Is Yul Edochie Dead Or Alive? What Happened to Yul Edochie?

Who is Yul Edoch?

Yul Edochie, born on January 7, 1982, is a famous Nigerian actor known for his significant contribution to the country’s film industry, Nollywood. Yul is from Lagos, Nigeria and is the son of famous actor Pete Edochie. He started his acting journey in 2007. He gained recognition for his roles in several films and in 2007 he starred with Genevieve Nnaji and Desmond Elliott.

In addition to his acting prowess, Yule is also a multi-talented artist, director and event host known for having one of the best voices in Nollywood. Yule’s career also took a political turn in 2017 when he ran for governor of Anambra State under the Democratic People’s Congress.

In addition to his professional achievements, Yule’s personal life also includes his marriage to May Aligwe, with whom he has three sons and a daughter. Notably, his decision to marry actress Jodie Austen as his second wife in 2022 raised eyebrows. Yul Edochie’s active presence in the entertainment and political spheres highlights his multifaceted contributions to Nigerian society.


Yoel Chibuike Daniel Edoch

date of birth

January 7, 1982


41 years old

place of birth

Lagos, Nigeria


actor, film director, politician

Active for several years

2007 to present

alma mater

University of Port Harcourt


May Aligwe (m. 2004)

famous works

Winds of Glory, various Nollywood movies

political role

Run for governor of Anambra State (2017)

Is Yul Edochie dead or alive?

Yul Edochie is alive and well, continuing his pursuits in the entertainment industry and political ambitions. However, it is worth noting that Yul Edochie recently experienced a tragic loss through the death of his son Kambilichukwu Yul-Edochie. Yul Edochie’s eldest son Kambilichukwu sadly passed away on March 30, 2023.

The young boy’s death has been reported to police and an investigation has been launched to establish the circumstances of his death. This heartbreaking incident has undoubtedly left a profound impact on Yul Edoch and his family. Our thoughts and condolences go out to them during this difficult time.


Yul Edoch age

Yul Edoch was born on January 7, 1982; he is currently 41 years old. He is a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry and has left a unique mark on Nollywood since his debut in 2007. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, the son of acclaimed actor Pete Edochie, Yule’s roots in the industry run deep. His breakthrough role in the 2007 film “Winds of Glory” thrust him into the spotlight alongside acclaimed names such as Genevieve Nagy and Desmond Elliott.

Apart from acting, Yul Edochie is also known for his many talents including his directing skills and his reputation as having one of the most captivating voices in Nollywood. His versatile contributions extended to the political arena as he ran for governor of Anambra State in 2017. Yule is married to May Aligwe and is a father of four, a role he has embraced as his career has developed.

What happened to Yul Edochie?

Yul Edochie, an accomplished Nigerian actor and public figure, recently experienced a tragic loss that had a profound impact on his life. His son Kambilichukwu Yul-Edochie unfortunately passed away on March 30, 2023. The young boy’s untimely death at his school has cast a shadow of sadness over Yul Edochie and his family.

While the details leading up to his son’s death are still under investigation, the heartbreaking incident left a lasting mark on the actor’s life. During this challenging time, Yul Edochie’s journey continues as he navigates the waves of grief while staying true to his professional and personal commitments. Our condolences and sympathies are with him and his family as they cope with this unimaginable loss.

Yul Edoch family

Yul Edochie is a famous Nigerian actor, born in Lagos on January 7, 1982, from the vibrant Anambra State. He is the son of famous Nigerian actor Pete Edochie and has deep roots in the entertainment industry. Yul Edochie has been a well-known figure in Nollywood since 2007 and his rich family background has shaped his career. He grew up in Lagos and Enugu, the youngest of six siblings.

He began his marriage at the age of 22, to May Alig. Yul Edochie’s family continued to expand, with three sons and a daughter from his first wife. In April 2022, things took a surprising turn when Yul Edochie revealed the arrival of his second wife, fellow actor Judy Austin, and their newborn baby The joy of the son comes.

Yul Edoch’s acting career

Yul Edochie’s illustrious career in the Nigerian entertainment industry has been marked by talent and dedication. Yul Edochie’s trajectory as an actor and film director has been remarkable since his debut in 2005 with the film The Exquires. His breakthrough role came in 2007, when he starred in Wind of Glory alongside industry giants Genevieve Nnaji and Desmond Elliot. Of Glory).

He has graced numerous productions over the years, demonstrating his versatility and depth as an actor. Not content with just acting, Yul Edochie established a film school in Lagos in 2015, a testament to his commitment to nurturing the next generation of Nigerian filmmakers.

In 2017, he forayed into politics and ran for governor of Anambra State, adding another dimension to his career. Yul Edochie’s journey is a blend of impactful performances, creative pursuits and a willingness to transcend the boundaries of entertainment, making him a compelling and multi-faceted figure in Nigeria’s cultural landscape.

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