FF16 Weird Science Quest Walkthrough, and Guide


Final Fantasy XVI is an engaging action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix in 2023. It is the sixteenth major entry in the acclaimed Final Fantasy series, originally released as a PlayStation 5 limited-time exclusive.

The game features a segmented open environment with an engaging combat system that combines melee and magic attacks. Players will encounter familiar elements such as chocobos, as well as summoned monsters called Eikons, who serve as both bosses and powerful allies in combat.

The storyline unfolds on the twin continents of Valistea, which is ruled by six nations who rule over magical crystals and rulers – humans who serve as hosts for each nation’s Eikon. The magical blight has wreaked havoc on the land, exacerbating tensions between the nations. The protagonist, Clive Rosfield, embarks on a journey as he witnesses the destruction of his kingdom and becomes embroiled in the secrets behind the war involving the dark Eikon Ifrit.

Development of the game began in 2015, with Naoki Yoshida as producer and Hiroshi Takai as main director, aiming to create a dark fantasy narrative with broad appeal. Its production faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and later Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Nonetheless, upon release, Final Fantasy XVI was praised for its engaging story, well-designed characters, captivating music, and satisfying combat system. Although some critics noted the lack of deeper role-playing elements, performance mode framerate issues, and side-quest design, the game was a commercial success, selling over 3 million copies in its first week.

FF16 Weird Science Exploration Walkthrough

Conquer the Bomb King Final Fantasy XVI – Weird Science Exploration

FF16 Bomb King is a powerful B-level boss that focuses on magical abilities and can cause AoE damage, posing a threat to Clive’s health. The boss uses fire spells and explosive bombs for ranged attacks, but the effective radius of his attacks is relatively small and can be dodged if quick enough.

The initial phase of the battle is less intense, as Bomb King’s attacks are slow and easy to dodge. However, as health drops, the boss becomes more aggressive and attacks with more power, making the fight more challenging.

To defeat the Bomb King, you must first find it. Head to North Ridge, then Dragon’s Lair, then head south until you reach the Imperial Chase Gate. Continue on to The Crock, where monsters await.

Attack of the Bomb King Final Fantasy XVI – Bomb King

Bomb King uses two main attacks. In order to deal with them effectively, it is crucial to understand each factor. Use Clive’s agility to stay mobile and dodge the boss’s sudden AoE attacks. Here are the types of attacks you will encounter:

Coronation: Bomb King surrounds himself with explosive fire and unleashes it on Clive. As the fight progresses, the boss will unleash five fireballs during this attack. To avoid the attack, move sideways to avoid the path of the fireball and avoid the trailing flames. When the king completes this move, it becomes temporarily vulnerable, allowing you to fight back.

King’s Justice: The most dangerous attack, triggered when Bomb King’s health drops below a certain threshold. The King slams into the ground, creating a massive shockwave and summoning an army of bombs that fire explosive projectiles. Keep a safe distance from bomb enemies to avoid damage, and you can either wait for them to self-destruct or use powerful AoE attacks like Flame of Rebirth and Bahamut’s Gigaflare to defeat them. Keep an eye on the Bomb King while dodging his attacks to emerge victorious.


FF16 Weird Science Exploration Guide

Guide to starting Weird Science in Final Fantasy XVI:

1. Complete “Deflate”: Complete all three parts of the “Deflate” subgoal.

2. Talk to Owen: Go to the Mead Dungeon in the secret realm, talk to Engineer Owen, and start the “Weird Science” side mission.

3. Owen’s Request: Owen will ask Clive to obtain Bomb Ash by defeating the Bomb King, as he lacks the skills to do so.

4. Talk to Nekta: Talk to Nekta in the chaos and select the “Ask about bomb sightings” option.

5. Start the hunt: Check the Bomb King’s entry on the hunting board and start the hunt.

6. Find the Bomb King: Fast travel to Dragon’s Lair, head south, and go through the gate on the east side of the map to the Imperial Chase.

7. Fight the Bomb King: Defeat the Bomb King and avoid its attacks such as Coronation and Vitan.

8. Receive rewards: After defeating the Bomb Queen, Clive will receive 1 bomb ember as a reward.

9. Collect bomb ash: Interact with the three green mission markers left by the Bomb King to obtain bomb ash.

10. Complete the mission: Go back to Owen in the Hideaway and give him bomb ash to complete the “Weird Science” mission.

How to complete the weird science mission in Final Fantasy 16?

After defeating the Bomb King, Clive will notice that there are three green quest markers left behind by the Bomb King. In order to obtain bomb ash, he must interact with each of these tokens. When he does so, bomb ash will be added to his inventory.

Once Clive has collected all three pieces of bomb ash, he can quickly return to the hideout, where Engineer Owen is waiting. After arriving at the hideout, Clive should find Owen and talk to him.

During the conversation, Clive can choose to give the collected bomb ash to Owen. In doing so, he completes the final step in the strange science side quest. Owen will express his gratitude to Clive for successfully obtaining the bomb ash he needs.

Once the mission is completed, Clive will receive any potential rewards or benefits Owen promised for completing the mission. The end of the mission marks another achievement in Clive’s journey and may open up new opportunities or storylines in the game, depending on the game’s mechanics and narrative structure.

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