Genshin Impact Tier List For Characters 3.8, Guide and Gameplay

Genshin Impact Character 3.8 Level List

This is the Genshin Impact level list of characters in version 3.8,


Characters in this tier are high performers in different team compositions and excel in multiple aspects of the game. They are powerful, synergistic and versatile.

Class S – Excellent:

Characters at this level are excellent choices for a variety of scenarios. They have powerful equipment that can contribute significantly to different team compositions, making them valuable assets.

Tier A – Great:

Characters at this level are solid choices and can perform well in a variety of situations. While they may not be as universally good as the higher level ones, they still bring a lot of power to the team.

Grade B – Good:

This level of role is a good choice and can effectively contribute to the team. They may have specific strengths that make them great in certain situations, but may be outclassed by higher-level characters in a wider context.

Grade C – Average:

The characters at this level perform averagely. While they have their uses and can be effective in certain situations, they may lack the same level of influence as high-level characters.



SS class

Bai Zhu, Al Haitham, Wanderer, Nahida, Ni Lou, Ye Lan, Thunder General, Ayaka, Wendy, Zhongli, Gan Yu, He Ye, Bennett, Hu Tao, Xing Qiu, Xiao Mei, Xiangling, small

S class

Kavi, Yumia, Jean, Yura, Alberto, Tartaglia, Ayato, Ito, Tenari, Shenhe, Yae, Katsuki, Shino, Kuki, Fischer

A floor

Desia, Klee, Diluc, Kilala, Yaoyao, Razor, Yunjin, Diona, Rosalia, Yanfei, Mona, Sucrose, Heizang, Barbara, Thomas, Travel The person (Jio), the traveler (Dandro)

Class B

Layla, Kiki, Collet, Hokuto, Noelle, Goro, Kujo Sara, Farusan, Mika

Class C

Lisa, Amber, Xinyan, Ningguang, Candace, Kaiya, Aloy, Sayu, Chongyun, Dolly, Traveler (Gio), Traveler (Electricity), Traveler (Aniemo )

Keep in mind that character levels can be subjective and may change based on personal preference, play style, and the specific team composition you are using.

Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open world role-playing game that is constantly updated with new characters, areas, events, and gameplay features. Its gacha system adds to the excitement by allowing players to acquire characters and weapons through in-game currency.

Initial steps and priorities:

It is recommended to start from the Archon Mission (main story) and reach Adventure Level 12 to unlock Primogem’s daily commission. Opening treasure chests, activating teleportation waypoints, and completing Archon quests all contribute to progression.

Daily schedule:

Participate in daily commissions, send characters on expeditions, spend raw resin, complete battle pass challenges and log in to HoYoLAB to earn rewards. These events provide Primogem and other valuable resources.

Update schedule and new content:

Genshin Impact maintains a predictable update schedule, with new content released every six weeks. Major digital updates (such as 4.0) bring new areas and features, while character and weapon banners change every three weeks.

Get the role:

Characters are obtained through the Destiny Wishes on the banner. Through the “Prologue, Act 1” Archon mission, the ability to wish on a banner and gain a character is unlocked.

Character progression:

Effectively leveling up a character requires the use of experience books such as Wanderer’s Advice, Adventurer’s Experience, and Hero’s Wisdom. Access the character menu to apply experience points and level up.

Learn about artifacts:

Equip artifact sets to enhance character attributes and activate set bonuses. Prioritize 2-piece or 4-piece sets to optimize the character.

Master the Primordial Gems:

Primogems are the rare in-game currency of wishes and resin. Earning Primogems involves activities such as participating in events and daily commissions.

Battle Pass Updates:

The Battle Pass is unlocked at Adventure Level 20 and offers optional rewards through daily, weekly, and event missions. Premium and free plans cater to different play styles.

Adventure Level and World Level:

Adventure levels contribute to quests and events, while world levels determine enemy difficulty. The higher the world level, the higher the rewards from areas and bosses.

Differentiate task types:

Archon missions form the main storyline, while story missions are character-specific. Completing these tasks is crucial to advancing the narrative.

Navigation events:

Participate in limited-time events with Adventure Level requirements to earn Primogems, materials, and sometimes free characters. Some events contain unique stories.

Resin system and rewards:

Use Original Resin to claim rewards from areas and bosses. The original resin replenishes over time. Fragile Resin instantly restores resin and helps break through the cap.

Spiral Abyss Challenge:

Spiral Abyss offers optional combat challenges with increasing difficulty and corresponding rewards. Climb the Stairs of the Abyss to meet greater challenges.

Progressive Achievements:

Achievements earned by performing various in-game activities yield Primogems. These honors provide rewards for different gameplay styles.

Proven tips and tricks:

Use the HoYoLAB platform to get daily rewards. Cook for healing and buffs. Interact with the Statue of Seven to receive healing and stamina boosts. Equip artifact sets to gain statistical advantages. Prioritize character stats for efficient builds. Follow the objectives of the adventure manual. Find hidden rewards with Seelies. Save original gems for event characters. Emphasize teamwork rather than scarcity. Customize map icons for efficient farming. Participate in limited time events. Explore city stores to find unique items.


Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an immersive action role-playing game developed by miHoYo that provides players with a vast anime-style open world environment to explore. The game was released for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and Windows in 2020, and later on PlayStation 5 and the upcoming Nintendo Switch version, captivating players with its captivating visuals and engaging gameplay.

Set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which consists of seven distinct nations, each ruled by a unique god and tied to specific elements, players take on the role of a mysterious traveler. Accompanied by the jovial Paimon, the traveler embarks on a journey across Teyvat’s diverse landscape, forming bonds with countless characters and uncovering the mysteries of the land.

The game’s combat system seamlessly integrates elemental magic and character switching, providing dynamic combat that can be enjoyed in both single-player and multiplayer modes. As a free-to-play game with gacha mechanics, Genshin Impact provides ongoing updates and patches to ensure players continue to participate in the ever-expanding world of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact gameplay

Genshin Impact offers an engaging gameplay experience that blends open-world exploration with complex action-based combat. Set in the enchanting realm of Teyvat, players can freely travel through diverse landscapes, from dense forests to towering mountains and bustling cities. As they embark on their journey as a traveler, accompanied by the charming companion Paimon, players can switch between a series of characters, each representing a different element such as fire, water, and electricity.

This variety of elements forms the basis of the game’s combat system, where players can tactically combine abilities to trigger powerful reactions and defeat powerful enemies. Whether fighting monsters, bosses, or other players in co-op mode, Genshin Impact’s combat is a harmonious blend of real-time strategy and elemental mastery.

In addition to combat, players participate in quests, puzzles, and challenges, gaining experience to increase their adventure level and unlock new opportunities.The game’s striking visuals, complex mechanics, and ongoing updates make Genshin Impact an immersive and ever-evolving adventure game for players to enjoy

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