Hello Kitty Island Adventure Volcanic Guitar, How to Get Volcanic Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure, a collaboration between Sanrio and Sunblink, is a vibrant life simulation game that will grace the gaming world on July 28, 2023. Set in a tropical setting, the game stars the beloved Hello Kitty and her friends as they embark on a journey to a sun-drenched island for a well-deserved vacation.

However, fate weaves a different story, leading them to breathe life back into a forgotten treasure: an abandoned theme park known as Adventure Park. As an active player, you have the ability to create your own avatar, take on the role of protagonist, and play a key role in rejuvenating the island.

Activities range from leisurely strolls to water adventures and even soaring into the sky. Crafts, cooking, and the arts of friendship are all at your fingertips as you connect with iconic Sanrio characters, capture memories through snapshots, and personalize your haven, inviting them to share your cozy cabin.

Notably, Hello Kitty Island Adventure is designed for public entertainment, promoting a dynamic 2-player cooperative experience. The game’s appeal continues to grow post-launch, with the promise of fresh characters and content delivered through ongoing updates.

It is only accessible on Apple devices through Apple Arcade, in harmony with the platform’s unique offerings. The App Store assigned it a 4+ rating for family use, demonstrating its accessibility, backed by controller support and a competitive edge with leaderboards and achievements.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Volcano Guitar

In the enchanted kingdom of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, the Volcano Guitar is a much-sought treasure. To gain access to this prized possession, one must embark on a journey within the range of the Hothead Mountains. The path to the Volcano Guitar begins with obtaining the Fishing Rod, a tool granted by Bardez Maru to those who reach level 3 friendship with him and complete the “Keep the Scroll” quest.

Armed with a fishing rod, adventurers should enter Mount Hoghead via the crater entrance, located in the vast northern area of ​​the mountain. Once inside, turn right immediately to reach the rise in the wall and access a secluded ledge next to a peaceful lava pool.

Aided by the balloon, a graceful glide to the southeast followed, eventually clinging to the adjoining wall. Climb this slope and follow the southern path to view the meandering lava river. It is here in the heart of the volcano that the Volcano Guitar rests, a remarkable three-hearted gift and a testament to the exploration and determination of Hello Kitty’s island adventure.


How to get the Volcano Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

Obtaining the Volcano Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure requires a series of steps that will lead you to this coveted item. First, make sure you have unlocked the Fishing Rod, which you will receive from Badtz-Maru after reaching level 3 in your friendship with Badtz-Maru and completing the “Keep It Reel” quest.

With your fishing rod in hand, enter Hothead Mountain through the crater entrance located on the north side of the mountain. Once inside, immediately turn right and climb up the wall to reach a small outcrop next to the lava pool. Use the balloon to glide southeast and grab onto the adjacent wall.

Climb this wall and continue your journey along the southern path until you reach the lava river. There, in the heart of the volcano, you’ll find the Volcano Guitar, which becomes Retsuko’s cherished three-heart gift and a treasured possession during your Hello Kitty island adventure.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Game

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanted kingdom of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, now available on iOS! Step into the whimsical embrace of Great Adventure Park, a paradise where the spirit of friendship thrives. Get ready for a series of exciting adventures waiting for you around every corner as you embark on an enchanting journey with a group of adorable new companions.

Fully immerse yourself in a wondrous world that will amaze you, meet adorable creatures that are sure to capture your heart, and taste delicacies that will excite your taste buds. In this fascinating realm, countless secrets are waiting to be revealed.

Embrace the enchanting magic and boundless joy found in every nook and cranny of this extraordinary paradise. Let your curiosity lead you into unknown territories, create deep connections with your beloved Sanrio friends, and discover the true nature of friendship.

Great Adventure Park extends a warm invitation to create lasting memories that will keep your heart glowing throughout your journey. Don’t waste time – download Hello Kitty Island Adventure on iOS now and start this extraordinary adventure of friendship and wonder!

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