How to Beat Aerodactyl Pokemon Go August 2023? Aerodactyl Pokemon Go August 2023

What is a Pteranodon in Pokemon Go?

Aerodactyl is a rock and flying Pokémon in Pokémon Go that has interesting properties. Here is some noteworthy information about pterosaurs based on the research results:

Pterosaurs originated from the age of dinosaurs and were considered the kings of the sky of that era, regenerated from genetic material found in amber.

In Pokémon Go, Fossil Aerodactyl is vulnerable to certain moves, including Rock, Steel, Water, Electricity, and Ice. Using these types of moves can be very effective against Aerodactyl, causing more damage.

Aerodactyl’s most powerful moves in Pokémon Go include “Rock Throw” and “Rock Slide”. These rock-type moves can be very powerful if used skillfully in battle.

Fossil pterosaurs can be encountered in the wild or in various events and features in the game. Additionally, it may come in a shiny variant, known for its unique color and highly sought after by trainers.

While a Pteranodon may not be considered a serious contender in major league PvP combat, understanding its type’s weaknesses is still crucial to overcoming it. Using Pokémon with Electric, Rock, Steel, Water, or Ice type moves can be effective against Aerodactyl. Additionally, knowing the location or nest where a pterosaur lays its eggs can aid in encountering and capturing it.

Overall, Aerodactyl is an interesting and desirable Pokémon in Pokémon Go, known for its prehistoric origins and unique type.

How to clear the August 2023 version of “Pokemon Go”?

In order to overcome Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go during August 2023, you can adopt the following strategies based on the research results:

Exploit Type Weaknesses:

Aerodactyl’s Rock/Flying type makes it susceptible to certain move types. Electric-type moves, rock-type moves, water-type moves, and ice-type moves are especially effective against Dinosaur. Pokémon like Raikou, Raktiviel, Zapdos, Tyrannosaurus, Lampados, Terragion, Kyogre, Swamp, Blastoise, Mamoor, Icelion, and Frozen, equipped With these moves, you can use them as powerful counters.

Build a strong team:

Assemble a team of Pokémon with recommended move types to effectively fight Fossil Pteranodon. Make sure your Pokemon are leveled up enough and have a good IV (Individual Value) to perform better in battle.

Dodge and Time Attack:

During the encounter, practice dodging the pterosaur’s attacks to minimize the damage you take. Strategically timing your attacks can maximize your damage output.

Utilizing Super Pokémon:

If available, consider using Mega Blastoise or Mega Manectric. Their improved stats and typing abilities can give the dinosaurs an advantage.

Keep in mind that the specific moves and difficulty of dinosaur encounters may vary, so you must adjust your strategy accordingly. Good luck in your battle with dinosaurs!


Winged Dragon Pokemon Go August 2023

During August 2023, in Pokemon Go, players may encounter the Fossil/Flying Pokémon – Fossil Pteranodon. Here is some relevant information about Pteranodon in “Pokemon Go” in August 2023 based on research results:


The Aerodactyl’s Rock/Flying type makes it susceptible to certain movement types, particularly Electric, Rock, Water, and Ice.


A pterosaur may be encountered during Team Rocket’s battle with leader Cliff. However, the specific actions and difficulty of the encounter may vary.


It is possible that the fossilized pterosaur was present in the August 2023 attack, although this information has not yet been confirmed by search results.

Adventure week:

Adventure Week is an event in Pokemon Go that takes place in August 2023. The event features the Super T-Rex, which can be challenged in Super Raid.


To defeat Fossil Pteranodon in Pokemon Go, it is recommended to exploit its type weaknesses and use Pokémon with recommended types and moves to effectively fight it. Assembling a strong team, practicing dodges and timed attacks, and utilizing Super Pokémon can also prove to be beneficial strategies.

Overall, Aerodactyl is a challenging opponent in Pokemon Go, but it can be overcome with the right approach and appropriate countermeasures. It’s important to note that specific encounter details and mechanics may be affected by in-game updates and events, so staying informed via official announcements and in-game notifications is crucial to getting accurate information.

What are the recommended counters for Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go?

Here are some recommended counters for Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go based on research results:

Original Kyogre:

Primal Kyogre has a water-based move that makes him a great weapon against Aerodactyl, dealing a lot of damage.

Shadow Gold:

Shadowgold proves to be another powerful counter, as its Steel/Psychic-type and powerful Steel-type moves can do considerable damage to Wyvern.

Giant swamp:

Using Mega Swamp, a water/earth-type Pokémon with a water-type move, can effectively exploit Aerodactyl’s weaknesses.

Giant water turtle:

Giant Blastoise is a water-type Pokémon that can use water-type moves that can cause a lot of damage to Pteranodon.

Shadow Thunder Lord:

Use Shadow Raikou, an Electric-type Pokémon with Electric-type moves, to exploit Wyvern’s weaknesses.

Asahi Motoki:

Xurkitree is an Electric Pokémon with an Electric-type move that can also cause serious damage to Pteranodon.

Kyurem (white):

Kyurem (White) is an Ice/Dragon-type Pokémon with Ice-type moves that can exploit Aerodactyl’s weaknesses to its advantage.


Therian is an Electric/Flying-type Pokémon with Electric-type moves that can cause a lot of damage to Pteranodon.


Denim is an Electric-type Pokémon with Electric-type moves that can cause considerable damage to Pteranodon.


Lampados is a Rock-type Pokémon with a Rock-type move that effectively exploits Aerodactyl’s weaknesses.

During combat, you must dodge the pterosaur’s attacks to minimize the damage you take. Keep in mind that the specific moves and difficulty of dinosaur encounters may vary, so be careful and adjust your strategy accordingly.

How to evolve Fossil Pteranodon in Pokemon Go?

According to the search results, Aerodactyl does not evolve from or evolve into any other Pokémon. Despite this, it still has the ability to Mega Evolve into a Super Dinosaur by harnessing its super energy. The steps to implement Aerodactyl Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go are as follows:

Obtain Fossil Pterosaur:

Capture the dinosaur in the wild or obtain it from various events and features in the game.

Collect giant energy:

Collect super powers by participating in super raids or completing mega evolution timed research.

Mega Evolution:

Once you’ve accumulated enough Mega Energy, proceed to Mega Evolve the dinosaur by selecting it in the Pokemon menu and using the Mega Evolve button.

It must be acknowledged that Mega Evolution is a temporary state and remains in effect for a limited time. After the Mega Evolution ends, the Pteranodon will return to its normal form. Additionally, it’s important to realize that Mega Power is unique to each Pokémon and cannot be used for other Mega Evolutions.

To sum up, Aerodactyl’s evolution line in Pokemon Go does not involve any other Pokemon. Despite this, it possesses the ability to Mega Evolve into Mega Aerodactyl by utilizing Mega Energy.

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