How Can Black Win in One Move in This Chess Puzzle?

How can Black win this game in one fell swoop?

Think of the board as a tricky puzzle game. Your job is to understand how the pieces move uniquely. Time is of the essence in this game, so master the rules as quickly as possible. This challenge tests your quick thinking and problem-solving skills during the countdown. To be successful, pay close attention to the details of the board. This may seem tricky, but it’s for those who notice the little things. The ticking clock adds to the excitement. Solving this puzzle isn’t just fun, it’s downright fun. It teaches skills useful in life.

Research shows that solving puzzles can keep your mind sharp. It helps in school, work and daily life. Although it may seem difficult at first, the goal is to solve it by following the rules, just like solving a puzzle.

How can Black win this game in one fell swoop?

How can Black win this game in one fell swoop?solution

In this article, we are happy to share the solution to the chess puzzle we discussed earlier. So, let’s wait no more and get started. Here’s a fun thing: If you stay calm and think clearly, you might even be able to solve this puzzle yourself. We firmly believe that no matter how challenging a problem may seem, there is always a solution.

After careful inspection of the chessboard diagram we shared earlier, we found the answer. This explanation is not only suitable for those who can’t find the answer at first, but also helpful for those who may have guessed wrong. People may solve chess puzzles in various ways, but we will now explain the steps to solve it.

Whether you’re looking for a quick way to improve your thinking or a more in-depth challenge, NEWSTARS Education has answers for everyone. With our puzzles and brain teasers you can develop your creative thinking skills and have fun.

Move 1

How can Black win this game in one fell swoop?


The calculation result is 210 ÷ 7 x 4 – 14=?

In this challenge we have to apply the order of operations. First, we divide: 210 ÷ 7 equals 30. Then, we multiply 30 by 4, which gives us 120. Finally, we subtract 14 from 120 to get the answer: 120 – 14 = 106.

Determine the result of 320 ÷ 8 x 6 – 24=?

For this question, we will stick to the order of operations. First, we divide: 320 ÷ 8 equals 40. Next, we multiply 40 by 6 to get 240. Finally, we subtract 24 from 240 to get the result: 240 – 24 = 216.

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