Genshin Impact Were It So Easy Quest Guide

Genshin Impact

“Genshin Impact” is an action role-playing game produced by miHoYo and published by miHoYo and Cognosphere in mainland China (known globally as HoYoverse). It launched in 2020 on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows. Subsequently, in 2021, it was released on PlayStation 5, with plans for release on Nintendo Switch.

The game presents a world in an anime-inspired open environment and features an action-oriented combat system involving elemental magic and character switching. “Genshin Impact” adopts a free-to-play model, achieves profitability through gashapon game mechanisms, follows a game-as-a-service approach, and is regularly expanded through patches.

Genshin Impact is set in the imaginative kingdom of Teyvat, which contains seven different nations, each tied to a unique element and ruled by a different god. The story revolves around the interstellar traveler, who embarks on an in-game journey after being separated from his twin brother after arriving in Teyvat.

Accompanied by his guide Paimon, the travelers venture across the nations of Teyvat on a mission to reunite with their lost brothers. This pursuit leads them to make meaningful connections, participate in Teyvat’s political and cultural spheres, and gradually uncover the mysteries hidden in this world.

Genshin Impact dates back to 2017 and is rooted in multiple sources of inspiration such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, anime aesthetics, Gnosticism, and cultural and mythological influences from around the globe. Reviews of Genshin Impact have been generally positive, with critics praising its engaging combat mechanics and vast open world.

However, some criticism has been directed at its relatively simple ending and financial model that relies on gacha mechanics. The game has reportedly earned nearly $3.6 billion across all platforms as of September 2022, an achievement that marks the largest first-year launch revenue of any video game in history.

Is Genshin Impact that simple? Mission Guide

Please find below a guide to successfully completing the Genshin Impact hidden mission “Is it so easy?”:

  • Begin by teleporting to the village of Merusea, then head northeast, where you’ll find the entrance to the village.
  • Start the quest by talking to Cosanzeana, who is located at the entrance to Merusea Village.
  • Follow the mission indicators, which will guide you to find and conquer your opponents.
  • After defeating your opponent, battle strange mechanics to reveal a secret chamber.
  • In the hidden room, interact with the strange notebook to protect the strange parts.
  • Return to Cosanzeana and show her the strange parts obtained to complete the quest.
  • Opponents to overcome include Silichur and the Abyssal Mage.
  • The entrance to the hidden room is located in a cave near the enemy.
  • Strange notebooks can be located on tables in hidden rooms.
  • Successful completion of this mission will result in rewards in the form of Adventure Experience and Primogems.


What is the reward for completing such a simple mission in Genshin Impact?

Successfully completing the “Is it that easy” quest in Genshin Impact yields valuable rewards, including Adventure Experience, 40 Primogems, 38,000 Mora, 8 Tides, and a noteworthy item called the “Strange Part” .

This hidden quest “Is it that easy?” begins when interacting with Kosanzena at the entrance to Meruse Village. It’s worth noting that a key result of completing this mission is obtaining the mysterious “Strange Part,” a key element needed to launch Fontaine’s Reputation mission.

It’s important to realize that building reputation is important in Genshin Impact and can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as completing bounties, responding to requests, participating in world exploration, and completing various tasks. As your reputation grows, so do the benefits you receive, from exclusive recipes and forging blueprints to a variety of other valuable items.

Recognizing the importance of “can it be so easy” efforts within this reputation-building framework is critical. Successfully crossing the threshold of this quest not only helps improve your reputation, but also earns you coveted rewards, including Primogems and the elusive “Strange Parts.”

What are the requirements to start the “Is it that easy” quest in Genshin Impact?

Starting the “Is It That Easy” quest in Genshin Impact requires you to meet certain prerequisites. The following are the necessary steps to start this task:

  • Complete the requirements for the “Flowers of Cosanzeana” quest.
  • Go to the entrance of Merusea Village and talk to Cosanzeana.
  • After completing the previous mission, the conditions to start the “Is it that easy” mission are met.

The “Wre It So Easy” mission is classified as a hidden mission in the Genshin Impact game. When activated, it offers commendable rewards, including Primogems and the coveted “Strange Parts.”

Genshin Impact gameplay

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing video game in which players control one of four interchangeable characters in their party. Switching between these characters can be done quickly during combat, allowing players to utilize various combinations of skills and attacks. Character abilities can be enhanced through methods such as leveling up and upgrading artifacts and weapons.

In addition to exploration, players also have the opportunity to take on various challenges to earn rewards. The land of Teyvat is filled with bosses and challenges that yield valuable resources; however, obtaining these rewards requires a resource called Primordial Resin, which gradually regenerates over time.

Successfully completing these challenges helps increase the player’s Adventure Level, unlocking new quests, challenges, and increasing the World Level. World level measures the strength of enemies in the game and the rarity of the rewards you get for defeating them.

Players can control their character and perform actions such as running, climbing, swimming, and gliding, all controlled by a stamina system. Some characters have skills that can alter the environment, such as freezing water to create icy paths across the terrain. Waypoints, including the Statue of the Seven, serve as landmarks for fast travel and provide benefits such as character healing, revival, and increased stamina.

Resources such as food and minerals can be collected from the open world. Battle victories and treasure chests yield various other resources to enhance character abilities.

In addition, there are special combat scenes called “fields” that provide materials to improve character and weapon abilities. Meals prepared using ingredients from around the world can provide beneficial effects such as health regeneration or stat enhancements. Ore can be obtained and refined to forge weapons or increase strength.

The game presents a multiplayer mode through cooperative play for up to four participants, who can explore the world and participate in areas together. Player interaction can be initiated manually or through automatic matching. Promote cross-platform play so players on different platforms can interact with each other.

Additional playable characters can be unlocked by completing specific missions or participating in limited-time events. While some characters are obtained through quests, most are obtained through the game’s gacha system (called “Wishes”). These draws require premium in-game currency, which can be earned through in-app purchases or in-game achievements. A safety net mechanism ensures players receive rare items after a specified number of draws.

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