God of War: Ragnarök – All Alfheim Nornir Treasure Chest Locations (& Solutions)

Find all chest locations in Alfheim God of War: Ragnarok Already difficult, solving the puzzles to reach them is even more difficult. Each Nonier chest is locked with runic signs that the player must find and know how to use. Some chests are very simple, only requiring the player to use a Chaos Blade to light up the corresponding Brazier. Others require a specific amount of time and the right tools for the job.

Can complete 100% of the most important tasks God of War: Ragnarok Upgrades for Kratos and his companions are underway. Additional missions are made easier by using different abilities and weapons. From upgrading Chaos Blades to unlocking the best skills, God of War: Ragnarok It will be easier for players to keep track of their interests as they complete missions.

Temple of Light & Stromnonir. Treasure chest

The first place players experience in Alfheim is the Temple of Light in Strund. There are three Nonier treasure chests in the map area, one of which is in the temple. The remaining two were scattered outside the temple during the trip. Unfortunately, there is a chest in this map that cannot be opened until the end of the match and requires the use of Draupnir Spear. Luckily, getting to and from Alfheim is relatively easy. Except for the war between the dark elves and the light elves God of War: Ragnarok To expand knowledge, there are not so many obstacles to overcome.

temple of light

After crossing the light bridge in the Twilight Pillar Room, go through the hallway leading to the previous area, turn right

Quickly strike all three rune bells. One in the hallway. One on the chest. One is to go up the path and up the stairs.


Light Gate Temple

Use Draupnir Spear to burn all the turrets at once. There are two nearby; A man is hiding in the valley behind the door.

On the way to the kingdom, through the abyss

Burn all three braziers. One is on the cliff opposite the treasure chest. One is at the end of a small ledge nearby. One needs to go back to the cliff, then go down after seeing the vase.

Below the Barrens and Nonier Chests

The wastelands in Ragnarok Nonier's Chest

After exiting the Temple of Light and exploring Strong’s next area, Kratos and Atreus in Alfheim are both Barrens. There is an injured animal in the desert. Atreus is worried. Kratos wanted to spend more time with his son, so he encouraged an expedition to rescue the animal. There are two Nonier chests along the way. One can be found when exploring the creatures below, but the other is easier to find once the animal is released. Without swirling dust storms, the desert is much quieter. After the sandstorm ends, Barrens will have a lot of value, including allowing players Go: Ragnarok.

barren land

The northernmost point of the map

Destroy the hive with the ax, then light all three braziers on fire. Two people were on the ground nearby. One is on the roof, next to the hot pot.


Behind the door on the ground after the first cave opens

Follow the zipline around the gate, pass the Hive Matter and Twilight Stone on the left and land on the far side. Chests (and doors) can be accessed by jumping down. A rune is located on the first side of the gate. One on the second side, right. The last one on the upper platform is for jumping off.

Shannonir’s forbidden treasure chest

God of War - Forbidden Sand Map in Ragnarok

Although the Forbidden Sands area is locked until Freya becomes a companion, it’s important to keep this area in mind. With everything going on, it’s easy to forget that half of the Alfheim map is locked the first time you traverse the kingdom. After traveling to Vanaheim with Freya and gaining her trust, the portal to the Forbidden Sands can be opened. At this point, another creature called Hafgufa must be released. Two Nonier chests are also hidden in this layer of sand. One is behind the pillar that Freya needs to light with the brazier, and the other is secretly hidden under the temple. dislike God of War: RagnarokAs Thor Odinson smashes buildings with Mjolnir, Kratos must find a suitable place to throw his ax to reach a secret area.

no sand

In an alley behind a fallen pillar on the west side of the map

Burn all three braziers. One is in the alcove. One on the long rock above; Use Freya’s runes to help. The last one is on a higher stone structure outside the alcove; Freya’s rune will also help here.

Behind the breakable wall at the bottom of the outer wall of the Goblin Sanctuary

Take care of the hive, then light all three braziers. One on the right, below. One is on the left. The last one is behind the sonic stone door on the right. Use Freya’s Rune and ignite existing fires to burn them or use Freya’s Rune and Draupnir’s Spear.

Ready for a challenge, wondering what Odin’s game is, why did Odin let Thor and Kratos go, finding the Nornir Chest is an easy way to distract players and a great way to level up . their device. Finding all the Nonier chests in Alfheim may just be a side event, otherwise God of War: Ragnarok Players, find them valuable.

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    Franchise: God of War

    Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

    Release time: 2022-11-09

    Developer: Studio Santa Monica

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    Genre: Adventure, action

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    Description: Ragnarok appears in God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to 2018’s Game of the Year released on PlayStation 4. Three years later, Kratos and his son Atreus complete a cross-country quest while facing a a few Northern Europeans. However, their actions have consequences. Odin, the All-Father, prepared to take revenge, and his son, Thor, was the first to attack. Atreus hopes to find more answers about his origins from his mother, and at the end of this Norse tale, he embarks on another quest with his father to discover the truth while fighting with the wrath of Odin’s kingdom.

    Playing time: 26 hours

    Prequel: God of War

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