Hello Kitty Island Adventure Keroppi Lost Luggage Location, How to find Keroppi Lost Luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

About Hello Kitty Island

“Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a life simulation game developed by Sanrio and Sunblink, released on July 28, 2023. In this engaging game, Hello Kitty and her friends find themselves on a tropical island resort and embarked on an adventure. Renovate an abandoned theme park called Adventure Park. The player plays a character who can create an avatar and actively contribute to the revitalization of the island. In the game, you can freely travel through Terrain, walk, swim, or even take a plane to the sky.

Additionally, you can engage in activities such as cooking and crafts, connect with beloved Sanrio characters, capture unforgettable moments through photography, decorate your personal cabin space, and send out invitations to your virtual acquaintances.

For those looking for a shared experience, the game seamlessly offers 2-player co-op. Expect a constant influx of new characters and content through post-launch updates. This exclusive offering is only accessible on Apple devices through Apple Arcade and has a commendable 4+ rating on the App Store. Notably, the game supports a range of features, including compatibility with controllers, leaderboards, and achievements. “

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Keroppi Lost Luggage Location

Cropi’s Lost Luggage Location: Caldera

Cropi’s lost luggage can be found in the Crater area, located at the summit of the island’s volcano. It’s worth noting that reaching this location is the most challenging of all lost luggage points, as it requires careful platforming skills and increased stamina.

Collect Stamina Apples:

Before trying to recover your lost luggage in Keroppi, make sure you have enough stamina to complete the grueling climb. Since the initial stamina level may not be enough, you can increase your stamina by crafting stamina apples. These apples are valuable items that provide additional energy.

Climb the crater:

With plenty of endurance apples in hand, head to the crater area located at the summit of the island’s volcano. The climb is challenging and requires precise platforming to avoid falling or getting stuck.

Find Keropi’s luggage:

Once you reach the top of the crater, walk around the edge of the cliff in search of Kairopi’s lost luggage. It will sit on one of the cliff edges, overlooking the stunning landscape below. Approach the luggage and interact with it to collect it.

Completion and rewards:

Successfully retrieving Kairopi’s lost luggage completes the tasks related to it. You can now return your luggage to Keroppi, complete your mission and receive the associated rewards.

Keep in mind that reaching the crater and collecting Keroppi’s lost luggage is a challenging task and it is recommended to plan your trip carefully. Use your stamina apples strategically to ensure successful ascents and recoveries.

Hello, Kitty Island Adventure offers players an immersive adventure experience as they explore the island, complete quests and interact with beloved characters from the Hello Kitty universe. Wish you all the best on your journey to reunite Keroppi with your lost luggage!


How to find Keroppi’s lost luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

To find Keroppi’s lost luggage in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, follow these steps:

Prepare your endurance:

Before embarking on a journey to find Kairopi’s lost luggage, make sure you have enough energy to reach your destination. If needed, collect stamina apples to increase your stamina level.

Getting to Caldera:

Head to the crater area located on top of the island’s volcano. You can find Keroppi’s lost luggage here.

Addressing platform challenges:

As you explore Caldera, you’ll encounter platforming challenges on your way to the top. Be careful and precise in your movements to avoid falling or getting stuck.

Find Kairopi’s luggage:

After successfully completing the platform challenge and reaching the top of the crater, search for Keroppi’s lost luggage. It will be located on one of the cliff edges.

Interact with luggage:

Approach Keroppi’s lost luggage and interact with it to retrieve it. This will complete the task and allow you to return your luggage to Keroppi.

Return to Cropi:

Return to Keropi with the lost luggage. Now you can reunite him with your luggage, earn rewards and progress in the game.

Keep in mind that reaching the crater and retrieving Keroppi’s lost luggage can be challenging, so take your time, plan your moves carefully, and use your physical resources wisely. Good luck with your adventures in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

Hello Kitty Island Gameplay

Experience the enchantment of Hello Kitty Island Adventure as it unfolds in the enchanted kingdom of Grand Adventure Park. In this whimsical paradise, the spotlight shines on the profound impact of friendship, weaving a thrilling tapestry of adventure that awaits at every twist and turn. Join a cast of lovable and super-cute companions on an enchanting odyssey that invites you to immerse yourself in a world of limitless wonder.

Prepare to be captivated by every aspect of this extraordinary place, tug at your heartstrings with delightful encounters with fascinating creatures, and tantalize your taste buds with delicious cuisine. Revel in uncovering the hidden treasures and mysteries of this enchanting country and immerse yourself in the magic, charm and joy that fill every nook and cranny.

Inspire your curiosity, form unbreakable bonds with your beloved Sanrio companions, and discover the essence of true friendship as you embark on a journey to explore unknown territories. The Great Adventure Park extends its warm and inviting embrace to you, calling you to create indelible memories that will serve as warm souvenirs throughout your life.

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