Genshin Impact Book of Esoteric Revelations Quest Guide, Walkthrough and Rewards

Genshin Impact Book of Esoteric Revelations Quest Guide

Unlock the Esoteric Apocalypse Mission:

The mission “Mysterious Apocalypse” can be completed in the picturesque village of Meruse, located in the Fontaine region. To begin this quest, you need to venture to the stunning waterfall in the village of Merusea. To enter this village and start the quest, you need to participate in the Ancient Colors quest chain storyline.

Mysterious page 1 location:

Embark on your quest and you’ll discover the mysterious Page 1 hidden in a guarded treasure chest located within a mysterious cave in the Beryl region. Wary Wolfhounds will keep an eye on this treasure chest, so be prepared to resist.

Mysterious page 2 location:

The journey takes an interesting turn as you search for Mystery Page 2. The page was intricately hidden within a prism located in Elinas during an event called “A Very Warm Place.” To retrieve this page, you must demonstrate accuracy by striking the red crystal, which in turn will reveal the contents of the prism and reveal a chest containing a second mysterious page.

Mysterious page 3 location:

As your exploration continues, the path leads to Mystery Page 3. The page is hidden in Ellinas, within a circle known as the Beast’s Rift. Here, challenges await you as you must fight against the Wolfhounds and, as the guardian of the mysterious crystal, keep them safe from harm.

mission rewards:

Completing the “Esoteric Revelation” quest will net you a range of valuable rewards, including:

  • Original Gems (Quantity 50)
  • Mora (Quantity 34000)
  • Heroic Wisdom (Quantity 4)
  • Mysterious strengthening ore (6 pieces)
  • Weird Part (Quantity 1)


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Genshin Impact Book of Esoteric Revelations Mission Walkthrough

Embark on an adventure to a specific area in the Warm Place setting.

Immerse yourself underwater and unlock a unique realm with enchanting magic circles.

This area becomes the core of your mission, setting the stage for the unfolding storyline.

Uncover the mysterious page:

  • In this enchanted realm, your task is to uncover three key pages.
  • These mysterious pages hold the key to advancing your quest.
  • Dive into this ethereal space with unwavering determination.

Transition to the magic circle realm:

  • After successfully collecting the page, turn your attention to the magic circle area.
  • Here, unravel the mystery behind Cannotira, the central figure who shapes the mission’s narrative.
  • The mystery surrounding Kanotila adds intrigue to the unfolding storyline.

Follow Kanotila’s footsteps:

  • As you embark on a mission to trace the path of Canotyla, the mission takes an unexpected turn.
  • Experience a transformative journey beyond familiar boundaries.
  • Enter an alternative realm with unique characteristics and challenges.

Traveling through alternative realms:

  • In this new dimension, your ultimate goal is to navigate to a designated and marked area.
  • The realm’s roads are littered with broken bridges, presenting challenging navigation puzzles.
  • Use the strategically placed purple portals to cross the gap left by the broken bridge.

Strategic uses of purple portals:

  • Master the art of using purple portals strategically.
  • These portals allow you to efficiently cross bridge gaps.
  • Note that some portals can only be accessed after defeating a powerful opponent.

Climax and Confrontation:

  • Your adventure culminates when you face a daunting test: fighting against the Rift Hounds.
  • This encounter fully tests your abilities and strategic thinking.
  • Overcoming this challenge is a sign that you are ready to exit another area.

Victorious conclusion:

  • Victory from the clutches of the kingdom marks a triumphant end to your quest.
  • Your strategic skills and determination have led you to success.
  • When you complete a mission goal, celebrate the culmination of your efforts.


Genshin Impact Book of Esoteric Revelation Mission Rewards

Primordial Gems(50):

  • There are 50 Primogems in total, the coveted in-game currency that serves as proof of your victory.
  • These precious stones hold immense value and are widely sought after for their versatile uses.

Mora (34000):

  • A generous amount of 34,000 Mora (the game’s main currency) is awarded to you as a fitting reward.
  • Mora is the lifeblood of your in-game transactions, allowing you to upgrade, enhance, and acquire a variety of resources.

Heroic Wisdom (4):

  • Allocating 4 Hero Wisdoms (a revered item) can be a great addition to your inventory.
  • The hero’s wisdom is synonymous with experience points, which helps to quickly improve the character’s level and abilities.

Mysterious Strengthening Ore(6):

  • Generously gift 6 mysterious strengthening ores to enhance your arsenal.
  • This valuable resource can enhance and improve your weapons, making them more powerful.

The strange part (1):

  • A mysterious treasure in the form of a strange part is granted to you.
  • This object could be the key to interesting developments on your journey, sparking curiosity and anticipation.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact[a] is an action role-playing game developed and published in mainland China by miHoYo and operated globally by Cognosphere (operating under the name HoYoverse). The game was initially released in 2020 on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows platforms, followed by PlayStation 5 in 2021, and is also planned for release on Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact’s gameplay unfolds in a visually striking anime-style open world, with an action-oriented combat system intertwined with elemental magic and character switching mechanics. As a free-to-play game, the game uses gacha mechanics for monetization and is regularly expanded through patches, using a games-as-a-service model.

“Genshin Impact” is set in the fantasy kingdom of Teyvat and tells the story of seven countries, each with unique elements and overseen by unique gods. The central character of the story is the interstellar adventurer Traveler, who is separated from his twin brother after arriving in Teyvat.

Travelers embark on a journey through the different countries of Teyvat with the little guide Paimon, interact with a variety of characters, explore the intricate political landscape, and strive to uncover the mysteries of the world.

Launched in 2017, Genshin Impact was developed with inspiration from a variety of sources, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, anime aesthetics, Gnosticism, and the richness of global culture and mythology.

The game was generally well received, with people praising its dynamic combat mechanics and immersive open-world design. Criticisms, on the other hand, concern its relatively simple end-game content and reliance on gacha-based monetization.

The game has been a significant financial success, with estimated revenue of nearly $3.6 billion as of September 2022, proving to be the highest-grossing video game in its first year of release across all platforms.

Genshin Impact gameplay

Genshin Impact is a massive action role-playing game set in an open-world environment where players control four interchangeable characters in their party. Combat involves seamless character switching, allowing players to quickly use various skill and attack combinations during combat.

Characters can be enhanced through artifacts and weapons that enhance their abilities and enhance their equipment. The game isn’t just about exploration, it’s also about a ton of challenges, many of which are scattered across the world of Teyvat, providing valuable resources.

However, these efforts consume virgin resin, a slowly regenerated currency. Completing these challenges helps increase your adventure level, unlock quests, and increase your world level, which indicates the strength of your enemies and the rarity of your rewards.

Teyvat’s denizens can run, climb, swim, and glide, all actions relying on endurance. Certain characters possess the ability to shape their environment; for example, freezing water to form traversable ice roads.

Teleport nodes facilitate fast travel, including landmarks called the Statue of the Seven, which provide healing, rejuvenation, and stamina boosts. The world generates resources such as food, ores, and treasure chests, which are essential for character enhancement. Collected ingredients can be used to cook food, resulting in health regeneration and attribute improvements. Ore can be refined for weapon crafting and enhancement.

Co-operative multiplayer gameplay supports up to four players for world exploration and area challenges. Cross-platform play ensures compatibility across all platforms. Playable characters can be unlocked through missions or limited-time events, but most are obtained through character banners in the gacha system, requiring premium in-game currency through in-app purchases or in-game rewards.

Elemental combat is the core, with seven elements interacting to produce various effects. Characters possess elemental skills and explosive powers, powered by elemental energy, that are vital to both combat and puzzle-solving.

In December 2022, the tabletop trading card game Genius Invokation TCG was launched as an optional mode, featuring turn-based battles using characters and cards.[28][29] Players engage in combat, using elemental reactions and dice rolls to challenge NPCs and real players in cooperative modes.

Critics have praised the addition, comparing it to games like Hearthstone and Gwent, while noting its potential to enhance the Genshin Impact experience and reduce burnout in the long run.[33][34][35] The card game offers a new perspective on gaming and has been praised for enhancing player engagement and bridging the gap in the overall experience.

Genshin Impact Map

Aether and Lumine, twin wanderers across different realms, landed in Teyvat. Upon their arrival and witnessing the destruction of Carnria, they attempted to escape, but were thwarted by a mysterious god, the Keeper of Heaven. She separates them, sealing the playable characters for five centuries. The awakened sealed twins “Traveler” met the fairy-like Paimon and became partners. They traveled through Teyvat and learned about the missing brothers and sisters from the governors of various countries.

Key actions in the current narrative include:

Preface: “The Stranger Who Caught the Wind” by Mond. Traveler aids in the fight against Tyrannosaurus with the help of Venti, and reveals that he has been corrupted by the Order of the Abyss. La Signora stole Venti’s gnosis.

Chapter One: Li Yue’s “Farewell, Ancient Lord”. The Traveler and Paimon confront the late Rex Lapis, who was betrayed by Tartaglia. They thwart Osir’s attack and learn Zhongli’s true identity.

Chapter 2: “The Omnipresent Mortal” in “Lightning”. The Travelers opposed General Thunderbolt’s vision of confiscation, allied themselves with the Separatists, and defeated the General. A vision hinted at their twin roles.

Chapter 3: The truths found in the pages of Sumeru Purana. The Traveler thwarts the Academy’s plot to replace Kusanari with Scaramouche and gathers information about their twins.

Chapters 4 to 6 deal with Fontaine, Natland and Snezhnaya. The story reaches its climax in Khaenri’ah, and the epilogue hints at the end of the journey.

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