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Lost Judgement Walkthrough

Lost Judgment Chapter 1 Walkthrough

  • In Lost Judgment, the journey truly begins in Chapter 1 after players complete the prologue. Yokohama, reminiscent of the Yakuza series’ Kamurocho, becomes the stage where players control Tak and embark on a captivating adventure. As the gameplay unfolds, players are introduced to the complexities of the game’s mechanics beyond the initial tutorial, allowing for a more immersive and engaging experience.
  • Chapter 1 immerses players in Yokohama’s vibrant cityscape, guiding them towards Yokohama 99 through bustling streets. Players confront delinquent high schoolers, setting the tone for Tak and Kaito’s dynamic interactions. The narrative seamlessly blends action and storytelling, creating a captivating atmosphere as players navigate through the urban landscape, experiencing the game’s unique fusion of exploration and combat.
  • The chapter’s central focus revolves around placing hidden cameras at Seiryo High School, highlighting the game’s dual nature of detective work and action-packed sequences. Players must observe, deduce, and infiltrate to address the bullying issue within the school. The blend of stealth, investigation, and battles showcases the diversity of gameplay that makes Lost Judgment an enthralling experience. As the chapter concludes, players are left eager to delve deeper into the intricate narrative that awaits them.
  • With its intricate storyline, captivating gameplay, and seamless integration of detective work and action, Chapter 1 of Lost Judgment sets the stage for an epic journey through mysteries and revelations. As players uncover layers of intrigue, the game’s dynamic world continues to evolve, inviting them to explore, investigate, and engage in thrilling confrontations that define the essence of this remarkable adventure.

Lost Judgment Chapter 2 Walkthrough

  • In Chapter 2 of Lost Judgment, titled “Vicious Cycle,” players guide Tak through an intense investigation at Seiryo High School. Tasked with uncovering Mikoshiba’s involvement, Tak engages with staff and students. The chapter’s focus is on conversations, fights, and mini-games that help unfold the mystery. Tak’s path leads to joining the Mystery Research Club as an advisor, confronting bullies, and ultimately discovering unsettling connections among the school’s characters. The chapter ends on a suspenseful note, leaving players eager to explore the deeper truths in the upcoming chapters.
  • “Vicious Cycle” immerses players in a web of intrigue as Tak continues his investigation into Mikoshiba’s role at Seiryo High. With a blend of dialogue-driven interactions, combat sequences, and unique mini-games, the chapter offers a multi-faceted gameplay experience. Players navigate through school settings, confront bullies, and make significant choices, unraveling a complex narrative that leaves them eagerly anticipating the next installment.
  • Chapter 2 of Lost Judgment, “Vicious Cycle,” propels players deeper into Tak’s mission to uncover the truth behind Mikoshiba’s involvement. The chapter unfolds within Seiryo High’s halls, blending investigation, combat, and character interactions. As players navigate through challenges, including joining the Mystery Research Club and confronting bullies, the narrative grows more intricate. The chapter ends on a suspenseful note, setting the stage for even more revelations in the unfolding story.

Lost Judgment Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  • Chapter 3 of Lost Judgment takes players out of Seiryo High and back to the streets of Ijincho. A new character is introduced along with a group of masked thugs who are hostile to Tak’s presence in Yokohama.
  • While the main story content in this chapter is limited, there are automatic side cases to complete, adding depth to the experience. Players can use the Buzz Researcher app to unlock side cases, starting with “The Falling Man” case, and tackle various optional quests.
  • The chapter’s challenges include a showdown against masked thugs, interactions with new characters, and the introduction of an extract shop mechanic. The chapter’s side activities, combat, and character encounters provide a diverse gaming experience, with players able to engage with the story at their own pace.

Lost Judgment Chapter 4 Walkthrough

  • Chapter 4 of Lost Judgment, titled “Red Knife,” is a dynamic and action-packed installment in the game’s storyline. The chapter unfolds with intriguing investigative elements, spotlighting the connections between Ehara’s groping conviction and Mikoshiba’s murder.
  • New key characters are introduced as the narrative deepens. This chapter opens up the opportunity for players to engage in all School Stories and most of the game’s side cases, making it a content-rich experience.
  • The chapter’s highlights include locating Sawa at Seiryo High, investigating crime scenes related to Ehara’s case, facing masked thugs, and confronting key characters. A thrilling chase scene and challenging battles await players as they delve into the mysteries of “Red Knife.”

Lost Judgment Chapter 5 Walkthrough

  • Chapter 5 of Lost Judgment, named “Double Jeopardy,” plunges players into a complex web of investigations and revelations. The chapter begins with Tak and his team dissecting the murder footage of Mikoshiba. In this chapter, players must unravel the connection between Ehara’s convictions, his potential involvement in the murder, and the enigmatic RK criminal group.
  • The narrative delves into Ehara’s alibi and the implications of the groping charges, as well as the growing influence of RK. Players are tasked with infiltrating an RK hangout, facing dangerous encounters, and eventually confronting the true leader of RK. The chapter also explores Mamiya’s involvement and the possibility of former classmates being connected to the unfolding events. As the story intensifies, players navigate through layers of intrigue and complexity in this eventful chapter.

Lost Judgment Chapter 6 Walkthrough

  • In “Lost Judgment,” Chapter 6, titled “Converging Heat,” the story picks up as Tak and the Genda Law team delve into the evidence surrounding Ehara’s crimes. This chapter offers a unique blend of mandatory side cases and character exploration, building tension for what lies ahead. While one of the shorter chapters, “Converging Heat” brings its own set of challenges and revelations to the table.
  • The chapter commences with Tak and the team discussing the case details. Following this, players should return to the Yagami Detective Agency and rest. As morning arrives, a trip back to Yokohama leads to Seiryo High, where engaging with Sawa reveals intriguing hints while leaving certain aspects concealed. Players are then thrust into Saori’s shoes to investigate Shinya Kawai, unraveling RK’s web through encounters and a disguise that adds intrigue.
  • During this chapter, the “Curse of the Amasawa Family Heirloom” side case introduces additional investigative layers. As players await the conclusion of Sawa’s meeting, they become embroiled in uncovering the truth behind a mysterious lucky cat statue. Navigating a pawnshop fire, personal interactions, and unexpected twists contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of “Converging Heat,” ultimately setting the stage for more gripping chapters ahead.

Lost Judgment Chapter 7 Walkthrough

  • Chapter 7 of “Lost Judgment” starts in the aftermath of the events in the previous chapter. Tak, still reeling from the shock of Sawa’s death, faces one of the most intense and action-packed segments of the game. The chapter revolves around confronting Akutsu and uncovering the truth behind his connection to Sawa and Kuwana.
  • Unlike previous chapters, Chapter 7 is more linear, focusing primarily on the central storyline and omitting side cases and school stories. The fast-paced nature of this chapter keeps players engaged as they navigate through intense fights and shocking revelations.
  • The chapter begins with Tak and his allies deciding to take on Akutsu, the formidable foe who has been causing havoc. Players need to utilize their combat skills effectively, switching between fighting styles and countering Akutsu’s attacks. The battle against Akutsu spans multiple encounters, each progressively more challenging, testing players’ combat prowess and strategic thinking.
  • Amid the battles, crucial information surfaces about the connection between Sawa, Kuwana, and Akutsu. The narrative unfolds rapidly, pushing Tak to the limits physically and emotionally. Players must master combat mechanics and quick-time events to overcome Akutsu’s deadly chainsaw attacks.
  • As the chapter reaches its climax, Tak, Kaito, and Sugiura converge to save Tak from the clutches of Akutsu’s violence. The confrontations lead to shocking revelations that shed light on the mysteries surrounding Sawa and Kuwana. The relentless action and suspenseful plot twists make Chapter 7 a riveting and unforgettable segment of “Lost Judgment.”
  • The chapter concludes on a somber note, as Tak and his allies head to Sawa’s apartment only to find it trashed and Sawa’s lifeless body in the bedroom. The emotional impact of this discovery leaves Tak devastated, setting the stage for the next phase of the story.

Lost Judgment Chapter 8 Walkthrough

  • “Lost Judgment’s” eighth chapter, “Phantom of Ijincho,” delves into the aftermath of the previous chapter’s shocking events. Players will find themselves investigating the crime scene at Sawa’s apartment and uncovering the connection between Kuwana and the deceased teacher.
  • The chapter starts with Sugiura calling the police, and players assume control of Tak as he investigates the crime scene before the police arrive. The investigation begins with examining the blood on the floor and the Kurokawa Academy yearbook. Players must then take the yearbook as evidence and inspect the broken security chain on the door. After concluding the investigation and conversing with Nabe, the story progresses to the following day, where the chairman addresses the school.
  • Upon regaining control of Tak, players should visit the chairman’s office and then return to Classroom 2-2 to check on Sawa’s former class. After these tasks are completed, players will leave the school and head back to Yokohama’s Isezaki Road.
  • In the next phase of the chapter, players investigate Kuwana’s pre-fab shack. They examine various items during the Active Search, including an ashtray and a packet of cigarettes. Upon closer inspection, the cigarette lighter reveals a hidden USB stick containing vital information.
  • After leaving Kuwana’s apartment, Tak and Kaito encounter a group of RK members. Players engage in a battle against the thugs, showcasing their combat skills. Once the RK members are defeated, Kuwana’s neighbor provides a lead, mentioning that Kuwana’s uncle owns a bar called Siren in Chinatown.
  • The investigation leads Tak and Kaito to Siren. While at the bar, a tense encounter occurs with Soma, the RK leader. A battle against Soma ensues, marked by his deadly knife attacks. Players must use their combat expertise to dodge his attacks and counter his moves. The fight proves to be a challenging one, requiring players to be both vigilant and strategic.
  • As the battle concludes, Kuwana’s uncle contacts Tak and arranges a meeting at a karaoke bar called Survive in the entertainment district. With this, Chapter 8 comes to a close, setting the stage for the subsequent developments in “Lost Judgment.”
  • “Phantom of Ijincho” presents players with intense investigations, complex battles, and pivotal revelations, ensuring that the intrigue and excitement of the narrative continue to captivate players.

Lost Judgment Chapter 9 Walkthrough

  • In “Lost Judgment,” the ninth chapter, titled “The Weight of Guilt,” unveils crucial answers, especially concerning Kuwana’s connection to the murder victims. However, before players can uncover the truth, they must fulfill their agreement to meet Kuwana’s uncle, who holds key information.
  • Returning characters from previous chapters make appearances, including Tesso and Yui Mamiya, the alleged victim in Ehara’s case. To untangle the mysteries, players undertake various investigations, including a deep dive into Sawa’s high school yearbook.
  • The chapter begins with Tak arriving at Survive, the bar where he’s scheduled to meet Kuwana’s uncle. During the conversation, players select dialogue options to continue the discussion. Eventually, Tak refuses to hand over Kuwana’s USB stick, choosing to give it to Tsukumo instead.
  • Upon returning to Yokohama 99, Tak encounters Tesso and the Liumang White Masks. A formidable battle ensues, featuring Tesso’s new attacks. After defeating them, Tesso and Tak agree to a truce, marking a new understanding between them.
  • Players can now examine the contents of Kuwana’s USB stick, which contains a video of high school bullying. Analyzing the video, players identify key figures involved in the incident. The investigation then leads to Sawa’s yearbook, where players examine photos to progress the story.
  • By identifying a teacher’s photo, Tak realizes that Kuwana, known as Kitakata back then, was the class’ teacher when the bullying occurred. Players connect the dots, deducing that Kuwana aimed to get revenge on the bullies. The investigation intensifies as players interrogate Mamiya and piece together the truth.
  • After the confrontation with Mamiya and masked assailants, players visit Higashi’s game center in Kamurocho. There, Mamiya’s confession adds to the unfolding narrative. Kuwana contacts Tak, prompting a meeting at the Yagami Detective Agency.
  • During the meeting, Kuwana corroborates the information learned from Mamiya, shedding light on the situation. Upon discovering Mamiya’s freedom, Kuwana escapes, leading Tak into an underground car park where former students await.
  • A challenging fight takes place against Kuwana’s students. After the fight, Mamiya attacks Tak, resulting in her apprehension. As the chapter concludes, the intricate connections between characters, motives, and events continue to unravel, propelling players deeper into the compelling narrative of “Lost Judgment.”

Lost Judgment Chapter 10 Walkthrough

  • In the tenth chapter of “Lost Judgment,” titled “Catch a Tiger,” the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, leading to intense action sequences and the continuation of detective work. The chapter maintains a balance between action and investigation, requiring players to conduct various interrogations.
  • Players will interrogate Mamiya again, seeking further insights. Following this, Tak returns to the Tokyo Detention Center to persuade Ehara to appeal his conviction. Challenging boss fights await, including one with a unique instafail Quick Time Event (QTE), demanding players’ full attention.
  • Tak’s journey continues as he questions Mamiya once more, confirming suspicions and setting the stage for further developments. Conversations with Ehara and Saori advance the narrative. Afterward, Tsukumo alerts Tak about RK troops in Ijincho.
  • To track down Watanabe, Tak contacts him and learns disturbing revelations. A high-stakes confrontation with Watanabe escalates into a tough boss fight. Players engage in intense combat, executing various strategies to overcome him.
  • The narrative unfolds as Tak searches for Kuwana in Koreatown. Players navigate various obstacles and enemies, eventually reaching a confrontation with Kuwana himself. The dynamic fight presents both challenges and opportunities, requiring strategic combat approaches.
  • Tensions rise between Tak and Kuwana, leading to an intense standoff. A final showdown ensues, involving a fierce battle against Kuwana. The chapter ends with a plan to draw out Public Security.
  • Tak’s plan involves using burner phones and a construction site to expose Public Security’s involvement. The chapter concludes with a cutscene, revealing a shady Public Security officer’s interactions with Reiko Kusumoto.

Lost Judgment Chapter 11 Walkthrough

  • In the eleventh chapter of “Lost Judgment,” titled “Undercover,” players must navigate a complex web of enemies and allies as they work towards bringing the true culprits to justice. This chapter is characterized by undercover operations, intense conversations, and consequential battles.
  • The chapter kicks off with Tak’s determination to meet his mother, Reiko Kusumoto, at Touto University Hospital. After a heartfelt conversation, players are prompted to return to Ijincho and speak with Kuwana, gaining further insights into the ongoing events. Tak’s interactions and conversations with various characters drive the narrative forward, adding layers to the story.
  • Ehara’s appeal hearing takes center stage, where players use evidence and strategic choices to make a stand for justice. The following events lead to Saori going undercover, adopting a disguise to infiltrate the RK’s Kamurocho hangout. The narrative’s tension heightens as Saori navigates the complex world of gang affiliations.
  • Players step into Saori’s shoes for an amusing and intriguing sequence at a girls’ bar. The interactions and choices made during this segment contribute to the storyline’s development, adding an element of humor and personalization to the gameplay experience.
  • As the chapter unfolds, Saori’s undercover operation takes an unexpected turn, leading to a confrontation with Akutsu and the RK gang. This confrontation results in a high-stakes battle, allowing players to utilize their combat skills and tactics to defeat Akutsu and his thugs. The action-packed fight showcases the evolution of gameplay mechanics and the strategic depth of combat encounters.
  • The chapter delves into the complexities of the criminal underworld and the potential infiltration of Public Security agents within it. As the events unfold, players are left questioning the motives and allegiances of key characters, including Soma. The narrative twist leaves players on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the truth behind the unfolding conspiracy.

Lost Judgment Chapter 12  Walkthrough

  • The twelfth chapter of “Lost Judgment,” titled “To Nourish a Viper,” propels players toward the grand conclusion of the main story. Despite its relatively short length, this chapter is packed with captivating cutscenes, exhilarating infiltrations, and significant revelations. As players approach the climax, they must also consider tying up loose ends in sidequests and School Stories.
  • The chapter opens with Saori’s emotional turmoil following Akutsu’s assassination. Players guide her back to Genda Law, setting the stage for the events to come. After resting at the Yagami Detective Agency, Tak’s desire to speak with Higashi leads to a call from Tsukumo, alerting them to RK’s attack on the Yokohama Liumang. The mission is clear: defend Kuwana from RK’s clutches.
  • Tak’s pursuit of information about Soma’s past drives him to Irie, a former mobster with insights into RK’s rival gang. The chapter delves into the complexities of the criminal world, linking current events with the game’s prologue. A climactic infiltration of the Misawa Building unfolds, marked by battles and suspenseful navigation.
  • As players ascend through the building, they encounter locked doors, injured individuals, and hidden safes. The choices players make in these scenarios offer rewards and skill advancements, enhancing the gameplay experience. Infiltration sections require strategy, emphasizing stealth and careful observation.
  • The chapter’s highlight is the Tatami Room encounter, featuring combat against RK members and pivotal cutscenes that deepen the storyline. Tak’s interactions with Kaito’s old friend, Kousei, provide important leads that guide the investigation.
  • The narrative takes players to Touto University Hospital, shedding light on ongoing events and the elusive Soma. A meeting with Kuwana prompts players to check on Ijincho’s state, leading to unexpected twists and a disguised encounter. The chapter builds anticipation with intense battles and emotional cutscenes.
  • The climax of Chapter 12 unfolds aboard the Funemirai kan boat. Players engage in combat alongside Kuwana, facing RK thugs and witnessing explosive action sequences. The chapter concludes with Tak surviving a dangerous blast and clutching a meaningful locket from Kuwana.
  • “Lost Judgment,” Chapter 12, bridges the narrative’s key elements, intertwining character relationships, conspiracy revelations, and thrilling action. As players prepare for the story’s conclusion, the chapter’s events propel them toward the epic finale, leaving them eager to uncover the truths that await in the final chapter.

Final chapter walkthrough

Darkest Before the Dawn

The final chapter of “Lost Judgment,” titled “Darkest Before the Dawn,” is a culmination of everything players have experienced thus far. It requires them to apply their fighting prowess and understanding of the intricate storyline to achieve justice for Ehara, unravel the conspiracy, and face formidable adversaries. With the longest duration among all chapters, players should set aside a substantial amount of time to complete it. The chapter integrates combat encounters, important decisions, and dramatic cutscenes to provide a fitting conclusion to the game.

Preparing for Ehara’s Appeal

  • The chapter starts with Tak meeting Reiko Kusumoto at the hospital. There is no optional dialog.
  • Return to Ijincho and visit Genda Law to discuss the case with Kaito, Sugiura, and Tsukumo.
  • Hand over the locket to Tsukumo, then head to Kamurocho and proceed to Genda Law.
  • Saori suggests another interview with Ehara. Kill time in Kamurocho and meet Saori at the detention center.
  • During the conversation with Ehara, select the option “He still has the murder weapon.”
  • Players receive a warning that the chapter’s events will soon limit exploration. Use this time to complete any side cases or collectibles.

Saving Koda

  • After a call from Kaito, head to the Liumang headquarters in Ijincho.
  • Finish any remaining side cases in Ijincho and then visit Yokohama 99.
  • A call from Sugiura will lead to a warning, signaling limited exploration.
  • Head to the Liumang headquarters, where Matsun appears and relays information about Koda’s situation.
  • Approach the abandoned building to trigger a cutscene and a fight against RK thugs.

Ehara’s Appeal

  • The story advances a month from the events at the abandoned building.
  • Leave the Yagami Detective Agency and head to the Tokyo High Court.
  • Participate in Ehara’s appeal by presenting evidence related to the victim’s credibility and Ehara’s contact with Jin Kuwana.

The Final Showdown

  • Bando and Reiko request a meeting with Tak. Kuwana contacts them, leading to preparations for the final showdown.
  • Stock up on healing items along Isezaki Road.
  • Engage in battles against waves of RK thugs and corrupt police officers.
  • Reach the warehouse where Kuwana is located, and battle through RK members.
  • Complete an Active Search and navigate through the warehouse.
  • Encounter Soma in combat and trigger a QTE sequence to end the fight.

How to Beat Kuwana?

  • Face off against Kuwana in a multi-phase battle.
  • Utilize weapons scattered around during the first phase, focusing on Crane and Tiger Styles.
  • Transition to a rooftop area for the second phase of the fight.
  • Use counters and powerful attacks to whittle down Kuwana’s health.
  • Engage in a QTE sequence to conclude the battle.

Lost Judgement Guide

“Lost Judgment” picks up the story after the events of the original game, with Yagami continuing his role as a detective. The game quickly throws players into a complex web of deception and murder. If you’re new to the game or need a refresher, here are some key tips to keep in mind as you dive into the world of “Lost Judgment.”

Difficulty Settings and Action Assist

  • The game’s difficulty settings range from super easy to brutally hard, and you can adjust them at any time in the options menu.
  • On easier difficulties, consider turning off Action Assist, as the game’s AI may not use EX moves optimally, potentially wasting valuable skills.

Prioritize Yokohama Over Kamurocho

  • While Kamurocho is a classic location, most of the best quests and items are in Yokohama, the new home base in “Lost Judgment.”
  • Focus on progressing the story missions to unlock Yokohama and experience the game’s true potential.

Save Regularly

  • The game autosaves after traveling and major events, but manual saving is crucial, especially before entering enemy headquarters or other significant locations.

Unlock Key Skills

  • Prioritize upgrading health first, as higher health allows Yagami to endure longer in battles.
  • Unlock skills like Wall Strike, Leap Frog Strike, and Conscious Eater early on for extra battle moves and improved HP regeneration.

Manage Money and Items

  • Money is more accessible in “Lost Judgment,” but spend wisely. Avoid buying disposable weapons; instead, focus on equipment that boosts stats.
  • Healing items are plentiful in the game world, so avoid overstocking. Set standard healing items in the Quick Item menu for easier access in battles.

Choices Have Minimal Impact

  • Unlike traditional choice-based games, choices in “Lost Judgment” generally don’t have significant consequences or lead to Game Over screens.
  • While paying attention to the story is recommended, don’t stress over choices; they won’t drastically alter the game’s outcome.

“Lost Judgment” offers an engaging detective narrative and thrilling combat, and these tips will help you navigate its intricacies more effectively. Whether you’re a returning player or new to the series, these insights will enhance your experience in the world of “Lost Judgment.”


Lost Judgement

Lost Judgment is an action-adventure masterpiece developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. Released on various platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the game serves as a sequel to Judgment and features private detective Takayuki Yagami on a captivating investigation. The narrative delves into the complex connections between suspect Akihiro Ehara and a series of bullying-related murders across Kamurochō and Isezaki Ijincho. The game combines exhilarating action sequences with revamped stealth mechanics and introduces new fighting styles, creating an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience. With its engaging plot, well-portrayed characters, and innovative gameplay, Lost Judgment has garnered praise from critics and players alike, solidifying its position as a standout title in the action-adventure genre.

Lost Judgement Gameplay

Lost Judgment offers a rich and diverse gameplay experience, allowing players to control Takayuki Yagami as he navigates the vibrant Japanese cities of Kamurochō and Isezaki Ijincho, intricately modeled after real-world districts. The game presents three distinct fighting styles for Yagami to employ during battles, each with its unique strengths. While the Crane and Tiger styles from the previous installment return, the newly introduced Snake style adds a counterattacking and disarming dimension to combat.

Beyond combat, the gameplay includes an assortment of activities. The title features stealth sections, platforming segments, and pursuit missions where players tail suspects through the city. This installment has revamped tailing missions to heighten player involvement. An intriguing addition to Lost Judgment is the “Detective Dog” aspect, featuring a Shiba Inu named Ranpo. Players can accompany Yagami and Ranpo on walks to uncover hidden items or track individuals based on scent trails.

The game introduces the “School Stories” mechanic, inviting players to delve into Seiryo High School’s mysteries. Yagami collaborates with Kyoko Amasawa, president of the Mystery Research Club, to solve a series of enigmatic cases. These diversions are accomplished by engaging in side quests and participating in a variety of mini-games. These quests encompass coaching the school’s dance team through rhythmic challenges, competing in robotics club contests, motorcycle races, and aiding a troubled student’s personal growth through boxing training.

Just as in previous entries, players can relive classic Sega games within the game world. Arcades in the in-game Club Sega offer a selection of playable cabinets, including titles like Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Super Hang-On, Sonic the Fighters, and more. Additionally, Yagami can enjoy various Master System games in his office, ranging from Alex Kidd in Miracle World to Snail Maze.

The gameplay extends to Yagami’s partner, Masaharu Kaito, who becomes playable through downloadable content. Kaito employs two distinctive fighting styles—Bruiser, emphasizing offense and agility, and Tank, focusing on defense and environmental weapon use. His story campaign, lasting around 10 hours, adds an extra layer of depth and diversity to the overall gameplay experience of Lost Judgment.

Lost Judgement Platforms

“Lost Judgment,” an action-adventure video game from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega, was initially released on September 21, 2021. The game is available on a diverse array of platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna (from March 31, 2022), and Windows (from September 14, 2022). With its engaging single-player mode, the game immerses players in a world enriched by the compositions of Hidenori Shoji, Satoshi Okamura, and Yuri Fukuda. Offering a blend of fighting, action-adventure, and adventure genres, “Lost Judgment” emerges as a captivating experience designed for enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of gaming platforms.

Lost Judgement Trailer

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