Elden Ring: How To Get The Raptor’s Set

No doubt Elden’s Ring Heavily influenced by FromSoftware’s previous titles blood transfusion, and one special armor that compliments this awe-inspiring design is the Raptor. The Raptor set is a two-piece costume that includes a terrifying skull mask and a black feathered Raptor chest plate. This set is essentially an upgraded form of the Bandit Set, starting the entry level of the Bandit Class. Therefore, the Raptor set can be completed with four pieces by adding the Bandit Pistol and Bandit Boots.

blood transfusionThe stylized look isn’t the only thing that attracts dark adventurers to the Raptor suit. The Raptor’s black feathers are equipped with a buff similar to the Talisman’s Talon, which increases the damage of jumping attacks. In addition, summoning spells from the Chest Board and Amulet, give the player approximately 26% extra damage to their swipes and slashes.

You can get the Bandit Set Pistol and Boots from Gatekeeper Gostock near the main entrance of Storm Veil. However, the Retriever’s Skullcap and Black Feather are located in Sage’s Cave, a dungeon south of the Boiling River in the Altus Highlands. This location can be reached by crossing the Ruined Cliffs at the northeastern end of Liurnia of the Lakes. Alternatively, those taking the Dectus Cable Car to Altus Highlands can also descend from the western slope near Erde Tree View Mountain to reach Sage Cave. However, for those visiting this area for the first time, beware of the Elder Dragon Lansseax descending from the sky.

Raptor’s location in the Elden Ring

The interior of Sage’s Cave is unusually dark, so Tarnished should bring a flashlight or lantern to get inside. Additionally, the cave has significantly more ghost walls in its tunnels than a regular dungeon. Elden’s Ring, so adventurers should check any locations with a notable amount of player messages. From the Land of Grace, go down the initial tunnel and hit the Ghost Wall, revealing the first passage. When you reach a small waterfall, turn right and attack the wall to eliminate another ghost wall. Continue along the path until you reach a campfire guarded by a skeleton militia.

Continue through the tunnel until you reach the ledge behind the waterfall. Turn left, jump over the ridge and continue to the tunnel at the left end. Tap on the wall to open another hidden passage leading to a secret room with a skull mask and black raptor feathers Elden’s Ring.

Elden’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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