Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list for August 2023

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Goddess of Victory: Nick[a] is an action-packed third-person shooter role-playing game developed by Shift Up and co-published by Level Infinite and Ubisoft. It started development in 2017, launching versions for Android and iOS devices in 2022, followed by a Windows version in 2023.

The game’s dynamic combat system revolves around quick character switching and the use of combat skills in anime-style environments. The game operates on a free-to-play model with a gacha system for in-app purchases that contribute to its revenue generation. Notably, it raised over $70 million in funding within its first month of launch.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future overrun by mechanical invaders, Victory: Nyx ​​introduces a world where humans seek refuge underground and spawn artificial warriors known as Nyx. The story follows a commander and his team of Knicks as they try to take back the surface of the Earth from a mechanical menace.

August 2023 Victory Nikke Tier List

“Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List” is a comprehensive ranking system that evaluates and categorizes all characters in Japanese Gacha titles. Its main purpose is to help players strategically build powerful teams by identifying the most effective and powerful characters in the game.

Given that the core goal revolves around creating a team capable of overcoming rival factions, the process of selecting your characters is very important. The dynamic nature of the game is characterized by frequent adjustments to character abilities by developers, which adds complexity to the decision-making process.

It can be a daunting task for players to keep up with the ever-evolving meta and determine the best heroes of a given era. The Victory: Nikke level list alleviates this confusion by providing a structured hierarchy of character performance.

By categorizing characters into different tiers based on their abilities and strengths, tier lists can provide a reliable resource for players looking for guidance on team composition. This ensures players have the necessary insight to make informed choices that maximize their chances of success.

As the game meta changes and evolves, the level list remains a steadfast reference point, helping players navigate the complexities of character selection.


Lady of Victory: Nikke Top performer in tier list to improve your chances of winning

In the current meta, the tier list divides available characters into five different tiers, with SS tier representing the most dominant champions and D tier including the least powerful champions.

SS level

Champions in Victory: Nick’s tier list display impressive strength due to their powerful damage-dealing abilities. But it is worth noting that some heroes with excellent offensive attributes also have relatively low health points. Therefore, it is recommended to have a good understanding of the game mechanics before trying out the following characters:

  • Lyudmila
  • Nothingness
  • black
  • Lift
  • Lyudmila
  • Blanc

S class

In the level list of “Goddess of Victory: Nick”, S-level champions mainly play a supporting role. However, you can choose to explore other unit champions from this list and tailor your selection to your preferred playstyle and specific needs.While S-class heroes may not possess the same overwhelming power as SS-class heroes, they are still capable of handling challenging scenarios effectively

  • black pepper
  • Nero
  • novel
  • privacy
  • Nero
  • neon
  • guilty
  • volume
  • mary
  • Harlan
  • Cherry blossoms
  • cocoa
  • mary

Class A

Tier A contains an impressive array of Super Rare (SSR) and Super Rare champions from the August 2023 Victory Tier List. These include some of the most elusive heroes in the game, capable of leading entire teams under the guidance of skilled players. Here you can find the ranking of A-level characters in the game:

  • Dora
  • poisonous snake
  • sugar
  • snow White
  • Signal
  • Polly
  • rudder
  • guillotine
  • Julia
  • Exia
  • quincy
  • facelift
  • Laplace
  • Drake
  • Uni
  • Jakel
  • modernia
  • Breed
  • Jackal
  • crime
  • soda
  • strength
  • biscuit
  • D
  • Sly
  • dorothy

Class B

Victory Goddess: Nikki Tier B champions in the Tier List do not gain the same rarity status as their SSR counterparts. Despite this, there are several SR champions in this class. Below, you’ll find a compilation of the top B-tier champions in the current meta:

  • Maxwell
  • girl
  • Long Hair Princess
  • N102
  • Freema
  • crow
  • anis
  • delta
  • Emma
  • Anne: Miracle Fairy
  • Alice
  • strict
  • Bellolta
  • milk
  • Himeno
  • noise
  • Conti
  • Rs: white shoppers
  • Korea

Class C

In the current version, these heroes show lower performance levels. They are no match for opponents at every level of the game. Nonetheless, these heroes are tailor-made for beginners and are often encountered early in the game. They are valuable allies in helping newcomers adapt to the mechanics of the game. Here is the tier list for C-tier players in Victory: Nick:

  • Miranda
  • diesel engine
  • mary
  • aria
  • Yuleha
  • epinel
  • Neff
  • Folkwang
  • ether

Class D

These champions represent the least efficient players in the MMORPG’s current meta and are specifically tailored for beginners. While characters from the previous level will occasionally assist relatively high-ranked mid-level players, these champions are often overlooked, even by those new to the game. Listed below are the Victory:Nikke tier lists specifically for these champions:

  • doll sun
  • silver flower
  • Westie
  • Isabel
  • baby flower
  • Thorin
  • Mihara
  • Product 08
  • Product 12
  • Product 23
  • doll ocean
  • Soldier Europe
  • Soldier EG
  • Soldier FA

Victory Goddess Nick gameplay

Nikke is an engaging role-playing video game in which players control up to five versatile characters known as Nikkes. These Knicks are deployed in strategic formations to confront the enemy on a dynamic battlefield, utilizing defensive objects for protection.

This third-person shooter requires players to aim accurately, engage enemies with a crosshair, and seek cover to reload—an automatic process when ammunition is depleted. This tactical approach allows players to thoughtfully plan their attacks.

Each Nick wields a unique gun and embodies one of five different elements, affecting their strengths and weaknesses in combat. Each character has three unique combat skills – including two regular skills and one burst skill – that players can trigger strategically.

Burst skills have a maximum numerical level of three, requiring players to accumulate the necessary costs by damaging enemies before unleashing a powerful initial burst. Subsequent skills can be activated quickly, and triggering the ultimate skill will activate a temporary all-out burst mode, greatly increasing the attack power of friendly forces.

The stage climaxes after defeating a powerful boss opponent, followed by waves of basic enemies. Interception combat mode adds variety, requiring the removal of an out-of-control locomotive as a complete stage objective. Co-op multiplayer can host up to 5 players, allowing for collaborative challenges within the game environment.

New characters are acquired using a gacha game system, utilizing in-game currency earned through gameplay or microtransactions. Players benefit from a mercy system that ensures rare characters are obtained after a specific number of draws.

Character upgrading involves increasing your level, refining your skills, increasing your level cap, and equipping yourself with advanced armor. These resources are earned by completing different missions and contribute to character development and overall game depth.

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