Infamy 2023 Ending Explained, Plot, Cast, Release Date, and More

Notorious 2023 Ending Explained

In the finale of Notorious (2023), the series delves into the resolution of key storylines and character arcs. First, the mystery surrounding Tagal’s death has been solved. Eliza’s college boyfriend is revealed to be the mastermind behind Tagal’s harm, which leads to Tagal’s tragic death. When Eliza discovers her boyfriend is involved, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She gathered evidence of his involvement and used it as leverage to threaten to expose a sex tape they made when she was underage. This clever tactic eventually led to his racism being exposed and him and his associates being arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, the Brano family’s business faces a critical moment when its financial stability is in jeopardy. Stefan is anxious about their future, as they depend on an important agreement with Joseph. In order to safeguard business interests, Gita’s father Marco bravely confronted Joseph. At first, Joseph threatens Marco’s life, but he is impressed by Marco’s bravery. They reached a compromise and retained the family’s business partnership, but on the condition that Joseph’s son Yanko must win Gita’s affection. This resolution not only ensured the family’s financial well-being, but also symbolized Gita’s agency in deciding her own path.

Notorious 2023 plot

Netflix’s 2023 series Notorious centers on the life of 17-year-old Gita Burano, played by Zofia Jastrzebska. Gita’s world takes a dramatic turn when her Roma family decides to return to their native Poland after years of exile due to her father’s gambling debts. This decision forces Geeta to give up her life in Wales, including her friends and aspirations for a rap music career. As she reintegrates into her Roma family, she must deal with the conflict between traditional values ​​and her own ambitions, leading to internal and external conflict.

The series delves into themes of family loyalty, cultural traditions, gender roles and the challenges faced by modern teenagers struggling between their Romani heritage and their personal dreams. As the story unfolds, it may explore the intricate layers of Geeta’s journey as she struggles to reconcile her identity and aspirations within the framework of her family’s tradition.


Notorious 2023 cast

  • Zofia Justzebska

  • Sebastian Lage

  • Magdalena Chervinska

  • Kamil Piotrowski

  • Artur Jurman

  • Wanda Lani Kozlowski

  • Bozena Pakczkoska

  • Tesla shock

  • Konrad Boguslavsky

  • Manuel Debicki

  • Melissa Garbo

  • Angelo Chuleja

  • Joseph Feco

  • Blanco Duric

  • Alexander Grabowska

  • Michał Wojtovich

  • Agata Rabnot

  • Julia Kuzka

  • Nicholas Przygoda

  • Jan Jakubik

Notorious 2023 release date

The highly anticipated 2023 series Notorious is set to be released on Netflix, with audiences around the world eager to see its gripping plot and talented cast. Netflix has officially announced the release date for “Infamy” at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT. However, it’s important to remember that release times may vary depending on your region and time zone.


launch date



12:30 noon (US Standard Time)

September 6, 2023


7:00 a.m. ET

September 6, 2023


4:00 PM Japan Standard Time

September 6, 2023


3:00am (BST)

September 6, 2023


2:00 a.m. Central Time

September 6, 2023

South Korea

4:00 PM (Korea Standard Time)

September 6, 2023


5:00pm Australian Eastern Time

September 6, 2023

Where to watch Notorious in 2023?

If you want to watch Notorious (2023), you’ll be happy to know that you can watch all the action scenes exclusively on Netflix. It is available from Wednesday 6 September 2023.

With Notorious on Netflix, you can watch the show conveniently and enjoy its engaging plot and talented cast from the comfort of your own home. So, you could have immersed yourself in this riveting series when it aired on Netflix and set aside some time to binge-watch.

Notorious 2023 Trailer

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