How to Use the Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars?

Stars and sea

Sea of ​​Stars is a 2023 role-playing video game developed and published by Sabotage Studio, known for its previous game The Courier (2018). The game was released on August 29, 2023, and plunges players into a charming retro-style universe. At its core, Sea of ​​Stars follows the heroic journey of two characters, Valere and Zaler, as they harness the mysterious powers of the sun and moon to thwart a mysterious alchemist.

The game offers players an immersive experience, drawing inspiration from classic role-playing games such as Visions of Gaia, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger. While set in the same imaginative realm as The Courier, it takes place long before the events of the latter game, providing an interesting new perspective on this vibrant world.

How to use the fragile hammer in Star Ocean?

To put your Hammer of Fragility to good use, embark on a journey to the Crypt of Joy. Not only does this tomb pay tribute to countless Kickstarter backers, but it also hides one of the game’s most important mysteries. Your quest begins by making contact with the Cryptwalker, who has the ability to teleport you to specific rooms within the crypts. Teach him the password: 361241. Once inside the designated room, your keen eye will spot a lone tombstone broken by time. To determine its exact location, stand in the fourth row to the right relative to the entrance.

Place yourself in front of this broken tombstone and unlock the potential of the Mistral Bracelet, pushing it back. This extraordinary operation will reveal a hidden passage, now accessible via a ladder cleverly concealed beneath the tombstone’s original location. Walk down the stairs unswervingly and forge ahead. Along your path, you’ll encounter four flimsy-looking obstacles.

As you progress further, your persistence will be rewarded with an extraordinary secret, the details of which we won’t reveal directly here. Instead, we eagerly encourage you to embark on this exciting adventure and uncover the mystery for yourself.


Where can I find the 4 Fragile Hammers in the Star Ocean?

In order to use these hammers effectively, you must first assemble the entire set, and here’s the lowdown on where each hammer is located:

  • Master the Art of Fishing: Begin your mission by trying to catch all 23 different species of fish scattered throughout the game’s aquatic realm. Once you’ve completed this fishing activity, head to the picturesque Happy Enclave to find the Master Fisherman’s residence. Talk to the fishing expert and he will grant you the coveted Fragile Hammer.
  • Wheel Conqueror: Embark on a journey to conquer every wheel champion that stands in your way. Only by defeating these powerful opponents can you challenge and defeat the powerful watchmaker. After you win the battle with the Clockmaker, you’ll gain access to another fragile hammer.
  • Quiz Master’s Challenge: Test the mental prowess of a true adventurer by completing all 11 question packs, available in Casual and Expert difficulty modes. These mind-bending challenges can be played in Lucent Town, hosted by the mysterious Quiz Master. Overcome these brain tests and earn another fragile hammer.
  • True Ending Victory: The ultimate test awaits those who desire the ultimate Hammer of Fragility. To obtain it, you must face and defeat the game’s ultimate opponent in the climactic True Ending confrontation. Your victory in this epic showdown will not only ensure the safety of the Fragile Hammer, but also bring a resounding conclusion to the game’s narrative.

Collect all four Hammers of Fragility, harness their power, and begin your great adventure in the star sea world.

Sea of ​​Stars gameplay

Star Ocean offers an engaging and multi-faceted gaming experience. Players command Valere and Zal, harnessing the mighty power of the sun and moon to fight against evil alchemical enemies. The journey is filled with puzzles that require creative solutions and turn-based combat that challenges players to think strategically. What sets Star Ocean apart is the ability to control a party of up to six characters simultaneously, each contributing their own unique skills and abilities to the battle.

The game also features fascinating navigation mechanics that encourage exploration and discovery. Additionally, the combat system relies on identifying your opponent’s “fundamental weaknesses”, adding extra depth and strategy to engagements. Sea of ​​Stars blends classic RPG elements with innovative game mechanics to deliver a truly unforgettable gaming experience for both long-time RPG fans and newcomers alike.

Stars and Sea plot introduction

“Sea of ​​Stars” tells the epic story of two outstanding characters known as the “Sons of the Solstice.” Valere and Zarai, our brave heroes, possess awe-inspiring powers of the sun and moon, allowing them to harness the elusive and powerful force known as eclipse magic. Their unique abilities are the last line of defense against the nightmarish monsters unleashed upon the world by the evil alchemist, the Fleshmaster.

At the heart of Star Ocean is engaging turn-based combat, where players must master timed strikes, execute devastating combos, strategically employ boost techniques, and harness the power of various damage types and spell-breaking to defeat powerful opponents.

The game’s breathtakingly immersive world provides players with untethered traversal options, allowing them to seamlessly swim through aquatic realms, scale towering cliffs, climb over obstacles, and even perform heart-pounding jumps or lifts yourself to conquer challenging terrains.

This story-rich adventure is filled with a diverse cast of characters, each of whom weaves their own narrative arc into the game’s tapestry, ensuring players are continually drawn into the unfolding drama. For those looking for a change of pace, Star Ocean offers a world suitable for exploration and interaction.

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