Jordan Hicks Ethnicity, What is Jordan Hicks’s Ethnicity?

Jordan Hicks Race

Ethnicity is a concept that identifies a group based on perceived cultural uniqueness. So here we can check that Jordan Hicks is of mixed race.

Jordan Hicks was born on September 6, 1996, and is a popular American professional baseball pitcher.

According to our latest research, Jordan Hicks is of mixed race born in Houston, Texas, United States.

real name

Jordan McKinley Hick

Nick name

Jordan Hicks

date of birth

September 6, 1996


27 years old


6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)


99 kg (218 lbs)

place of birth

Houston, Texas, USA




American professional baseball pitcher

Country of Citizenship






Who is Jordan Hicks?

Jordan Hicks, born September 6, 1996, is an American professional baseball pitcher known for his extraordinary talent and exciting fastball. His journey in the world of baseball is inspiring and his story is a testament to his determination and resilience.

Hicks is from Houston, Texas, where he developed his love for the game at an early age. He attended JJ Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas, where he displayed impressive pitching skills, earning him recognition as one of the top high school prospects in the country. After graduating in 2015, Hicks faced a big decision: attend college or pursue his dream of playing professional baseball. He chose the latter, entering the 2015 MLB Draft, where the St. Louis Cardinals selected him in the third round.

The Cardinals recognized Hicks’ exceptional potential and invested in his development. He quickly rose through the minor league ranks, showcasing not only his red-hot fastball that regularly reached triple digits, but also an impressive slider and changeup. In March 2018, Hicks made his major league debut at the age of 21, becoming the youngest pitcher in the National League that season.


Jordan Hicks Age

Jordan Hicks is 27 years old, young and promising. Born on September 6, 1996 in Houston, a vibrant city in Texas, USA. At this age, Hicks is in the prime of his professional baseball career, his journey is still unfolding, and his potential is endless.

Hailing from the heart of Texas, a state known for producing outstanding baseball talent, Hicks has maintained the spirit of his birthplace throughout his career. His continued growth and development as a pitcher brings excitement to fans and pundits alike. Over time, he continued to improve his skills and contributed to the team’s success.

The 27-year-old Jordan Hicks combines several seasons of experience with the energy and enthusiasm of youth. This age represents the best part of his career, where his knowledge of the game is combined with the physicality that defines his game. The future is certainly bright for the talented Texan, and fans can eagerly anticipate his continued success in professional baseball.

Jordan Hicks height and weight

Jordan Hicks is a talented professional baseball pitcher with formidable physical attributes. Standing 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), he commands attention on the mound with his imposing frame. This height advantage provides him with a critical perspective on the game, allowing him to scan the pitch and remain commanding while delivering a blazing fastball and skilled delivery.

In addition to his height, Hicks also weighs an impressive 99 kilograms, which translates to 218 pounds. This massive weight not only enhances his strength on the mound, it also helps improve his overall durability and resiliency as a player. His combination of height and weight allows him to generate incredible speed on the field, making him a force in professional baseball.

Hicks’ physical attributes, including height and weight, have been key factors in his success, allowing him to dominate games and continue to be a key player on his team. His momentum is a testament to the importance of physical fitness and athleticism in the world of sports.

physical properties



6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)


99 kg (218 lbs)

Jordan Hicks nationality

Jordan Hicks is a proud holder of American citizenship. Hicks was born in Houston, Texas on September 6, 1996. He is a true representative of American professional baseball. His nationality is not only a legal identity but also a source of deep-seated pride and connection to the rich history of American baseball.

As an American, Hicks is privileged to play a sport that is an integral part of the nation’s cultural fabric. Baseball is often called America’s pastime, with a rich history and a cult following across the country. Hicks, like many American athletes, grew up with a love for the game, a passion that eventually took him to the top of professional baseball.

His journey represents the red, white and blue and provides inspiration to aspiring baseball players across the country, emphasizing the potential for success in this land through hard work, dedication and love for the game. Chance. Jordan Hicks’ U.S. citizenship is more than just a legal title; It’s an integral part of his identity as a baseball player and a symbol of his connection to the game’s American roots.

Jordan Hicks career

Of course, here’s the information about Jordan Hicks’ football career, presented in bullet points with explanations for each year:

  • 2022-present: Minnesota Vikings

    • Jordan Hicks signed a two-year, $10 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings. He joins the team as a defender.
  • 2021: Arizona Cardinals

    • In 2021, Hicks plays for the Arizona Cardinals. He continued to play linebacker and contributed to the team’s defense.
  • 2016-2020: Philadelphia Eagles

    • During this time, Hicks was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. He plays linebacker and is a key figure in the Eagles’ defense.
  • Occupational Statistics (as of 2022)

    • Hicks played in 92 NFL games, starting 89 of them.
    • He racked up an impressive 638 tackles, showing his ability to stop opposing players.
    • Hicks also recorded 10.5 sacks, showing off his knack for putting pressure on the quarterback.
    • His 11 interceptions highlighted how effective he was at reading and reacting to the game.
    • Hicks had four fumbles, showing off his skill at taking the ball away from the ball carrier.
    • Additionally, he recovered nine fumbles, showing his alertness to lost balls on the field.
  • college life

    • Jordan Hicks played college football at the University of Texas. He was a dedicated five-year player who showed his commitment to the game.
    • During his collegiate career, he played in 45 games, gaining valuable experience and improving his skills as a football player.

Jordan Hicks Achievements and Awards

Awards and recognition:

  1. High School Dick Butkus Award (2009)

    • Recognizing his outstanding performance as a high school linebacker.
  2. Twice selected to the first team:

    • Named first-team all-state at linebacker.
    • First-team All-County linebacker.
    • Named first-team all-district guard.
  3. All-America Picks:

    • Parades across America.
    • USA Today All-American.
    • EA Sports All-Americans.

Nominations and Recognition:

  1. Chuck Bednarik Award Semifinalists:
    • Recognizing his excellence as one of the top defensive players in the country.

Interests and activities:

  1. Eagle Scout:

    • Demonstrated commitment to his scouting and leadership skills.
  2. Protect:

    • Actively involved in conservation efforts, emphasizing his dedication to environmental protection.
  3. Outdoor sports:

    • Enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, hiking, fishing, and camping.

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