How to Build Momentum Fast in Atlas Fallen Explained? A Complete Guide

What is “momentum” in Atlas Has Fallen?

In the action-packed game Atlas Fallen, mastering momentum is crucial to successful combat encounters. By effectively parrying enemy attacks or utilizing specific Essence Stones, players can quickly build up momentum to deal more damage. As players traverse dangerous dunes and caves, they will transition seamlessly between intense battles against powerful opponents.

Not only are these battles fast-paced and high-impact, they also require strategic approach. By deflecting enemy attacks and seamlessly switching between weapons, players can send enemies soaring through the air and unleash devastating attacks with floating axes. Moreover, during battle, players can focus on building momentum bars, which not only enhances weapon damage, but also releases the potential of Yuan Stone, allowing players to reshape their abilities in battle.

Staying motivated can be challenging as players can lose motivation from taking hits, so constant vigilance is required to maintain motivation at higher levels. However, with our expert tips, you’ll quickly learn how to quickly build momentum, allowing you to wreak havoc on your enemies early on.

How to quickly build momentum in Atlas Has Fallen?

The Momentum feature in Atlas Fallen increases the excitement and risk of combat, allowing players to unlock new attack options as they build Momentum. Normally, momentum is built through successful attacks, but with Essence Stones, players can influence the gauge that is built as well as the environment that is built.

Essence Stones can be equipped into three power tiers, as well as diamond attack skills unlocked at each milestone. Equipping Blue Essence Stones will help build power faster, as they specifically increase power through actions such as killing enemies, breaking body parts, or using skills that directly increase power.

It is recommended to equip specific artifacts such as Generate Block, Heartless Generation, Sinful Deal, Momentum Alliance, Momentum Field, and Swift Generation to increase momentum generation. These Essence Stones can also be upgraded over time using collectibles found on the map and resources from enemies.

Sander’s Whip is a particularly effective weapon for quickly building momentum, especially when combined with certain Essence artifacts. It’s versatile, allowing players to attack enemies from a distance and quickly jump into battle when needed. With practice and the right builds to optimize and increase power, players can defeat enemies quickly and efficiently. Atlas Fallen will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on August 10th.


Atlas Falls: How does momentum work?

The momentum system in Atlas Fallen enhances combat effectiveness by providing multiple attack options based on successful attacks. It is represented by a fill bar that increases with each click. As momentum builds, more powerful attacks can be used, such as the ability to spawn extra arms with a knuckle dust attack. However, higher momentum also makes players more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The momentum system is closely tied to weapon selection and combat style, affecting how quickly momentum is built up. Throughout the game, players can discover Essence Stones that can be attached to the momentum bar, granting different abilities or upgrades. One interesting aspect of the momentum system is that it allows weapons to transform, affecting the entire set of moves available to the player. This introduces a strategic element, as higher momentum provides more powerful attacks, but also increases vulnerability.

By mastering different moves and attacks, players can take advantage of a momentum system and accompanying weapon boosting mechanics that provide rewards and upgrades for skilled gameplay.

atlas the fallen

Atlas Fallen is an action role-playing video game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment. It was released on August 10, 2023 for Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Directed by Jan Klose and designed by Jérémy Hartvick, the game’s combat system focuses on speed and fluidity, taking inspiration from games like the God of War and Horizon series.

While Atlas Fallen isn’t a “Souls-like” game like Deck13’s previous titles Lords of the Fallen and The Surge, it incorporates elements such as a body targeting system. It offers three difficulty modes, including a challenge mode for experienced players of Souls games. Deck13 Interactive developed Atlas Fallen using its in-house engine called “Fledge”. Game design director Jérémy Hartvick said the combat system emphasizes fast-paced and smooth gameplay.

The overall design of the game is inspired by games such as God of War (2018) and the Horizon series. Atlas Fallen aims to provide players with a unique experience while incorporating elements from previous games, such as the body targeting system. The game offers three difficulty modes, including a hard mode for experienced Soulslike players, offering a range of challenges to suit different skill levels.

Atlas fallen gameplay

Atlas Fallen is an action-packed RPG where players create their own character and wield an ancient gauntlet to control sand. This unique ability allows players to shape sand into powerful weapons, with the option to carry and switch between three different weapons in combat.

Unlike Deck13’s previous games, Atlas Fallen takes a more traditional approach to action gameplay, requiring players to dodge, counter, and block enemy attacks while seamlessly transitioning between land and air combat.

By successfully attacking enemies, players can build momentum, unlocking special skills and devastating abilities when reaching certain thresholds. The game offers multiple vast areas for players to explore, filled with non-playable characters, side quests, and various activities.

Movement is a key aspect of the game’s exploration and traversal mechanics, with the Gauntlet allowing players to glide across the desert landscape and perform impressive moves such as mid-air sprints.

Additionally, players can discover hidden areas and discover new paths by using their gloves to lift buried objects. As players progress, they will earn “Fragments” and “Catalyst Fragments” that further enhance the gloves’ combat capabilities. Additionally, Atlas Fallen includes a co-op multiplayer mode that allows two players to join forces to tackle challenges.

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