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My time at Sandrock gave me a hint

Unlock “Tip”

To begin the My Time in Sandstone side quest, your first step is to reach the level of Owen’s Assistant. Watch out for Owen chatting with Yan on the street to trigger the start of the mission.

kitchen disaster

Dive into the mission following an incident in the kitchen of the Blue Moon Bar that Grace orchestrated. The accident resulted in huge repair bills, but Owen, ever the altruist, wanted to protect Grace from the financial burden and guilt associated with it.

time sensitive tasks

Please note that this task has a time limit. It must be completed on the day it is accepted, which adds a sense of urgency to the proceedings.

Positioning Grace

After talking to Owen, go to the Blue Moon Salon. Inside, head to the kitchen to find Grace and begin the next phase of the mission.

Follow in Owen’s footsteps

Owen advises a cautious approach when dealing with Grace. While outright lies are not encouraged, the goal is to avoid disclosing the full extent of the situation. Please follow the responses below to reflect Irving’s leadership:

  • “Very cheap.”
  • “Yeah, normal. I can do that too!”
  • “Yeah, just a little more than usual.”
  • “I really don’t know… Or of course, Boss Yan is a broad-minded person!”

Grace may express frustration, but ultimately appreciates the gesture and lets go of debt and guilt.

true path

For those who prefer transparency, there’s the option to go against Owen’s will and tell Grace the unfiltered truth when confronting her. Answer each of Grace’s questions truthfully:

  • “It’s really expensive.”

  • “Mean only spent one night? That’s great! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so fast…”

  • “We charge!”

  • “Nothing taken lightly.”

While this doesn’t affect your relationship with Owen, it does make Grace’s situation more challenging. She’ll let you decide who should foot the bill: her or Irving.

mission resolution

No matter which method you choose, successfully completing the mission will improve your relationship with Owen and Grace, giving you a glimpse into Sandrock’s nuanced social dynamics.

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my time at sandstone

My Time in Sandstone is the highly anticipated sequel to the popular My Time game series, currently developed by Pathea Games. In this exciting new game, players will travel to the arid desert town of Sandrock, located north of beloved Portia.

What’s particularly interesting is that the events in Sandrock unfold at the same time as the original My Time at Portia game, creating an interconnected gaming experience for fans of the series. In this new desert environment, players will encounter fresh and diverse characters, each with their own unique stories and personalities.

While many new characters are getting the spotlight in Sandrock, there are also some interesting hints of some “familiar faces” returning from the first game, adding an extra layer of nostalgia and excitement for long-time players and fans. This promising sequel promises to deliver an exciting and immersive gameplay experience in a new and engaging environment while paying homage to the series’ roots.


My sandstone time gameplay

My Time at Sandrock is the highly anticipated second chapter in the My Time game series, currently developed by Pathea Games. This exciting new game takes players to the dry desert town of Sandrock, located just north of beloved Portia.

What makes this sequel unique is that the events in Sandrock unfold simultaneously with the original My Time at Portia game, creating a seamless and connected gameplay experience for die-hard fans of the series. In My Sandstone Time, players will encounter a new and diverse cast of characters, each filled with their own compelling stories and unique personalities.

Alongside the introduction of these new faces, there are also tantalizing undercurrents of rumors hinting at the return of some “familiar faces” from the first game, igniting an extra layer of nostalgia and anticipation among long-time players and enthusiasts.

The game retains the core elements of the series such as farming, crafting and exploration, while also introducing innovative features and characters to ensure an engaging and immersive gaming adventure for everyone.

My sandstone time trailer

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