Gorgc Makes Bali Major Tier List 2023

Gorgc enters 2023 Bali Major team tier list

Dota 2 fans were given great insight when popular streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski crafted the tier list for the highly anticipated 2023 Bali Major. Gorgc, with its reputation for sharp analysis, evaluated the 18 participating teams and divided them into five tiers, from the top-tier S tier to the humble D tier. This ranking list was shared ahead of the Bali Major and has garnered attention for its interesting predictions and thoughtful assessments.

Gorgc’s tier list reflects his keen consideration of recent team performance and strengths. Notably, the Gaimin Gladiators have come under the spotlight for their stellar performances, winning their last four Division I games. Gorgc’s assessment is rooted in their continued strength, which suggests they are well-positioned for success and have the potential to replicate the legendary achievements of the old OG roster.

In his layered analysis, Gorgc acknowledged the unique challenges posed by LAN tournaments and emphasized the shift in dynamics when teams transition to a LAN environment. Giving his candid thoughts on each team, he focused on potential wildcards in the B-tier, including teams like Pandas (9 Pandas) and BetBoom, who possess surprising and outstanding abilities .

As the discussion unfolded, Gorgc considered the team’s positioning with a nuanced perspective. The differences between online and LAN games, the honeymoon period, and individual team dynamics are all considered. Ultimately, Gorgc stuck to his tier list even if it strayed from a symmetrical structure, emphasizing that results on the battlefield would ultimately validate his assessment.

According to Gorgc’s tier list, the Gaimin Gladiators emerged as a powerful force that seemed to occupy a higher tier than their competitors. As anticipation for the 2023 Bali Major continues to build, Gorgc’s tier list has sparked heated discussion among fans, offering a glimpse into the complex world of professional Dota 2 and the intricate strategies that can unfold during the tournament.

Gorgc enters Bali Major team level list

Amid the thrilling battlegrounds of the final Dota 2 Major of the season in Bali, renowned Swedish Dota 2 streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski has curated a tier list that takes an in-depth look at the competitive tiers of participating teams. With deep insight and analytical skills, Gorgc takes a keen look at competitors, assigning them to different tiers based on their potential and recent performance.

In a bold statement, Gorgc unapologetically crowns the Gaimin Gladiators as elite, placing them at the top of the coveted S-tier competition. There’s no denying that this Western European powerhouse has earned its place, winning its last four S-Class tournaments. The Gladiators’ exceptional quality and consistency have made them favorites to lift the trophy in Bali, cementing their status with three consecutive Grand Slam victories.

Gorgc’s astute assessment tentatively considers moving the BetBoom team to the S tier along with Gaimin Gladiators. The Russian team came to attention for their stellar performance in DreamLeague Season 20, culminating in a nail-biting showdown with the Gladiators in the Grand Finals.

Despite the commendable performance, Gorgc ultimately chose to relocate the BetBoom team to Class B, citing concerns that they would not be able to adapt to the demanding LAN environment. These levels unfold further, revealing a landscape full of potential and unpredictability. Shopify Rebellion, 9Pandas, and Team Liquid fall into Class B, the realm of what Gorgc calls “wildcard” teams.

While these teams haven’t reached the pinnacle of favoritism, they have the ability to orchestrate exciting upsets that reshape the narrative of the game. Class A houses the stalwarts of the Dota 2 universe, with Quest Esports joining the ranks of esteemed contenders such as PSG. LGD, Tundra Esports, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses The Saudi Arabian team’s outstanding performance at the DPC WEU Tour 3 Division I event caught the attention of Gorgc and thrust them into this powerful group.

The cascade of levels continues, culminating in Level C, which has contenders such as Beastoast, Team Aster, Azure Ray, and Bleed Esports. This part of the hierarchy is marked by its unique potential to subvert the established order. Gorgc’s astute assessment peaks in the lower reaches of the tier list, with Blacklist International, Nouns, Execration and Invictus Gaming at the bottom. This positioning highlights the challenges these teams can face as they strive to outperform their competitors.

With Gorgc’s tier list as a captivating compass, fans and enthusiasts alike will embark on a captivating journey through the Bali Major, where strategies will clash, stories will unfold, and the pursuit of victory will ignite the competitive spirit.


Dota 2 Tier List

S class

Class A

Class B

Mask of the Void Slada Zeus
Lena Drow Ranger Shadow Demon
Phoenix Lifestealer List
ghost Phantom Assassin prayer
Quick fire Gentle doom
Mars almighty knight batrider
Rubick earth spirit Ember Spirit
witch void spirit immortal
Magnus Rasik Morphling
Io Storm Spirit Tidehunter
Blood Demon Horrible Blade
Tiny death prophecy
vengeful spirit
ancient titans

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