How to Use the AI Health Filter on TikTok?

What are the AI ​​health filters on TikTok?

AI health filters on TikTok are a popular and engaging feature that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform a user’s appearance into various imaginative forms, such as statues or mythical creatures. The filter gained popularity due to a claim among TikTok users that the converted numbers represented a specific health condition or disease they might be experiencing.

For example, users interpreted the transformation into a moss-covered blue statue as a sign of mold toxicity, or the transformation into an individual with unusual facial features as a sign of various health issues. While it has created a buzz on the platform, it must be emphasized that the AI ​​health filter is primarily designed for entertainment purposes and should not be considered a reliable diagnostic tool for identifying actual health conditions.

Users should treat it with caution and be aware of its limitations, as its output is speculative at best and any health-related associations should be taken lightly. However, it is important to stress that AI health filters are not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

How to use AI health filters on TikTok?

Here are the steps on how to use AI health filters on TikTok:

  • Launch the TikTok app on your mobile device.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of TikTok to access all the latest filters and effects.
  • Navigate to the camera by tapping the “+” icon in the bottom center of the screen.
  • On the left side of the screen, you’ll find various icons representing different filters and effects.
  • Scroll through the available filters until you find the AI ​​Health Detection filter. It can be categorized into sections like Effects, Beauty, or AR Filters.
  • Click on the AI ​​health detection filter to activate it. The camera will switch to front-facing mode to capture your face.
  • Align your face to the frame and make sure it’s centered so the filter can accurately detect your facial features.
  • Press and hold the record button to start recording a video, or tap the shutter button to take a photo.
  • Filters apply real-time effects to your face as you record or capture.
  • After recording a video or taking a photo, you can view the resulting image using the AI ​​health detection filter effect.
  • You can save videos or photos to your device or share them directly on TikTok.


What impact will AI health filters have on TikTok?

The impact of AI health filters on TikTok is twofold. On the one hand, it sparked viral trends and captivated users through its entertaining and imaginative transformations, leading to a surge in content creation and discussion on the platform. Many users have embraced the filter’s playful interpretation of their appearance, attributing the mythical image to various health conditions.

The trend has spawned a series of videos, hashtags and conversations that showcase TikTok’s ability to turn a simple filter into a cultural phenomenon. Additionally, it highlights the power of artificial intelligence in enhancing social media experiences, making them more interactive and shareable.

On the other hand, there are concerns about the potential negative impact of AI health filters on users’ mental health. Mental health experts worry that the surreal effects of the filters, which can sculpt facial features and smooth skin, could lead to unrealistic beauty standards and body image issues.

Additionally, some users reported that the filter shift caused anxiety by suggesting health issues that may have been inaccurate. To reiterate, AI health filters are not diagnostic tools and should not be used as such. The output of the filter should be considered speculative and for entertainment purposes only, and users should use it with caution and responsibility to avoid causing undue stress or anxiety to their health.

TikTok overview

TikTok, known as Douyin in mainland China, is a video hosting platform that features user-submitted short videos. It is owned by ByteDance and allows users to upload videos ranging in length from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. Since their launch, TikTok and Douyin have gained popularity across the globe.

In October 2020, TikTok was downloaded more than 2 billion times globally on mobile devices, making it one of the most downloaded applications in the world. Morning Consult ranks TikTok as the third-fastest-growing information technology brand in 2020, behind Zoom and Peacock. Additionally, Cloudflare ranked TikTok as the most visited website in 2021, surpassing even Google in popularity.

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