How To Scavengers Buy Station in Warzone DMZ? Where to Find Scavenger Buy Station Location in Warzone DMZ?

How do scavengers purchase sites in the War Zone DMZ?

In Warzone DMZ, the Scavenger Buying Station provides players with the opportunity to exchange the items they pick up for other items. Players can trade found items at the Scavenger Buying Station to obtain different gear or equipment.

To interact with the Scavenger Buying Station, players need to find it in the game. Scavenger Buying Stations will be marked on the map with an icon indicating their location. Once players reach the Scavenger Buying Station, they can approach it to access its inventory.

At the Scavenger Buying Station, players can browse items available for trade. This can include weapons, gear, and other valuable things that enhance gameplay. Players need to have enough in-game currency (usually cash) to make purchases from the Scavenger Buy Station.

It’s worth noting that the specifics of the Scavenger Buying Station in Warzone DMZ may vary based on updates and changes to the game. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to stay up to date with the latest patch notes and announcements from game developers to get the most accurate information on how to interact with the Scavenger Buying Station.

Remember, Scavenger Buying Stations provide a valuable opportunity to exchange scavenged items for needed gear, giving players a strategic advantage in their pursuit of victory.

Where can I find the Scavenger Buying Station location in the Warzone DMZ?

Welcome to the DMZ vs. Demon Faction mission, the second exciting mission in Tier 1 for the awesome Shadow Company. At first glance, the task seems simple – find the disguise, put it on, then find the scavenger and its buying station to buy it. However, there’s this little twist that leaves players scratching their heads: You have to purchase an item at the Scavenger’s Buy Station while maintaining the disguise of incognito.

Now, let us uncover the mystery together. While we were scouring the internet for clues, a helpful post on Reddit sheds some light on the matter. The key is to find the scavenger and equip the camouflage. You have the flexibility to wear it or take it off at any time, but here’s the key part – avoid engaging the scavengers directly! Instead, they mark a spot on your map that hides a box that essentially acts as a buying station.

Once you successfully purchase an item from the box, congratulations, the mission is complete. To track down the elusive scavengers, be prepared for some randomness, as where they spawn can vary. Nonetheless, experienced players recommend starting your search in Al Mazira’s “Hafid Port” or “Quarry”, where your chances of finding them may be higher.

Now, for those of you wondering where this mysterious buying station could be, let’s reveal three possible locations:

  • Dock: This is the most common location for the Scavenger Purchase Station, located near the dock on the east side of the map.
  • Hospital: Slightly rarer, but still a contender, this location hides the buy station in the center of the north side of the map.
  • Train Station: The least common of the three stations, the Scavenger Buying Station can sometimes be found in the southwest corner of the map.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, begin your mission in secret with confidence and unlock the secrets of the Scavenger Buying Station in the Warzone DMZ.


Scavenger Buying Station DMZ

Discover improved tactical advantages in new camouflage areas that let you disguise yourself as an AI warrior and evade detection by enemy operators. While exploring Al Mazrah and Vondel, I stumbled across a ton of upgrades in the camouflage area, especially in terms of hospital structures and ambulances. My advice? Keep multiple copies of field upgrades in your backpack for future use.

However, be careful when using disguises. Avoid engaging enemy AI units with the appearance you adopt, as this will spark hostility and render your field upgrades useless. To complete the first phase, simply equip the Camouflage.

The real test comes when you encounter the mysterious Scavenger on the map. The second objective in Deal with the Devil requires you to enter the Scavenger’s buying station, but only in disguise. When you approach the Scavenger in a cunning disguise, the boss will take you to a nearby purchase station.

In order to complete your mission, you must use that exact buying station. Keep an eye on the map because the Scavenger Buy Station will appear after you access the Scavenger Boss area via the Camouflage Field upgrade.

To ensure your success, consider completing some Hunting Contracts while waiting for the Scavenger boss to spawn on the map. After downing an opposing player, be strategic in your approach, as lingering in the area will draw the attention of remaining operators, who may lead the scavengers directly to you. Observe the red circles on the map, indicating the presence of scavengers.

When you return to the area, don’t worry, the Scavenger is still there, as well as a deployable Buy Station. Your final task is to go to the purchasing station and get the necessary supplies. Don’t forget that you must equip the Camouflage Field Upgrade to access this important buying station.

Be prepared for this complex operation and take advantage of the potential of camouflage field improvements. Success awaits those who skillfully navigate the complex battlefield and complete the mission deftly.

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