Characters


Neil reincarnation character

S 063y – Prisoner with Broken Bones
S 2B – Divergence Fighter
S 2P – Simulator
S Akhal – Mechanical Assassin
S Fio – Girl at heart
S Gail – Abstract Hunter
S Gael – Bloody Hunter
S Grif – Captain Abstract
S Lars – the reborn truant
S Zero——Different Sister
A A2 – Divergent Attacker
A Dimos – Abstract Gunner
A Gael – Celebrating Hunters
A Lars – Abstract Soldier
A Lyon – Summer Exile
A World Terminator – Divergent Boy
A 9S – Divergent Scanner
A Akha – Summer Assassin
A Argo – abstract traveler
A Argo – Celebrating Travelers
Second Emile – The Strange Thing of Divergence
Second Fio – abstract girl
Second Grif – Celebrating Captain
Second Livania – The Beast Reborn
Second Noelle – Abstract Weapon
Second Noelle – Celebrating Weapons
Second Lyon – Mechanical Exile
Second 063y – Abstract Prisoner
Second Akeha – Abstract Assassin
Second Akha – the dissident assassin
Second Akhal – Intoner Assassin
Second Argo – Patriotic Traveler
Second F66x – Abstract Captive
C Fio – Celebrating Girls
C Feo – mechanical girl
C Fio – Analog Girl
C Fio – summer girl
C Rion – Abstract Exile

NieR reincarnation weapon level list


Nier reincarnation weapon

S 063y Broken Prisoner’s Phoenix Dagger
S The shimmering bay of summer exile in Lyon
S Mingha Mechanical Assassin Phoenix Sword
S Gaelic Abstract Hunter’s Wretched Blade
A Noelle Celebrant Arms Railroad Sign
A Lars Abstract Soldier’s Judgment Blade
A Sword of Khaine
A Demos abstract gunner’s desperado gun
A Cruel Cult of Lyon Mechanical Exiles
Second Bright Leaf Summer Assassin’s Black Sunflower
Second Phoenix Spear
Second Silversnow Fang for Akeha Abstract Assassin
Second Fio Abstract Girl’s Bloodroot Vase
Second Feiou mechanical girl’s 40-style fist
Second Lyon Abstract Exile Military Providence
Second Argo Abstract Soldier’s Core Half Spear
C Cryptolith Staff for F66x Abstract Captive
C Fool’s Lament
C Phoenix Sword
C sunrise
C evil ax

Neil reincarnation

Nier Reincarnation is an engaging role-playing video game that appeared in 2021, produced by Applibot and implemented by Square Enix on Android and iOS platforms. The game takes place in The Cage, a unique realm where different characters embark on their own journeys, delving into the intricacies of their predicaments. Gameplay harmoniously blends immersive narrative-driven exploration with both the mysterious cage and an intriguing weapons story involving a range of characters. Within this narrative tapestry, players are invited to engage in turn-based combat against menacing monsters that have taken root in the Cage and its story.

The birth of “NieR: Reincarnation” can be traced back to the huge success of “NieR: Automata” in 2017. Development of the mobile game began, driven by the desire to create an accessible portal to the vast Nier universe. Series creator Yoko Taro is at the helm of creative direction, deftly weaving his artistic vision into the game’s structure to create unique settings. Notable returnees on the creative team include producer Yosuke Saito, artistic talents Akihiko Yoshida and Kazuma Koda, and co-composer Keiichi Okabe. The combined efforts of these creative minds create a unique and engaging gaming experience that immerses players in the mysterious world of NieR Reincarnation.


Nier reincarnation gameplay

NieR Reincarnation is an engaging role-playing video game that takes place in the vast universe shared by NieR and its sequel NieR: Automata. It plunges players into a moment of uncertainty within a vast, towering structure known as “The Cage.” This mysterious realm serves as the backdrop for multiple intertwining storylines of varying lengths, each following the journey of a different character who inhabits the cage. Players will be accompanied by ethereal companions as they travel through different areas of the cage, passing through statues known as scarecrows. These statues help relive memories and appear as charming storybook-like narratives.

NieR Reincarnation’s gameplay comes in three unique forms. First, players take on the role of the current protagonist, exploring the intricate landscape of the cage with their ghostly companions. During these explorations, encountering scarecrows yields weapons that can be upgraded. These weapons prove to be invaluable when fighting enemies from unlocked memories. Aptly named “Weapon Stories,” these memories give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the memories of individuals associated with specific weapons. These memories are presented in a side-scrolling, painterly perspective, unfolding in the form of narrative battles. Players engage in real-time battles within these memories, leading three characters against opponents. After charging, click the icon on the screen to trigger a special attack. Players can choose to perform combat manually or rely on the auto-battle feature to complete it.

After the launch of “NieR Reincarnation”, a mini-game was launched in which players can shoot targets within a specified time. The shooting mechanism runs along a horizontal axis and upon successful hit, the target is temporarily paralyzed. The points earned by defeating targets will affect the player’s ranking and subsequent rewards. A post-launch addition introduced another mini-game that allowed players to control the supporting character Mom in an auto-scrolling side-scrolling scene. Here, players must overcome obstacles, collect gold coins within the allotted time, and utilize items to obtain beneficial effects. The presence of enemies introduces a layer of strategy, as their disruption reduces the player’s score upon contact. Additionally, the launch of the Arena Mode feature allows players to pit their teams against rival teams created by other players. This competitive encounter yields rewards that help enhance weapons and characters.

While the main storyline characters are easily accessible in the game, alternate character variants and weapons are secured via a gacha mechanic. Completing storyline missions unlocks challenging iterations of combat, providing players with optional, more demanding encounters. To advance the plot, players must manage the strength of their party members, quantified through the “Strength” statistic. Meeting certain Force thresholds is crucial to the story’s progression, although the Force requirements were tweaked after the initial story arc was introduced. NieR Reincarnation is an immersive blend of storytelling and gameplay that invites players to explore the fascinating intricacies of the Cage and its mysterious story.

NieR reincarnation overview




Application robot


Square Enix


Yoko Taro, Matsukawa Daichi


Yosuke Saito, Daichi Matsukawa


Akihiko Yoshida, Kazuma Koda


Ohara Takashi, Matsuo Yuki, Yoko Taro


Keiichi Okabe, Shotaro Xu.




Android, iOS


Japan: February 18, 2021, Global: July 28, 2021


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