How to Unlock Kyros on Wayfinder: A Complete Guide


Wayfinder is an engaging online action role-playing game (RPG) known for its unique and ever-evolving adventure. At its core, it is centered around a character-driven narrative that places players in the role of a Wayfinder – an individual who comes from darkness but works to undo its influence and restore human connection.

In this immersive world, players are given extensive customization opportunities, allowing them to manage their own arsenal, gear, and preferred playstyle. Wayfinder is a multifaceted gameplay experience that includes hunting, exploring, and exploring uncharted territories, encountering powerful creatures, and gathering vital resources for crafting weapons and equipment.

At the core of Wayfinder is an unwavering commitment to limitless exploration and continuous development. The game is structured around eternal exploration and the introduction of new seasons, ensuring a constant stream of engaging content to immerse players in.

The creative force behind Wayfinder is Airship Syndicate, a reputable studio known for games like Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and Darksiders Genesis. The game’s journey begins with an Early Access release on PlayStation 5 and PC on August 17, 2023, with a full release planned for console and PC platforms later in 2023. Notably, Wayfinder’s design champions inclusivity by providing seamless cross-platform play.

Ultimately, Wayfinder embodies a character-driven RPG experience characterized by exploration, personalization, and an unwavering commitment to ongoing content enhancement. It takes players on a journey that blends immersive storytelling with dynamic gameplay to create an engaging and long-lasting gaming experience.

How to unlock Kyros on Wayfinder?

To access Kyros in Wayfinder, you have several options to consider:

Accumulate Pathfinder Tokens:

Collect Pathfinder Tokens by participating in the game and achieving different objectives. Once you’ve accumulated enough tokens, you can use them in the in-game store to get Kyros for free.

Get Kairos:

If you wish to bypass the process of obtaining Wayfinder Tokens, you also have the option of purchasing Kyros directly from the game store using real money.

Join the game:

Unlocking Kyros can also be achieved by actively participating in the game and completing specific objectives. However, this route may take longer than collecting Wayfinder tokens or purchasing them outright. Once you successfully unlock Kairos, you’ll be able to utilize his mysterious abilities throughout the game, effectively unleashing his immense power to conquer your opponents.


Kairos’ Pathfinder Backstory

Kyros is a formidable warrior and brilliant researcher who has earned a spot on Wayfinder’s roster of playable characters. Kairos’s history is shrouded in the mysterious depths of time, and he travels through countless centuries, encountering forgotten memories and unknown knowledge.

According to official Pathfinder lore, Kairos emerged from the shadows of history as the last remnant of a civilization lost to the annals of time. This forgotten realm, known as the Kingdom of Ashes, holds secrets that only he, the sole survivor, can uncover.

As a powerful sorcerer, Kairos can use the arcane powers at his disposal to inflict devastating blows on his opponents. His magical prowess is a testament to the power he possesses, making him a striking asset on the battlefield.

While the specific details of Kairos’ past remain murky, his experiences are evident through the depth of wisdom he contains. The knowledge he gained through trials and tribulations added an element of intrigue to his character and enhanced his importance in the Pathfinder universe.

Kyros’ contribution to any team within Wayfinder is invaluable, as his abilities and equipment make him a formidable competitor. To realize Kyros’ potential, players have multiple avenues: they can obtain him through in-game purchases, Wayfinder Token collection, or by achieving specific in-game milestones.

Kairos’ narrative, abilities, and overall look embody the rich tapestry of Pathfinder, inviting players to delve deeper into the mystery of this fascinating character.

Unlockable Characters in Wayfinder

In Wayfinder, you have six different characters to choose from, each bringing unique traits and abilities to the game. Of these characters, three are available from the very beginning of the game, while the other three can be obtained by reaching certain milestones during the game’s journey or through in-game purchases.

Unlockable characters in Wayfinder include:

  • Silo – Survivalist
  • Wingrave – Warmaster
  • Nice – Arcanist
  • Senya – Warmaster
  • Kairos – Arcanist
  • Venom – Survivalist

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and utilize these characters. By doing so, you gain access to their unique skills and attributes, each tailored to enhance your exploration of Wayfinder’s vast world. With your chosen character, you can battle a variety of enemies, immersing you in the rich and dynamic Wayfinder universe.

Kyros: Abilities and Equipment in Pathfinder

Kyros is a powerful wizard and one of the respected playable characters in the Wayfinder realm. By delving into his intricate abilities and equipment, we uncovered an overview of his arcane mastery designed to have a profound impact on the gameplay experience.


Savage Rake:

Kairos harnesses the raw power of arcane energy, unleashing it in violent attacks that not only deal damage but also slow enemies in front of him. This ability can be used to control the battlefield and hinder enemy movements.

Arcane Blast:

Arcane Blast is a ranged offensive tactic that demonstrates Kairos’ mastery of energy manipulation. By expelling concentrated bursts of raw energy, Kairos can not only damage enemies, but also push them into his forward arc, potentially disrupting their formation and spatial positioning.

Arcane Shield:

Kairos’ abilities also extend to defense. He can erect a barrier of arcane energy that expertly absorbs incoming damage. Additionally, this barrier serves the dual purpose of reflecting absorbed energy back to the opponent, potentially redirecting their aggression towards the opponent.

Arcane Nova:

One of Kairos’ most awe-inspiring feats is his ability to channel catastrophic arcane energy into massive explosions. This explosion radiates from his core, dealing massive amounts of damage and effectively stunning enemies in a large area, redefining the flow of combat.


Epitaph Weapons:

Kairos wields Epitaph, a staff of immense power that not only complements his arcane affinity but also enhances his ability to channel energy effectively. The staff enhances his gifts, allowing him to wield his powers with unparalleled precision.

Arcanist Robes:

Clad in the robes of an arcanist, Kairos has a double advantage. These robes provide him with additional protection while enhancing the potential of his arcane abilities. They act as conduits, helping him manipulate energy to its maximum extent.

Boots of the Arcanist:

Kairos’ equipment includes the Arcanist’s Boots, designed to enhance his mobility. By wearing these boots, he not only gains increased movement speed, but also gains the agility needed to dodge attacks with ease. This combination of speed and agility ensures his adaptability on the battlefield.

Kairos’ combat strategy revolves around maintaining a safe distance from his opponents, utilizing his proficiency in ranged arcane attacks. Although he avoids close confrontations, his ability to deal massive damage through his arcane abilities remains unparalleled. These attributes make Kyros a key asset in any team building in Wayfinder. His mastery of abilities and possession of carefully tailored gear enhances his status as a powerful force shaping the dynamics of the game.

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