Is Space Engineers Cross Platform? and More Details

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Space Engineers is a sandbox game with voxel-based graphics made by Czech indie developer Keen Software House. The game’s journey began in 2013, when it debuted in development as part of Steam’s Early Access program. After several years of dedicated development, Space Engineers achieved impressive success, selling over 1 million units.

By 2019, its popularity soared further, with the game selling over 3.5 million copies. For about a year and a half, starting in May 2015, Keen Software House made the game’s source code public and actively maintained it, creating a supportive environment for the modding community to thrive. This collaborative approach highlights the developers’ commitment to player engagement. On December 15, 2016, the game transitioned to the Beta stage and was finally officially released on February 28, 2019, marking an important milestone in its development.

Is Space Engineers cross-platform?

Yes, Space Engineers now supports cross-platform play, allowing players from Xbox, PC and PlayStation platforms to join forces and experience the game together. This means friends and players on different systems can collaborate, build complex structures, and embark on space exploration missions within the same shared game universe.

This shift in cross-platform functionality not only promotes a more unified gaming experience, but also encourages diverse communities to connect and interact seamlessly, beyond the traditional boundaries of gaming platforms. As cross-platform play becomes more common, Space Engineers has embraced this trend to enhance its multiplayer potential and provide players with the freedom to engage in cooperative activities regardless of their gaming device of choice.


Space EngineerXbox

Space Engineers has expanded into the Xbox platform, bringing its voxel-based sandbox gameplay to a wider audience. Developed and published by Keen Software House, the game offers players the opportunity to engage in creative building, exploration and engineering challenges in the depths of space.

With its launch on Xbox, the game brings complex mechanics, open-world design, and the thrill of building complex structures to console players, allowing them to embark on cosmic adventures and collaborate with friends to shape their own galactic narrative. The arrival of the Xbox version expands the game’s accessibility and invites a new community of players to immerse themselves in the endless possibilities of building and navigating spacecraft, planetary bases, and interstellar landscapes.

Space Engineers Game Overview

Space Engineers offers an expansive and immersive gaming experience where players can unleash their creativity, engineering skills, and adventurous spirit. Developed and published by Keen Software House, the game plunges players into a voxel-based sandbox universe filled with endless possibilities.

Players are free to build complex structures, design ingenious machinery, and explore vast celestial landscapes, becoming the architect of their own interstellar journey. Whether building towering space stations, designing complex spacecraft or building planetary bases, Space Engineers offers a unique combination of engineering challenge and cosmic exploration.

The game’s dynamic physics system, combined with the use of the VRAGE 2.0 engine, adds a layer of realism to gameplay, allowing players to experience the consequences of their design choices and engineering decisions. Released on platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation, Engineers from Space invites players to venture into the cosmos and create their own stories in a rich and fascinating universe.

Space Engineers Xbox release date

Space Engineers is the work of Keen Software House, its developer and publisher. The game’s musical score, composed by Karel Antonín, adds to the immersive experience. The game is powered by the VRAGE 2.0 engine and runs on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

It was first released on Windows on February 28, 2019, offering players the opportunity to indulge in a voxel-based sandbox universe. Subsequently, “Space Engineer” launched on Xbox One on April 15, 2020, extending its influence to console players. The game’s availability was further expanded to include PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users on May 11, 2023, allowing a wider audience to participate in the creative engineering, exploration and space adventure it offers.

Space Engineers PS4 and PS5

Space Engineers is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, extending its reach to a wider audience. Developed and published by Keen Software House, the game was released on PlayStation 4 on May 11, 2023, and later on PlayStation 5.

This expansion offers players on these platforms the opportunity to participate in the game’s immersive voxel-based sandbox experience, where creativity, engineering prowess, and space exploration are intertwined. Whether building complex structures, venturing into the universe, or collaborating with others, players on both PlayStation consoles can now participate in a universe filled with possibilities offered by Space Engineers.

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