History of the Shattered Keep Atlas Fallen, How to Complete History of the Shattered Keep in Atlas Fallen?

Atlas Fall Broken Fortress History

Within the vast world of Atlas Fallen, nestled within the Forbidden Zone, is a fascinating side quest called “The History of the Broken Fortress.” To embark on this interesting journey, look for Lecter, a key figure located in the Broken Fortress area.

A conversation with Lecter becomes the catalyst for this mission, revealing a mission intertwined with the mysterious history of the place. As you delve deeper into the heart of this quest, you’ll uncover hidden clues scattered throughout the castle’s intricate depths.

These clues, carefully placed and waiting to be discovered, provide valuable insights into the castle’s storied history. The History of the Broken Fortress weaves a narrative tapestry that not only enriches the immersive world of Atlas Fallen, but also provides intrepid adventurers a rewarding opportunity to unravel its mysteries and earn well-deserved acclaim.

How to complete the history of the Broken Fortress in Atlas Fallen?

Completing the “History of the Broken Fortress” side quest in Atlas Fall requires obtaining the Scout Gear armor set by collecting five clues within the Broken Fortress area. Please follow the steps below to complete the side quests:

Initial approach and mission activation:

  • After unlocking Dual Air Dash in Atlas Fallen and reporting to Arif in Castrum VII, you will receive the quest to upgrade the gauntlet ability “Raise”.
  • Head to the Broken Fortress and as you make your way through the chasm, you’ll see a young man sitting on a railing near the abyss. Talk to him and he’ll mention searching for underground ruins.
  • Don’t follow his advice and instead head to your quest marker. Jump onto the fallen ruins on the left to reach the second floor.

Reach Lecter and initiate the side quest:

  • Continue moving left and right until you reach a platform with an old flagpole with a blue banner hanging from it. To the right of the flagpole you’ll find an anvil.
  • Go left from the flagpole and talk to Lecter. She will ask you to find five clues about the fortress in exchange for the Scout Armor.

Collect clues:

  • First clue: From Lecter’s position, jump directly over the gap to reach a platform that can be raised. Climb the rickety stairs to the top, then jump southeast onto the roof of a cathedral-like building. Defeat the flying enemies and reach the far end. Jump onto the Independence Tower to find the first clue.
  • Second clue: Go back to the second buttress, jump from the northeast corner to the second floor, and jump directly to the second clue.
  • Third clue: Return to Lecter and jump onto a fragile canvas structure a few steps north of her. Jump onto the awning above Lecter, then air dash around the left corner. The third clue is right in front of you.
  • The fourth clue: Go over the railing and follow the southwest gully into the cemetery and defeat the enemies. There is an altar in the center of the cemetery. With your back to Theros Altar, turn left to find three skeletons huddled on the ground. The fourth clue is found on one of the skeletons.
  • Clue Five: Go back to the entrance arch, but this time, instead of climbing up the side, go up the steps to the left. At the top you’ll find a platform with a corpse and the fifth clue within it.

Complete side missions:

  • After collecting all 5 clues, return to Lector. She’ll reward you with a set of Scout Outfit armor.
  • If you have enough Essence, you can use the Essence to upgrade the armor at a nearby anvil.
  • Go to the basement of the fortress to continue the main quest. Talk to the scholar at the entrance to obtain a powerful Essence Stone, which can interrupt enemy attacks.
  • Equipped with upgraded armor and Essence Stones, you’ll be better able to deal with the terrifying ghosts within your castle.


atlas the fallen

Atlas Fallen is an action role-playing video game crafted by the talented developers at Deck13 Interactive. The game is carefully published by Focus Entertainment and will be launched in August 2023. It made an impressive debut on Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S gaming platforms.

This highly anticipated release captivates gamers with its immersive gameplay, engaging narrative, and stunning visual beauty. As players embark on a journey within the game’s carefully designed world, they are invited to explore a realm filled with adventure, challenges, and untold mysteries waiting to be solved.

With its unique blend of action-packed combat and deep role-playing elements, Atlas Fallen quickly became a standout in the gaming world, providing an unforgettable experience for fans of the genre.

Atlas fallen gameplay

Atlas Fallen is an immersive third-person action role-playing video game. As players embark on their journey, they have the opportunity to create and personalize their own unique player avatar from the start. Central to the gameplay is the ancient Gauntlet, an extraordinary tool that allows players to harness the power of manipulating sand.

Through this extraordinary ability, players can sculpt sand into powerful weapons, introducing dynamic and engaging combat elements. In the vast world of Atlas Fallen, players have access to three different weapons, although for practicality reasons they can only carry two at a time.

A marked departure from the style of Deck13’s previous titles, this game takes a more traditional action-oriented approach. Players must skillfully dodge, counter, and block incoming attacks, demonstrating their mastery of combat techniques. Rapid transitions between ground and air combat further increase the excitement and strategic complexity of engagements.

Combat prowess and aggression generate rewards in the form of momentum, a key resource players gain when engaging opponents. Crossing specific momentum thresholds triggers exciting transformations of the held weapon, allowing players to unleash devastating special skills and abilities on their enemies.

The game’s vast world is subdivided into multiple open areas, inviting players to embark on a mission of exploration. Throughout the adventure, players will encounter a variety of non-playable characters, each offering unique interactions, side quests, and activities that enrich the overall gameplay experience.

Fluid and dynamic movement is integral to exploring the vast landscapes of Atlas Fallen. The gloves allow players to glide gracefully across desert terrain, while the versatility of sand manipulation allows them to perform impressive feats such as mid-air sprints. Additionally, the power of the gauntlet can be used to uncover hidden secrets and paths by lifting buried objects, revealing new areas to explore.

Progress in the game is interrupted by the discovery of important items such as “Fragments” and “Catalyst Fragments”, which are key components that enhance the Glove’s combat capabilities and deepen the game’s mechanics. In addition, “Atlas Fallen” also provides a two-player multiplayer mode to cultivate a collaborative experience and enhance the sense of friendship and excitement during the game journey.

As players travel through the enchanting world of Atlas Fallen, they will undoubtedly be immersed in dynamic gameplay, strategic combat, and engaging exploration for an unforgettable gaming adventure.

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