Hello Kitty Island Adventure My Melody Crate Locations, How to Find My Melody 3 Strawberry Crates in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

Hello Kitty Island Adventure My Melody Box Location

Strawberry Explorers on Hello Kitty Island Adventure on their thrilling hunt for the My Melody chest. You’ll be happy to know that you can embark on this adventure at your own pace, as there are no specific rules for these three precious chests. Get the order scattered across our enchanting island. To protect these precious crates, just find the hand icon that resembles a Mickey Mouse glove and tap on it.

Remember, don’t rush out of the store at first, as one of these sought-after crates is waiting nearby. While our island has more than just three crates, don’t worry because I’ve put together a list of the easiest to find crates to ensure your trip is a productive and fulfilling adventure. Get ready to embark on an enchanting journey to Hello Kitty Island and begin your strawberry hunting adventure.

How do I find my Melody 3 Strawberry Box in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

Strawberry Box No. 1: Next to My Melody’s Shop

Strawberry Crate Number One is conveniently located next to the My Melody’s store. Exit the shop and go to the right and you’ll find a crate nestled between a nearby house and a ladder. Look out for it behind the star sign; it’s easy to notice when you’re nearby.

Second Strawberry Box: On top of the cliff on the left

For the second strawberry chest, climb the ladder near the location of the first chest, then cross the bridge to the island on the left. At the top of the cliff you’ll find a second Strawberry Box waiting for you. Funnily enough, I stumbled upon this while continuing my search from the first chest, and I’m so grateful I took the ladder route.

Strawberry Box No. 3: Located on the central path heading north

As for the final prize, Strawberry Box Three can be found on the central path leading north. Jump or glide to the path below the top of the cliff you were on previously. There, behind a set of supposed torchbearers, you’ll find the final strawberry crate you need to complete your collection. Look for it directly on the path leading up from the central square to the north.


Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hello Kitty Island Adventure offers you an enjoyable experience with Hello Kitty and her friends. This highly anticipated game is the result of a remarkable collaboration between Sanrio and Sunblink and will be officially launched on July 28, 2023. After entering the virtual realm, players assume the role of a virtual character and embark on a fulfilling mission: breathe new life into a once-forgotten theme park – Adventure Park.

In the world of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, exploration is endless. Players can walk across the island, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or even take a flight for stunning bird’s-eye views.

The journey is filled with diverse and engaging activities, from cooking adventures and preparing delicious meals to honing craft skills. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to form meaningful connections with beloved Sanrio characters, capture precious moments through photos, and unleash their creativity by decorating their own cabin.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Game

A delightful experience awaits you at Hello Kitty Island Adventure Park. Embark on a heart-warming journey with a new group of adorable and super-cute friends who are sure to steal your heart.

Every corner of this enchanting world is filled with wonders, from fascinating creatures that will leave you in awe to delicious foods that will tantalize your taste buds. Uncover the secrets of this enchanting country centered on the power of friendship and immerse yourself in the magic and joy that fills every moment.

Every step you take, prepare for exciting adventures that spark your curiosity and take you into unknown territories while building strong bonds with your beloved Sanrio companions. Embrace the true essence of friendship as you dive deeper into the extraordinary warmth and companionship that Great Adventure Park has to offer. Prepare to be mesmerized by this unparalleled journey, an experience like no other.

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