Fire Force Online Generation Tier List, and Abilities Ranked

firepower online generation tier list

Here are our rankings!

S class

Class A

  • first generation
  • second generation

Class B

There is no B-level generation now!

Class C

Not great, has some niche uses.

  • There is no C-level generation yet!

Class D

  • There is no D-class generation now!

Generation list

For your convenience, we’ve divided abilities into different generations, and the abilities each generation provides.

first generation

  • ax and gun
  • pile bunkers
  • shield

second generation

  • gun
  • Jiefangquan
  • sickle
  • sputtering

Third Generation

  • devil’s footprints
  • Excalibur
  • explode
  • big hand
  • lightning
  • Cherry blossoms

Fire Brigade Online Tier List Category and Ability Rankings

S level:

  • Jiefangquan
  • big hand

A layer:

  • gun
  • Devil’s Footprints
  • Cherry blossoms

Grade B:

  • pile bunkers
  • lightning
  • Excalibur
  • explode
  • shield
  • ax gun

C grade:

Class D:

Class D currently has no abilities.

Please keep in mind that this tier list is based on given information and may change as updates or new abilities are introduced in the game.


How does the fire force tier list work?

In our tier list, abilities are ordered from best to worst, indicating their general use in the game.

S-level: These abilities are very powerful and represent the best abilities. Getting one should be a priority as they can significantly improve your performance.

A Tier: The capabilities of this tier are not as great as the S Tier, but they are still very good and can easily help you progress through the content without major issues.

Level B: The abilities at this level are solid, although they may not stand out. They’re a solid choice that won’t let you down, but you might want to consider swapping them out for a more powerful option later on.

Tier C: This tier has below-average capabilities and is only useful in specific niche situations. While they may have some utility, they aren’t as versatile or powerful as higher-level abilities.

Tier D: The abilities of this tier should be avoided like the plague. They are the least useful and generally perform poorly compared to other options. Investing in these abilities may hinder your progress and gameplay experience.


Fire Force Online is an action-packed game set in the captivating universe of the popular anime and manga series “Fire Force” (Enen no Shouboutai). Designed specifically for gaming platforms like Roblox, it offers players the opportunity to delve into the world of firefighters with fire-powered abilities. In this game, players can create their own unique characters and embark on a thrilling adventure, accepting various tasks and challenges.

They will encounter various types of hellfire creatures spawned by spontaneous human combustion, and work with their comrades to save the world from this fiery threat. Fire Force Online offers a wide range of gameplay options, including PVP battles where you compete with other players, and PVE missions where teamwork is crucial against powerful enemies.

As players progress, they can unlock new abilities, upgrade their characters, and earn rewards to enhance their firefighting skills.

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