How to Defeat Earthmover in Ultrakill? Earthmover in Ultrakill

Bulldozer in Ultrakill

“Dozer”, also known as Centaur or Benjamin, is a powerful boss in Ultrakill. You’ll encounter it at the end of the violence level in level 7-4, called “…like the antennas of heaven”. In early levels, such as 7-2 and 7-3, you can find multiple bulldozers, one of which dominates the “No Sound, No Memory” forest.

The Bulldozer is a major challenge, as it serves as both the boss in the third act and the entire level. Its sheer size and imposing presence make it the central focus. Facing the Dozer can be difficult at first, but once I figured out how to defeat it in Ultrakill, it became less intimidating.

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How to defeat Bulldozer in Ultrakill?

To defeat the Bulldozer in Ultrakill, you have two options. The first method involves the inside of the bulldozer, and the second method allows you to jump over the inside and go directly to its head.

Go through the bulldozer

  • After exiting the tunnel, use Whiplash to grab the dozer’s legs. Dash towards the first platform leading to its torso, destroying the street cleaners on the way.
  • Use the springboard to reach the next platform and continue past the subsequent springboard.
  • Climb up the ladder, use the grapple point to cross the platforms, defeat enemies like the Guttertank, and then climb up the second ladder.
  • Travel through heated tubes, eliminate enemies inside the machines, and fight against 1000-THR defense systems.
  • After defeating the defenses, climb up the elevator and destroy the six idols to access the machine’s brain.
  • Avoid the brain’s laser grid and slam its projectiles to destroy the idols that appear. Escape inside in 80 seconds.

Flying towards the head of the bulldozer

  • Use the rocket launcher to fire rockets, use whip to grab the rockets and propel yourself upwards.
  • Repeat this process to rise to the top of the dozer.
  • Touch its head to destroy it. Descend to the jump pad at the end of the level to complete.

Choose the method that suits your play style, either navigate by bulldozing or use rockets to take a shortcut to its head.



Ultrakill is a video game created by Arsi “Hakita” Patala and published by New Blood Interactive. It is available in Early Access on Steam on September 3, 2020, specifically for Microsoft Windows. The game has a retro style, using graphics and action similar to 1990s first-person shooters like Quake and Doom. Simply put, it brings back the look and feel of classic games while being available on modern platforms like Steam.


Asi “Hakita” Patala


new blood interaction


Dave Oshry


Asi “Hakita” Patala


Arsi “Hakita” Patara, PITR


Andrei Mischenko, Frances Xie, Victoria Holland


Asi “Hakita” Patala


Arsi “Hakita” Patala, meganeko, Keygen Church, Health




Microsoft Windows


September 3, 2020 (Early Access)


first person shooting


single player

ultimate killing game

In Ultrakill, gameplay is inspired by Dante’s Circles of Hell and is divided into a prologue and three acts. Each act has multiple layers of different levels, and a boss battle awaits at the end of each layer. The main enemy is the Archangel Gabriel.

Players can choose from six weapons, each with different forms and alternate versions, allowing for stylish combos and moves. A unique feature is the ability to restore health by absorbing an enemy’s blood, either by damaging or killing them.

However, certain conditions (such as enemies covered in sand) may affect this. At the end of each level, players gain levels based on time, enemies defeated, and style points, with the goal of being the highest level, P. The game includes hidden collectibles, challenges, and secret levels that differ from the usual gameplay.

By reaching P level and discovering secret entrances, players can enter the main sanctuary and face powerful bosses. Ultrakill also offers an endless mode called The Cyber ​​Grind, where players can battle waves of enemies in an ever-changing arena, earning points to customize weapons and colors.

Ultimate Killing Trailer

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