Hell Let Loose 14.2 Patch Notes, Gameplay, Guide and More

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“Hell Let Loose” is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game set during World War II, developed and published by Team17 in cooperation with co-developers Cover 6 Studios and Expression Games.

Players join platoons in intense battles on the Western, North African and Eastern Fronts. The game was originally conceived and developed by Australian studio Black Matter and received initial funding through a successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign.

After being released as an early access title for Microsoft Windows in 2019, the game underwent further development and was fully released in July 2021. It later expanded its platform availability to include PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in October 2021. In January 2022, development of the game moved from original developer Black Matter to publisher Team17, who took over all development in early 2023.

Hell Unleashed Patch Notes 14.2


  • [Change] Reduced player movement speed
  • [Change] Removed “Prone” feature

General bug fixes

  • [Fixed] Throwing grenades has a chance of not being thrown

    Thanks to logs provided by community server owners, we managed to identify instances of grenade errors that occurred due to the different parts of preparing and throwing the grenade (ignition, detonation, and throwing) happening out of order on the server, even though they were in order on the client occur. This means that the server can refuse to throw a grenade because it is not in a valid throwing state, causing the grenade bug that we believe players have seen.

    A fix is ​​being submitted so that if the server receives a throw request and the grenade is not already lit and/or ready, these things will be done before the grenade is thrown. Great success in the PTE exam and we hope we have succeeded!

  • [Fixed] Private server instance crashes

    There is an issue with the way the game server handles incoming Rcon connections, which means that if multiple connection requests are made in close proximity, some connections will be ignored, meaning the Rcon tool will not get a response. Additionally, the ports assigned to Rcon connections on the server are not released for reuse, which means that the server will eventually run out of available network resources, causing the server to crash.


Hell Unleashed Gameplay

In Hell Let Loose, players will engage in large-scale 50 vs. 50 combined-arms battles between different factions, including the German, American, Soviet, British, and future Finnish and Polish armies. The game features multiple squad types, each with specific roles, such as rifle squads, armored squads, and recon squads. The two main game modes, War and Offense, divide the map into areas that the team must capture and control. In War, victory is achieved by controlling all or most of the zones when the timer runs out, while Offense has one team defending all zones while the other team’s goal is to capture them before the timer runs out.

Communication is critical, with officers leading units and using voice channels to coordinate. The PC version supports text chat. The game incorporates an RTS-style strategy metagame where commanders can manage resources, deploy vehicles, airstrikes, and drop supplies. Engineers can build resource nodes to increase production, but the enemy team can dismantle them.

Hell Let Loose is developed with Unreal Engine 4 and launched as an early access game on Steam in June 2019 to commemorate the D-Day invasion. It will achieve full release in July 2021, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions launching in October 2021. Regular updates are designed to bring the console version in line with the PC version and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Hell Unleashed Guide

“Hell Let Loose” can be quite challenging for newcomers due to its complex mechanics and communication-heavy gameplay. To help new players survive and thrive, here are some basic beginner tips:

Regular map checks:

The battlefield is dynamic, with front lines and enemy positions changing. Check your map frequently to stay updated and support your team. More experienced players use the map to coordinate and issue orders.

Use voice communication:

Although not mandatory, using a microphone to communicate can greatly enhance teamwork. The game relies heavily on communication, and being able to quickly relay information to teammates is crucial.

Know your role:

Choose a class that you are familiar with and can contribute effectively to the team. If possible, choose important roles such as Engineer, Medic, or Anti-Tank. If unsure, start as a Rifleman to learn the game mechanics and assist your squad.

Stick with your team:

Avoid wandering alone as you can easily get trapped by enemy forces or ambushed. Stay with your squad or close to the front lines to increase your chances of survival and contribute to the team effort.

Prioritize covers:

The battlefield is filled with bullets and danger. Stay ducked, crouched, or prone, and use terrain features for cover. Listen for gunfire to judge its distance and adjust your position accordingly.

Listen to your surroundings:

Pay attention to locational audio cues such as gunshots and crashes. Headphones can help you pinpoint the source of gunfire and assess the situation. Different sounds represent different levels of threat, allowing you to react appropriately.

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