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Myth or Reality 1 Walkthrough

Chapter One: The Mystery of Pineworth Village

When you begin your journey in Myth or Reality: Wonderland, you’ll find yourself in the quaint village of Pineworth. Villagers talk about mysterious events in the nearby woods. Your mission is to investigate mysterious events and uncover the truth behind Wonderland.

Talk to the Village Elder: Start by talking to the wise village elder. She tells stories of twinkling lights and enchanting melodies that echo from deep within the forest. She urges you to take risks and seek the truth.

Collect clues: Wander around Pineworth Village, talk to the villagers and collect clues. Uncover ancient manuscripts, faded maps, and mysterious symbols hinting at the existence of hidden realms.

Chapter 2: Holy Tree

Clues will lead you to a majestic tree in the center of the forest. It has an otherworldly aura and is said to be the gateway between the mortal world and the fairy world.

Puzzle Solving: The Sacred Tree presents a series of riddles and puzzles. Crack these challenges, prove your worth and enter Wonderland.

Guardian of the Tree: Meet a mysterious guardian who will test your resolve. Engage in a battle of wits and prove that you are a true seeker of truth.

Chapter 3: Plan

In Wonderland you will find an intricate web of plans woven by fairies and magical creatures.

Council of Fairies: Join the Council of Fairies and their plans will be revealed. Uncover the motivations behind their actions and learn their connection to the mortal world.

Across Realms: Travel through stunning landscapes, solve puzzles, and form alliances with mythical creatures. Piecing together a grand plan to intertwine the two realms.

Chapter 4: Trolls

On your quest for the truth, you encounter a misunderstood troll who guards a key piece of the puzzle.

Tough Bargain: Make a deal with a troll by completing a series of tasks that match the troll’s interests. Learn his backstory and earn his trust.

Uncover the Past: Uncover the Trolls’ tragic history and their connection to the mystery as you delve deeper. Your empathy and kindness may be the key to resolving a conflict.

Chapter 5: Divination

As your exploration in Myth or Reality: Wonderland unfolds, you’ll find yourself delving deeper into the mysteries of this enchanted land. In Chapter Five, you’ll encounter the ancient art of divination, a key element in uncovering the truth behind Wonderland.

Seer’s Cabin: Begin your exploration by stumbling upon a hidden cabin nestled in a tranquil forest glade. Inside, a mysterious seer guides you through visions and dreams, revealing fragments of the past and glimpses of the future.

Deciphering symbols: traveling through dreams filled with symbolic imagery. Decipher the meaning behind the mysterious symbols and reveal their connection to the overarching mystery.

Chapter 6: Ben Kruahan Mountain

Your journey takes a bold turn as you ascend the majestic Ben Cruahan, a place shrouded in legend and surrounded by an aura of ancient power.

Climb the Mountain: Embark on a dangerous climb, overcome natural obstacles and solve puzzles on your way to the top.

Guardians of the Highlands: Confront the mysterious creatures that guard the secrets of Mount Bencruhan. Engage in a battle of wits, prove your worth and gain hidden knowledge.

Chapter 7: Karavare

At the heart of Wonderland, you’ll find Caraval, a mysterious city that holds the key to the ultimate revelation.

Charming cityscapes: Wander the ethereal streets of Caraval, marvel at its unique architecture and interact with its charming residents.

Messenger of Truth: Meet a wise oracle who holds the final piece of the puzzle. Engage in a conversation that challenges your understanding of myth and reality, ultimately leading you to the deep truths you’ve been searching for.

Chapter 8: Amulet

As your journey in Myth or Reality: Wonderland reaches its climax, you’ll discover a hidden artifact of immense power – the Ancient Amulet. This chapter will take you through finding and understanding the meaning of the amulet.

Mystical Scroll: Receive a mysterious scroll that will lead you to the forgotten tomb of an ancient saint. Explore the depths of the tomb, solve complex puzzles and decipher mysterious inscriptions.

Trials of the Guardian: After discovering the amulet’s resting place, you’ll face a guardian imbued with elemental power. Engage in a battle of skill and strategy to prove you’re worthy of wielding the power of the amulet.

Bonus Chapter: The Secret of the Elves

Uncover an extra layer of intrigue and charm in this engaging bonus chapter. Elves, ethereal beings in the wind, hold secrets that can reshape your understanding of wonderland.

The Wind Whispers: Venture into the realm of elves, a place of whirlwinds and delicate melodies. Connect with these elusive creatures and embark on an introspective journey.

Breath of Change: Thought-provoking conversations with elves that delve into their unique perspectives on myth and reality. Uncover hidden truths and challenge the very fabric of the world you thought you knew.

Myth or Reality 1 Wiki

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Myth or Reality 1: Wonderland, a brilliant point-and-click casual hidden object game that blends brain-burning puzzles with engaging storytelling. As the protagonist, you represent a famous investigator, revered for uncovering mysterious truths hidden in myths and legends. Commissioned by the leader of a remote English village, your mission revolves around uncovering hidden treasures necessary for the path to heroism.

Set against the backdrop of strange disappearances and disturbing anecdotes of villagers, your journey is filled with a sense of intrigue. The surrounding forest holds curious secrets, and apparently something extraordinary lurks within. The core question arises: What is this way of being? What is its intention? Crucially, who is hiding the truth about the Fairy Mystery? Your investigative abilities will become your greatest asset as you embark on a magical adventure, using your skills to tackle challenging hidden object puzzles. Get ready to be captivated by the engaging story and test the limits of your acumen in this fresh hidden object puzzle adventure game.

Myth or Reality 1: Wonderland is the pinnacle of interactive entertainment, seamlessly blending hidden object hunting with an immersive storyline. Your transformation into a seasoned investigator, coupled with the temptation to uncover hidden truths, draws you into a world of mystery and fascination. Engage your cognitive abilities and prepare to be mesmerized by the series of riddles, discoveries, and fascinating revelations that define this extraordinary gaming experience.


Myth or reality 1 gameplay

Embark on an enchanting adventure in Myth or Reality: Wonderland, an enchanting interactive experience that blurs the lines between myth and reality. As you play the protagonist, you’ll travel through a richly detailed world filled with mystery, magic, and fascinating characters. Your choices and actions will determine the outcome of the story, immersing you in a narrative that unfolds based on your decisions.

Explore: Travel through the exquisite landscapes of Pineworth Village, Mount Bencruhan, Karavale and more. Discover hidden paths, interact with interesting NPCs, and discover clues that advance the storyline.

Puzzles and Challenges: Take part in a variety of brain-testing puzzles, each carefully designed to challenge your problem-solving abilities. Solve riddles, manipulate ancient artifacts, and unlock secrets as you progress through the chapters.

Dialogue and Choices: Interact with different characters, each with their own motivations and personalities. Have meaningful conversations that influence character relationships and the direction of the narrative. Your choices may lead to different outcomes and multiple story branches.

Artifact Quests: Embark on quests to retrieve powerful artifacts, such as ancient amulets. These missions will test your courage, wisdom, and strategic thinking as you face guardians, solve mysteries, and delve into Wonderland’s history.

Dream Sequences: Experience surreal dream sequences, interact with mysterious seers and interpret symbolic visions. These sequences provide insights into the past, present, and future, adding depth to the overarching narrative.

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