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Honkai Impact: Star Twisted Banner Guide

In Honkai Impact, similar to other games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3, players will encounter special promotions called “Warp Banners.” These banners provide players with limited-time opportunities to acquire new characters and items.

While the Twisted Banner is active, the player’s likelihood of acquiring a specific five-star character increases. In order to participate, players will need to use the Warp System, where they can gain access to new five-star and four-star characters, as well as items known as light cones, which function like weapons and provide valuable advantages during missions.

There are four different types of warp banners in Honkai Impact:

  • Stellar Twisted Banner: This banner offers players the opportunity to acquire special characters and items within the game universe.
  • Departure Warp Banner: Similar to the Stellar Warp Banner, the Departure Warp Banner offers players the opportunity to obtain exclusive characters and items.
  • Character Event Banner: This banner focuses on a specific in-game event, providing players with the opportunity to unlock featured characters and unique items related to the ongoing event.
  • Light Cone Banner: This banner is centered around obtaining Light Cones, an important item in the game that can provide players with considerable advantages during missions.

These Warp Banners provide players with an exciting way to enhance their Honkai Impact experience by introducing new characters and items, and they contribute to the dynamic and engaging nature of game progression and events.

Honkai Impact Distortion Banner Explanation

In Honkai Impact, players can interact with warp flags by using Star Orbs, which serve as the in-game currency. By redeeming 160 Star Trail Jade, players can obtain a Star Trail Pass, which allows them to roll on the standard flag.

This banner provides the opportunity to obtain various characters and items from the game universe. Alternatively, players can convert Star Trail Jade into a Star Trail Special Pass, allowing them to roll on event banners. Event banners are tailored to specific in-game events, giving players the opportunity to unlock featured characters and unique items related to the ongoing event.

Additionally, for players looking for alternative ways to obtain Star Jade, Nightmare Shards can be purchased with real money. These Nightmare Shards can then be converted into Star Jade, providing another way to obtain the currency needed to roll on the Warp Flag. This system can satisfy players with different preferences, allowing them to earn Star Trail Jade through the game, or choose an expedited route by purchasing Nightmare Fragments.

Honkai Impact: Star Trail Event Twisted Banner Drop Rate

The “Honkai Impact: Star Trails” event warp banner operates in a gashapon system, incorporating elements of luck into the process. Similar to loot boxes, character and item drop rates in Honkai Impact: Twisted Banner are as follows:

  • There is a 0.6% chance of getting a five-star character.
  • There is a 5.1% chance of obtaining a four-star character or light cone.
  • A total of 90 pulls guarantee a five-star character.

In order to motivate players to participate in the twist system, the game sets a 50% chance of obtaining a promotional five-star character. If a player’s first roll doesn’t yield these coveted five-star characters, the game guarantees them on subsequent rolls. Likewise, four-star characters have a drop rate of 1 in 10, which improves players’ chances of getting desirable characters and items from the event twist banner.

star warped banner

The Stellar Twisted Flag is one of the permanent flags in Honkai Impact: Star Trails, providing players with an ongoing opportunity to obtain desirable characters and items. Unlike event-specific banners, the Stellar Warp Banner and Departure Warp Banner do not have a set end date. However, there is an important difference between these two types of banners.

Using the Star Twisted Banner, players have a 0.6% chance of receiving a five-star character or light cone, and a 5.1% chance of receiving a four-star character or light cone. It’s worth noting that performing 90 pulls guarantees a five-star character or light cone. To participate in the Stellar Warp Banner, players need to spend 1 Star Pass per warp.

The banner features a range of characters, both four- and five-star, and thanks to its drop rate mechanic, players are guaranteed to get a higher-level character every ten twists. This structure increases the chances of acquiring sought-after characters and facilitates player progression in the game.

Departure meridian banner

Departure Warp Banners in Honkai Impact: Star Trail are considered permanent banners, meaning they have no specific end date and do not expire. However, these banners have a limit – players can access them for a maximum of 50 warps, after which time they will no longer be visible or accessible.

The special attraction of the Departure Warp Flag is that it guarantees a five-star character within 50 warps. Furthermore, players only need eight Orbital Passes to obtain ten warps in this banner. The Departure Warp Banner has a very high drop rate, making it a recommended banner for players to explore as it increases the chances of obtaining valuable characters and items. The combination of guaranteed rewards and efficient resource utilization makes the Departure Warp Banner one of the noteworthy and enticing features in Honkai Impact: Star Trails.

event character twist banner

The event character twist banner in Honkai Impact: Star Trail features a time limit and a higher drop rate for specific characters. In order to interact with these banners, players need to use a unique currency, the special Star Rail Pass.

The mechanics of the Event Character Twisted Banner are similar to other banners in terms of drop rate. Players have a 0.6% chance of getting a five-star character, and a 5.1% chance of getting a four-star character or light cone. Five-star characters are guaranteed to be safe after 90 pulls. As of April 28, 2023, the current active character banner is titled “Sword Tip Butterfly”.

This specific banner will be replaced by the Skyspear Vortex banner on May 17, 2023, showcasing the dynamic and rotating nature of event character banners in Honkai Impact: Star Trails. These limited-time banners help increase player excitement and engagement in the game’s ever-evolving landscape.

Light cone distorted banner

The Light Cone Twisted Banner in Honkai Impact: Star Trail introduces a compelling dynamic to the Gacha system, providing five-star and four-star characters with higher drop rates and additional chances to obtain light. cone. This unique combination of rewards makes the Light Cone Twisted Banner particularly beneficial for regular players looking for valuable items.

The mechanics of the Light Cone Distortion Banner require a 0.8% chance of obtaining a five-star light cone, and a 6.6% chance of obtaining a four-star light cone. The guarantee of a five-star light cone after 80 pulls further adds to the appeal of this flag. It’s worth noting that the Light Cone Distortion Banner operates on a limited time frame, making it a temporary and time-sensitive opportunity.

To interact with these banners, players will need the Star Trail Special Pass. Notably, players will earn a four-star character every ten times they roll in the Light Cone Banner. This structure is designed to incentivize players to explore these products, enhancing their gameplay progress and experience through acquisition of characters and valuable light cones.


What is the Honkai Impact Orbital Distortion Simulator?

Honkai Impact Orbital Warp Simulator utilizes in-game screenshots as a virtual representation of the in-game warp system. This free simulator gives players the experience of performing 5-star pulls without spending actual money or using Stellar Jades. This is an ideal choice for those who want to gauge their luck for the day or simply want to participate in a relaxing activity.

To use Honkai Star Rail Warp Simulator, follow these steps:

  • Visit the HSR Wish Simulator website (or use an alternative link).
  • Click the mobile icon in the upper right corner to enable audio or select your preferred language.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the banner you want.
  • Click the “Distort” button located in the lower right corner of the screen.

By following these steps, players can enjoy the virtual experience of rolling banners in the simulator, simulating the thrill of earning a 5-star pull without any real-world implications.

How does the Honkai Impact Twisted Flag work?

The mechanism of the warp flag in “Honkai Impact” is similar to the wishing flag in “Genshin Impact”. In order to interact with these banners, players need a specific in-game currency called Star Jade, which can be earned by completing quests and discovering treasure chests in the game world. One important difference is using Star Jade to create either a Star Track Pass or a Star Track Special Pass, each of which acts as a ticket for a different type of banner.

To roll a standard banner, players need 160 Star Jade to create a Star Trail Pass, while special event banners require a Star Trail Special Pass. There is also the option of doing ten pulls at once, which costs 1,600 Star Jade to purchase 10 Star Track Passes or 10 Star Track Special Passes.

In addition, players will have the opportunity to use real money to purchase Monerik Shards, the premium currency in Honkai Impact. These Nightmare Shards can be exchanged for Star Jade, providing players with another way to obtain the currency needed to participate in the Warp Flag.

Honkai Impact Wiki

“Honkai Impact: Star Trail”, whose Chinese name is Bēnghuai: Xīngqióng Tiědào, is a charming role-playing gashapon video game carefully created by miHoYo. This engaging universe combines elements from the Honkai Impact series and the critically acclaimed Genshin Impact to create a symphony of characters and gameplay dynamics that players can immerse themselves in.

The game launches for Windows and mobile devices on April 26, 2023, and its immersive experience will be expanded to PlayStation 5, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter. Notably, its gameplay mechanics draw inspiration from classic Japanese role-playing games, allowing players to assemble a powerful squad of characters for turn-based battles. The fusion of open world exploration and dungeon crawling, coupled with the gacha system, adds depth to the game and invites players to embark on an exciting journey through the fascinating realms of Honkai Impact: Star Trails.

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