How To Obtain Every Cosmetic Artifact In Atlas Fallen? Atlas Fallen Every Cosmetic Item Location

How To Obtain Every Cosmetic Artifact In Atlas Fallen? 

In Atlas Fallen, the world of cosmetic artifacts unveils a diverse array of customization options that can be acquired to enhance your character’s appearance. These artifacts, though often associated with traditional cosmetics, are more than just aesthetic enhancements – they can provide valuable benefits. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain these cosmetic artifacts throughout your journey:

Defeat Opponents: Cosmetic artifacts can be obtained as uncommon drops from defeated enemies. While they can occasionally be acquired from ordinary adversaries, bosses and formidable foes have a higher likelihood of yielding these items.

Complete Quests: Engage in challenging quests within Atlas Fallen to earn cosmetic artifacts. Certain quests, typically more intricate than standard ones, reward players with these items upon completion. The greater the difficulty, the better the potential rewards.

Loot Chests: Exploration is key to finding cosmetic artifacts. They can be discovered within loot chests that are scattered throughout the game world. These chests are often tucked away in hard-to-reach locations, encouraging thorough exploration.

Purchase from Vendors: Visit various vendors within the game world to purchase cosmetic artifacts. Vendors, often found in larger cities or villages, offer a selection of these items for sale. Prices may vary depending on the vendor, but cosmetic artifacts are generally affordable and accessible.

Specific Artifact Locations: Some cosmetic artifacts are tied to specific quests and locations. For instance, the Sun Kingdom Jousting Shield can be obtained as a reward for completing the Sealing Totem quest in the southernmost region of the map. The Lothville Jousting Shield awaits in the Plaza Square within the Subterranean World, while the Lothville Flower Jousting Shield is located at the scout station in the Wildlands.

Artifact Locations (Continued): Exploring the Underground will lead you to the Eternal Sun Jousting Shield, situated along the path of building ruins in the southeast corner. To acquire the Knights of Bastengar Jousting Shield, descend a slope in the Wildlands. The Sun and Moon Jousting Shield is beneath the “Under the Wings of A Wraith” treasure fragment, south of Lithesta.

Artifact Locations (Continued): The Helm of Lost Knight of Bastengar can be obtained via the “Mine And Yours” treasure fragment near Caladrias’ main village. Completing “Valery’s Trail” rewards the Helm of a Lothville Knight, if all is found before returning to the Underground.

Artifact Locations (Continued): Using “Reveal” upon reaching the Wildlands allows you to acquire the Helm of a Knight of Old, located at the edge of a jut in the Underground’s Plaza Square. The Plaza Square in the Underground holds the Helm of a Bastengar Knight.

Artifact Locations (Continued): Returning with ‘Crush’ to the Underground after reaching the Wildlands grants access to the Helm of a True Guardian, positioned just south of the main lava flow. The Buckler is atop the remains of a tower west of Caladrias’ main village.

Artifact Locations (Continued): In Black Alms, the Simple, Small, Metal Shield is near the watchtower on the Forgotten Paths to the south. Find the Lion Chestplate right at the start of the map in Black Alms.

Artifact Locations (Continued): Search the Underground’s rooftops northeast of the staging area to discover the Griffin Chestplate. The Owl Chestplate awaits on a small island chain in the east of Black Alms.

Artifact Locations (Continued): The Solar Chestplate is tied to the mining town’s Sealing Totem in the Wildlands. Upon completing the “Poetic Muse” side quest, the Rays of the Sun Chestplate becomes your reward.

Artifact Locations (Continued): After obtaining “Crush” for your gauntlet in the Wildlands, you can acquire the Lothville Crown by sand-sliding down a path at the bottom of the map to reach the Bastengar Underground’s Queen’s Passage sector.

Artifact Locations (Continued): Completing the Wildlands side mission “The Imprisoned Priest” awards you with The Iron Mask. The Sun Pauldron can be purchased from a traveling salesperson in Calabria.

Artifact Locations (Continued): To acquire the Straw Cover, complete the “Food for the People” side quest in Caladrias.

Venture forth, defeat adversaries, complete quests, explore thoroughly, and engage with vendors to gather these cosmetic artifacts and enrich your character’s journey in Atlas Fallen. Each artifact carries its own unique story and contributes to the immersive experience of the game.

Atlas Fallen Every Cosmetic Item Location

In the world of Atlas Fallen, seemingly mundane “Cosmetics” encompass more than just optional makeup – they hold the key to some of the most dazzling loot. This guide outlines the locations for various collectible cosmetic items, from splendid helmets to chestplates and more. Explore the realm and gather these treasures to enhance your journey.

Sun Kingdom Jousting Shield Location: Caladrias Notes: Found during the Sealing Totem mission in the southernmost part of the map.

Lothville Jousting Shield 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Discover it within Plaza Square.

Lothville Flower Jousting Shield 

  • Location: Wildlands 
  • Notes: Located at the scout outpost.

Eternal Sun Jousting Shield 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Follow the “path” along the building ruins in the southeastern stretch of the map.

Knights of Bastengar Jousting Shield 

  • Location: Wildlands 
  • Notes: Slide down a slope to reach it.

Sun and Moon Jousting Shield 

  • Location: Wildlands 
  • Notes: Obtain the “Under the Wings of A Wraith” treasure fragment, south of Lithesta settlement.

Helm of Lost Knight of Bastengar 

  • Location: Caladrias 
  • Notes: Acquire via the “Mine And Yours” treasure fragment. Found left of the main settlement.

Helm of a Lothville Knight 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Reward for “Valery’s Trail” side quest – ensure you find everything before returning.

Helm of a Knight of Old 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Return with ‘Reveal’ after reaching the Wildlands. Located at the edge of a jut in Plaza Square.

Helm of a Knight of Bastengar 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Within Plaza Square.

Helm of a True Guardian 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Return with ‘Crush’ after reaching the Wildlands. South of the main lava flow.


  • Location: Caladrias 
  • Notes: Atop the ruins of a tower west of the main settlement.

Simple, Small, Metal Shield 

  • Location: Black Alms 
  • Notes: Near the watchtower along the Forgotten Paths towards the south.

Lion Chestplate 

  • Location: Black Alms 
  • Notes: Found right at the start of the map.

Griffin Chestplate 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Northeast of the staging area, along the roofs near the top of the map.

Owl Chestplate 

  • Location: Black Alms 
  • Notes: On the small island chain in the east.

Solar Chestplate 

  • Location: Wildlands 
  • Notes: Linked to the mining town’s Sealing Totem.

Rays of the Sun Chestplate 

  • Location: Wildlands 
  • Notes: Reward for “Poetic Muse” side quest.

Lothville Crown 

  • Location: Underground 
  • Notes: Requires reaching the Wildlands first. Sand-slide down a path near the bottom of the map back into Bastengar Underground area (Queen’s Passage).

Iron Mask 

  • Location: Wildlands 
  • Notes: Reward for “The Imprisoned Priest” side quest.

Sun Pauldron 

  • Location: Caladrias 
  • Notes: Purchase from the traveling vendor in Caladrias.

Straw Cover 

  • Location: Caladrias 
  • Notes: Reward for “Food for the People” side quest.

Explore the diverse world of Atlas Fallen and uncover these cosmetic treasures scattered throughout the realm. Keep an eye out for these valuable items, and may your quest for dazzling loot be a rewarding one.


Atlas Fallen 

Atlas Fallen stands as a captivating action role-playing video game that marries immersive gameplay with a captivating storyline. Developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment, this title has taken the gaming world by storm since its release. Let’s dive into the intricacies of Atlas Fallen and explore its unique features, gameplay mechanics, and the impact it has made since its debut in August 2023.

Developer and Publisher: The game’s development prowess is attributed to Deck13 Interactive, a renowned studio with a history of delivering engaging and visually stunning titles. Their commitment to crafting immersive worlds and captivating gameplay experiences shines through in Atlas Fallen. The publishing responsibilities lie in the capable hands of Focus Entertainment, known for bringing innovative and unique games to players across the globe.

Genre Fusion: Action and Role-Playing Elements: Atlas Fallen thrives on blending the best of both action and role-playing genres. It presents players with a seamless fusion of thrilling combat sequences and an immersive narrative that draws them deeper into its intricate universe. This genre blend ensures that players experience the adrenaline rush of combat while also engaging in character development and decision-making that shapes the course of the game.

Release Platforms and Date: The game made its grand entrance onto the gaming scene in August 2023. It was made available for multiple platforms, including Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S. This multi-platform release strategy ensures that players across various gaming ecosystems can embark on the journey offered by Atlas Fallen.

Immersive Gameplay and Thrilling Combat: At the heart of Atlas Fallen lies its gameplay, designed to captivate players from the very start. The action-oriented combat mechanics deliver pulse-pounding sequences that require quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and skillful execution. The game world is teeming with formidable adversaries, each presenting unique challenges that players must overcome to progress. Whether wielding a vast array of weapons or unleashing powerful abilities, players are immersed in a dynamic and engaging combat experience.

Rich Narrative and Decision-Making: Atlas Fallen is not solely about combat; it also weaves an intricate narrative that unfolds as players explore the vast and detailed world. Every decision made has consequences that impact the storyline, alliances, and character relationships. The game encourages players to immerse themselves in its lore, engage with NPCs, and make choices that shape the destiny of the protagonist and the world around them.

Visually Captivating World: Deck13 Interactive’s attention to detail shines in the visual design of Atlas Fallen. From sprawling landscapes to intricate character designs, the game’s world is a visual masterpiece that draws players into its immersive universe. Each location is richly detailed, evoking a sense of wonder and discovery as players traverse through varied environments.

In conclusion, Atlas Fallen stands as a remarkable achievement in the action role-playing genre. With its dynamic combat, captivating narrative, immersive world, and attention to player choice, it offers an experience that resonates deeply with players seeking both excitement and engagement. Developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment, Atlas Fallen marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, captivating players across platforms and delivering an unforgettable adventure.

Atlas Fallen Gameplay

Atlas Fallen emerges as a gripping third-person action role-playing video game that transports players into a captivating world of adventure and combat. Let’s delve into the intricate details of its gameplay mechanics, character customization, combat dynamics, and exploration, which together form the foundation of an immersive gaming experience.

Character Creation and Customization: At the onset of Atlas Fallen, players are granted the opportunity to craft and personalize their own player avatar. This avatar becomes the vessel through which players will embark on a thrilling journey. This character creation process allows players to infuse their unique style and preferences, ensuring a deeply personal connection with their in-game persona.

The Power of the Ancient Gauntlet: Central to the gameplay is the ancient gauntlet that adorns the player’s arm. This remarkable tool grants players the ability to manipulate sand, a feature that is pivotal to both combat and exploration. The gauntlet enables players to shape sand into a variety of weapons, affording them a versatile arsenal for engaging adversaries.

Dynamic Sand-Based Combat: With the gauntlet’s power, players can craft and wield three distinct weapons, though they can only carry two at any given moment. This selection keeps players strategically pondering which tools to bring into the fray. The combat mechanics emphasize agility and adaptability, requiring players to dodge, counter, and block incoming attacks. The incorporation of both land and air combat ensures a dynamic and diverse combat experience that keeps players engaged and on their toes.

Harnessing Momentum and Special Abilities: As players engage enemies and execute skillful attacks, they accumulate Momentum. Reaching specific momentum thresholds triggers the transformation of the wielded weapon, enabling the unleashing of powerful and devastating special skills or abilities. This Momentum-based system adds a layer of strategic depth to combat, as players must tactically manage their attacks to optimize their devastating potential.

Exploration and Interaction: Atlas Fallen beckons players to explore multiple open regions, each brimming with opportunities for interaction and discovery. Non-playable characters dot the landscape, offering side quests and activities that enrich the game’s narrative and immersion. Movement becomes an art in itself, with the gauntlet facilitating gliding and air dashing, essential for traversing the desert landscape. Moreover, the gauntlet allows players to raise hidden objects, unveiling concealed areas and unlocking new pathways for exploration.

Upgrades and Co-op Multiplayer: As players progress through the game, they acquire “Shards” and “Catalyst Pieces” that empower the gauntlet with enhanced combat capabilities. These upgrades further deepen the gameplay experience, granting players a sense of growth and mastery. Additionally, the inclusion of a two-player cooperative multiplayer mode fosters camaraderie and teamwork, enabling players to embark on their journey together.

In conclusion, Atlas Fallen‘s gameplay is a harmonious blend of action, customization, combat strategy, and exploration. With the ancient gauntlet’s transformative power, players engage in dynamic combat encounters, infusing their own creativity into every battle. The captivating open regions, immersive narrative, and diverse interactions ensure that every moment within the game’s universe is rife with potential for discovery and excitement. Deck13 Interactive’s expertly crafted gameplay mechanics, combined with the allure of the ancient gauntlet’s capabilities, make Atlas Fallen an enthralling experience that captivates gamers and immerses them in a world brimming with adventure and mystery.

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