God Of War Ragnarok: 10 Funniest Memes That Sum Up The Release

God of war Ragnarok was eventually released on November 9 to critical acclaim, receiving a score of 94 on both MetaCritic and OpenCritic. The 8th installment in the main series continues the story that began in God of War (2018) sees Kratos abandon a life of violence for a quiet retirement with his family in snowy Midgard. The wait for the sequel and the slightly more lighthearted tone of the Norse Pantheon series has led to many fun and relatable memes about the game.

People on Reddit, Twitter, and all over the internet have had plenty of time between the two games to make predictions, jokes, and comparisons about Kratos and the other colorful characters that inhabit Midgard. And with the game finally available to purchase, even more memes about the holy murderer and everyone’s favorite son are popping up.

10 Waiting for Ragnarok

God of war Ragnarok has an imperfectly timed release at a time when both Amazon is experiencing shipping delays and the PlayStation 5 is still not available. A lot of people can relate to this meme from the GodofWarRagnarok subreddit about staring into space and just waiting.

It feels like a decade has passed since then God of War (2018) was released and ended in a deadlock so the closer it got to the release date, the more time seemed to drag on. For many on November 9, waiting for their match to take place was probably like Kermit holding his breath.

9 Wishes for a PS5

There’s nothing worse than having to wait to play a game because one is at work, in school, or hasn’t bought the game yet, and seeing people online posting pictures of the opening scenes. It’s clear that as fans of the franchise, gamers are happy for everyone to play Ragnarok and this game is very popular.

Still, it’s hard not to feel bitter when looking at countless images and tweets of other people getting the game when it’s still out of reach for so many. Some people might feel a bit like the kid in this meme, sure they’re saying they’re happy, but in reality they’re seething with jealousy.

8 “Boy!” War cry Kratos

One of the lasting lines from God of War (2018) is a boy!” is how Kratos constantly refers to his son Atreus. Voice actor Christopher Judge did a great job of saying it whenever Atreus did something stupid or dangerous , and it became a rallying cry for fans of the game.

While different types of headaches can cause pain in different areas, according to this meme, the feeling that screams “Boy!” as Kratos would seem to evoke a God of War-like vibe. The red stripe on the player’s head will match the Iconic stripe on Kratos’ head.

7 Patiently waiting for Ragnarok

Santa Monica Studios hasn’t released a blockbuster yet, with only two games in the works God of War The series scored below 91 on MetaCritic. So, game fans are often rewarded for their patience while game developers take their time to ensure the game is perfect before release.

This meme is a very fitting representation of how fans have been patiently yet impatiently waiting for Santa Monica to perfect its game. Every fan waiting for the match in front of their house or at the store is like a small dog, waiting for the moment the match is ready.

6 physical copies Vs. Digital download

If someone is a big fan of God of War but are still waiting to receive a copy on opening day, it’s best they stay off the Internet. Reddit and Twitter are filled with posts of people happily showing off their copies and turning on their PlayStation 5.

Like this sponges meme, it’s a very “inside out” situation if a gamer has to see how happy everyone else is with Ragnarok while they twiddled their thumbs. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough for these gamers.

5 They are the same

Most people now consider Thor to be a super-suited, god of thunder thanks to his appearances in the MCU, but Thor’s Ragnarok has a completely different physique. He looked like an ancient, giant Viking king with a big belly and unremarkable muscles.

This portrait actually looks and acts like Thor appeared in Avengers: Endgameafter he gained a lot of weight during his post-snap depression. While Thor is in an unstable condition The avengers said to represent the loss of his power, in Ragnarok It seems like this is when Thor is at his strongest.

4 Will Ragnarok be the game of the year?

Gamers are notoriously tribal when it comes to their favorite franchises. Gamers always want their video games to win when it comes to awards season. Now, in 2022, another one God of War the game launched the same year as another franchise tentpole, Old ring.

But if God of War memes are anything to rate a game, Ragnarok could be the year-end hit that will blow away every other game coming out in 2022. Players may think it’s just another game God of War game but when they play, they will see the words “Game of the Year” written on it.

3 Keep it a secret

A significant conflict within God of War (2018) And God of war Ragnarok is the identity of Kratos’ son, Atreus, who turns out to be Loki at the end of the first game. Although it seems like Kratos doesn’t understand what’s going on with his son, it seems like he’s hiding something from him.

Kratos is a lot like Homer in this meme, telling Atreus that he has nothing left to hide but is actually hiding quite a bit. It’s funny that Krato thinks he can wipe out all the events in the Greek game and Atreus will be none the wiser, maybe it will come back to bite him soon

The lead comes God of war Ragnarok The release has made trailers, renders, and reviews inevitable; it makes sense considering how popular the series is. Now that the game has been released, tweets and posts about the game are everywhere.

This meme is the perfect encapsulation of what it’s like to scroll through Twitter these days. Normal post, random mix at noon God of War meme or unboxing, one cannot ignore. And Ben Stiller is the perfect replacement for every gamer today cosplaying as Kratos.

1 Odin at Ragnarok

Odin is only mentioned in God of War (2018) but his powerful ghost still hangs over the entire game. Even though Kratos and Atreus don’t fight him, it always feels like he’s responsible for their troubles. Therefore, most people expect the All-Father to look appropriately menacing, after all he is similar to Zeus.

But Odin appeared early in Ragnarok and his appearance was a bit of a surprise. This Odin is likened to “Hide Your Pain Harold” rather than the king of the Norse gods. He’s a comedic character, behaving more like an eccentric grandfather than anything else, but the way every other god respects him hints at his true power.

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