Is Among Us VR Cross Platform? How Much Does Among Us VR Cost?


Cross-platform functionality, often referred to as “cross-platform gaming,” is a technology that enables users on different devices or platforms to participate in online multiplayer games together. In the context of virtual reality (VR) gaming, cross-platform gaming allows players to seamlessly connect and play games using a variety of VR headsets and platforms.

This means that people playing VR games using the Oculus Quest headset can join gaming sessions with friends using different headsets, such as headsets on SteamVR, PlayStation VR (PSVR), or other platforms. Not only does cross-platform play expand the player base and foster a more inclusive gaming community, it also enhances the multiplayer experience by reducing matchmaking wait times and increasing the number of potential opponents and teammates.

It promotes collaboration and competition between different VR ecosystems and promotes a unified gaming experience across platforms. In some cases, cross-platform functionality may be limited to specific platform combinations due to technical or compatibility limitations. However, developers are increasingly working on expanding cross-platform gaming capabilities to cover as many VR systems and platforms as possible, further enriching the VR gaming landscape and enabling players to interact in virtual worlds regardless of their choice of hardware. .

Is Among Us VR cross-platform?

Yes, Among Us VR supports cross-platform play. Players can participate in the game across different platforms, including Meta Quest, Playstation VR, and Steam-compatible VR headsets. This allows friends and gaming partners using various systems to join forces to experience the game together, enriching the dynamics of multiplayer games and expanding the reach of the game.

This feature not only promotes inclusivity and collaboration, but also increases the game’s popularity by allowing a wider audience to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Among Us VR.


How much does VR cost?

VR provides an immersive experience for the popular social deduction game, and players keen to experience this virtual reality experience will need to invest $10 to download and play the game. This pricing remains consistent across the different platforms on which the game is accessible. Fans can choose to secure their copy through the Steam or Meta Quest stores.

The game is already on sale on Steam. Likewise, the Meta Quest store allows players to order Among Us VR, ensuring they can enjoy the virtual reality version.

Is Among Us VR cross-platform with Xbox?

No, Among Us VR does not support cross-platform play with Xbox or other non-VR platforms. Among Us VR’s cross-platform play capabilities are limited to VR platforms such as Meta Quest, Rift, and Steam. This means players using Among Us VR on these specific VR devices can play the game together.

Still, it’s important to understand that Among Us VR differs from the regular version of Among Us in terms of game engine, graphics, and control scheme. This difference in design choices means that cross-platform play between the VR version and the Xbox platform or any other non-VR platform is not feasible. As a result, players using “Among Us VR” will not be able to interact or participate in the game with players using the standard “Among Us” version on Xbox or other non-VR platforms.

Are VR and PC cross-platform?

Yes, Among Us VR supports cross-platform play between players on various VR platforms, including Meta Quest, Rift, and Steam. This means that VR players using these different platforms can interact and play games together in the same virtual gaming environment.

However, it’s worth noting that Among Us VR is not cross-platform compatible with the original Among Us game played on mobile devices, consoles, and non-VR PC platforms. The cross-platform gaming feature is designed for VR players across different VR platforms, enhancing the multiplayer experience in the VR version of the game.

Can you play Among Us in VR without VR?

No, you cannot play Among Us VR without a VR headset. It is designed for virtual reality platforms such as Meta Quest, Rift and Steam VR. The game’s mechanics and interactions are built around the immersive nature of VR, requiring players to have a compatible headset to participate in the virtual reality version of the game.

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