How to Get the Air Dash in Blasphemous 2? Know Blasphemous 2 Gameplay, Plot, and More

How to get air dash in Desecration 2?

Blasphemous 2 introduces an exciting traversal ability called Air Dash, allowing players to easily navigate the treacherous world of Cvstodia. However, gaining this power requires some effort and progression in the game. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the coveted air dash ability in Blasphemous 2:

Step 1: Collect starting weapons:

To start your journey to gain the air dash ability, make sure to get all three starting weapons. These weapons come equipped with key traversal skills that are essential for interacting with various objects in the game world.

Step 2: Gain the ability to double jump:

Your next goal is to defeat the boss named Afiraor. After you defeat this powerful opponent, a cutscene will unfold at the Holy Five Doves Church. This cutscene marks the moment you gain the valuable double jump ability. This ability will help you reach Tower Crown, where an air dash awaits you.

Step 3: Visit the aqueduct and temples:

Once you gain the ability to double jump, you’ll pass through the Costales Aqueduct and the Elevated Temple. These areas will again lead you to the Church of the Five Doves. Along the way, you’ll experience another important scene that helps the game’s narrative unfold.

Step 4: Unveil the Bifrost bridge:

As your journey continues, you will notice double frost-like bridges appearing inside the Church of the Five Doves. These bridges are the result of events you have witnessed and experienced, allowing you to cross previously unbridgeable chasms. This newfound capability is a critical step towards the tower crown.

Step 5: Tower Crown Tour:

As your ability to traverse increases and your progress is secured, return to the northeastern part of the map, Tower Crown. Embark on a journey through the lower part of the Cathedral of the Absent Face, eventually reaching the lower right exit that connects to the tower’s crown.

Step 6: Discover Air Dash:

Once inside the tower crown again, follow the path down and to the left. The path will lead you to a room decorated with statues. This statue is the source of the air dash ability and is known as the Mercy of the Wind. To perform an air dash, simply press the R2/RT button in mid-air to perform an agility dash through the sky.

Blasphemy 2

Venture into a twisted world of unforgiving landscapes and disturbing lore in Desecration 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2019 game. Developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, this side-scrolling metroidvania offers players a haunting and immersive experience that lasts long after the screen goes black.

Continuing the Dark Legacy:

Blasphemous 2 builds on the legacy of its predecessor, taking players into a new chapter in a dark and mysterious universe. The sequel draws inspiration from the dark themes and challenging gameplay of its predecessor, taking the mode to new heights with an engaging blend of exploration, combat, and complex storytelling.

Unveil the world:

Set in the same grim and atmospheric world as its predecessor, Blasphemous 2 unfolds a sinister narrative in a land consumed by mysticism and despair. Players will travel through numerous carefully designed environments, each filled with secrets, enemies, and hidden paths waiting to be discovered. From towering cathedrals to desolate swamps, the game’s world is a haunting canvas of beauty and horror.

Terror mechanism:

True to its metroidvania roots, Desecrated 2 challenges players with complex level design, requiring them to utilize newfound abilities and upgrades to access previously inaccessible areas. The game rewards exploration, often hiding powerful artifacts, rich manuscripts, and shortcuts for those who dare to explore every corner.

Terrible enemies and fierce battles:

As you delve deeper into this grim universe, you’ll encounter a host of nightmarish enemies, each designed with disturbing attention to detail. Combat remains a visceral and precise dance of attacks and dodges, requiring players to understand their opponent’s movements and exploit weaknesses. Mastering the art of combat is vital to survival and advancement.

A tragic story is revealed:

Blasphemous 2’s narrative is intertwined with intricate symbolism and dark religious undertones. As you uncover the story behind the world’s suffering, you’ll face characters haunted by their own guilt, explore the depths of fanaticism, and uncover the layers of a tangled history. The sequel builds on the brutal lore of the previous game, giving players a deeper understanding of the world’s twisted mythology.

Praise and reception:

After “Desecration 2” was released in August 2023, it received widespread praise from players and critics. The game’s refined gameplay mechanics, atmospheric visuals, and unforgettable narrative continuation have been praised for delivering an experience that exceeds expectations. Fans of the series embraced the sequel’s captivating and terrifying abilities with delight, while new players were drawn to the unique combination of challenging gameplay and dark storytelling.


“Desecration 2” gameplay

Continuing the legacy of its predecessor’s eerie exploration and harrowing combat, Blasphemous 2 delivers a gripping 2D side-scrolling metroidvania adventure that plunges players into a world filled with relentless challenges and haunting mysteries.

Silent Knight’s Odyssey:

In this atmospheric action-adventure game, players once again take on the mantle of the Penitent, a silent and steadfast knight who is the last hope against the return of the vicious curse known as “The Miracle.” This new chapter in the saga follows the events of the original game’s “Wounds Of Evenside” update, unveiling a new kingdom waiting to be explored and discovered.

A dangerous world:

The heart of Blasphemy 2 lies in its intricate world design. As the Penitent, players traverse an elaborate 2D realm filled with deadly traps, dangerous platforming sequences, and legions of hostile enemies lurking in every shadow. Each environment offers a unique blend of beauty and horror, creating an atmospheric backdrop that deepens immersion.

Embark on a dangerous mission:

Guided by the imperative to prevent Miracle’s resurrection, players embark on a treacherous mission to explore every inch of the kingdom. Non-playable characters (NPCs) are scattered around the world, ready to offer help and challenge. Participate in side quests that explore the game’s dark lore, as NPCs send you on missions to uncover clues to the kingdom’s intricate history.

Engage in battles and terrifying enemies:

Combat remains a key aspect of gameplay, requiring precision and strategy as players face off against a variety of formidable opponents. From grotesque monsters to powerful bosses, each enemy presents a unique challenge that requires mastering attack patterns, dodges, and counterattacks. The Penitent’s arsenal of combat weapons has been expanded, giving players new ways to destroy their enemies.

Take advantage of abilities and upgrades:

To navigate a dangerous world and access hidden areas, the Penitent gains new abilities and upgrades as they progress. These newfound skills are crucial to overcoming obstacles, unlocking secrets, and discovering hidden paths. Complex level design rewards exploration, encouraging players to carefully search the environment for hidden treasures and shortcuts.

Cinematic experience:

The intricate story of Blasphemy 2 immerses players in a tale of darkness, redemption, and divine conspiracy. Uncover the mystery behind “The Miracle” as you interact with the game’s rich storyline, which includes cutscenes and interactions with NPCs.

A legacy of terror and resilience:

With an emphasis on bizarre exploration, punishing platforming, and intense combat, Blasphemous 2 continues the legacy of its predecessor while expanding on its core gameplay mechanics. Your journey as the Penitent is one of perseverance, fighting your way through the twisted landscape of the kingdom to clear it from the clutches of darkness.

“Blasphemy 2” plot

In Blasphemous 2, players will experience the continuation of the dark and mysterious narrative from the original game. The sequel takes the events of the first film’s “Twilight Scars” update as a backdrop and delves into a new chapter of the haunting universe. The story revolves around the protagonist “The Penitent”, a silent and steadfast knight tasked with preventing the return of the vicious curse known as “The Miracle”.

As the game unfolds, players once again take control of the Penitent, navigating a new kingdom plagued by the effects of a sinister past. The land is shrouded in darkness and mystery, with deadly traps, dangerous platforming sections, and hostile enemies at the ready. The atmosphere of the kingdom is an unsettling blend of beauty and horror, providing a chilling backdrop to the events unfolding.

Throughout his journey, the Penitent encounters a group of non-player characters (NPCs) who hold the keys to the kingdom’s mysterious history. These NPCs provide both help and challenges, allowing the protagonist to complete side quests and gradually unveil the intricate past of the kingdom. As players engage in these missions, they will uncover the secrets behind the “miracle” and the curse that threatens to plunge the land into eternal darkness once again.

Combat plays a pivotal role in the narrative, as the Penitent faces a variety of nightmarish foes. From grotesque monsters to impressive bosses, each encounter is a unique test of skill, requiring players to master complex attack patterns, dodges, and counterattacks. The protagonist’s combat abilities develop as the journey progresses, providing players with new ways to overcome challenges and enemies.

As players travel across the kingdom, they gain new abilities and upgrades that are essential for traversing dangerous terrain and unlocking hidden areas. The game’s level design rewards exploration, encouraging players to carefully scour the environment for secrets, shortcuts, and valuable artifacts.

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