Dead By Daylight PTB 7.2.0 Latest Update, Patch notes, Gameplay, And More.

Dead by Daylight PTB 7.2.0 latest update

The latest update to Dead by Daylight Public Beta Build (PTB) version 7.2.0 introduces a series of exciting changes and new features to the game. Here’s a detailed overview of what players can expect from this update:

Release Schedule: PTB begins July 5 at 11am ET.

Progress and Save Data Transfer: Player progress and save data in Live games were copied to the PTB servers on June 26, 2023. However, any progress made during the PTB will not be transferred to the Live version of the game.

July Developer Update: To fully understand the changes in this update, players can refer to the July Developer Update for more details.

Feedback and Bug Reporting: Players are encouraged to provide feedback and report PTB-related bugs in the designated section, as the developers will actively monitor and resolve these issues throughout the testing phase.



  • Disconnected survivors will be replaced by robots.
  • New perks for robots include drama and plot twists.

user interface:

  • The consent popup now appears earlier.
  • New character portraits for survivors and killers.
  • Visual enhancements to store logos and new items in all menus.


New Survivor – Nicolas Cage:

  • Introducing new perks: drama, scene partners and plot twists.

Additional toolbox updates:

  • A new toolbox add-on called “Brand New Parts” has been introduced, which modifies the cost of toolbox repair operations and generators.

Killer Benefit Update:

  • Existing Slayer perks such as Critical Strike, Claustrophobia, Executioner’s Trick, Territory Command, Remember Me, Hex: Crowd Control, and Trails of Torment have been tweaked and updated.

Survivor Benefits Update:

  • Survivor perks such as Prove Yourself, We Will Live Forever, Explode Mines, Wiretapping, Saboteur, Clairvoyance, Breach, Buckle Up, Crushing Blow, and Chill the Spine have been tweaked and updated.

Level design:

  • Maps such as Broken Cowshed and Putrid Slaughterhouse have been rebalanced and modified, including layout changes and gameplay element improvements.
  • There have been some changes to the Cold Wind Farm area, including updates to the fence bricks and corn bricks.

This comprehensive update not only introduces new content, such as new survivors and killers, and their unique abilities and perks, but also includes tweaks to existing gameplay elements, UI enhancements, and map modifications. With the PTB 7.2.0 update, players can look forward to exciting new experiences in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight

“Dead by Daylight” is an online asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game developed by Canadian game studio Behavior Interactive. The game offers a unique gaming experience where players are divided into two roles: killer and survivor. The goals of the game are different for both sides.

Gameplay Overview: In Dead by Daylight, the core gameplay revolves around a one-on-four setting. One player assumes the role of the killer, while the other four players assume the role of the survivors. The game is set in a creepy atmosphere, creating a tense and suspenseful atmosphere for players.

Killer Role: Players who assume the role of a killer are tasked with hunting down and eliminating survivors. The Killer’s main goal is to capture each survivor and impale them on a sacrificial hook to appease an entity known as the Entity. The killer utilizes a variety of unique abilities and skills to track down and outwit survivors. Each killer has a unique play style and abilities, adding variety to the game.

Survivor Role: Four other players take on the role of survivors who must work together to repair generators scattered across the map. These generators power the exits, allowing survivors to escape the killer’s deadly clutches. Survivors must use wits, strategy, and teamwork to evade the killer, repair the generator, and ultimately escape the dangerous environment. The game encourages cooperation and communication among survivors to increase their chances of survival.

Release Platform: Dead by Daylight was originally released on Windows in 2016, followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions in 2017. The game’s availability expanded further, releasing on Nintendo Switch in 2019, followed by Android, iOS, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X/S in 2020. The game’s ongoing updates and expansions contribute to its wide availability across platforms.

Publishing and Development: Originally published by Swedish studio Starbreeze Studios from 2016 to 2018, publishing rights were later acquired by Behavior Interactive. Italian company 505 Games is responsible for publishing the Nintendo Switch version of the game, while Austrian company Deep Silver is responsible for physical copies of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions.

Reception and Success: Dead by Daylight received mixed reviews upon its initial release. While some critics praised its unique asymmetrical gameplay and tense atmosphere, others had reservations about certain aspects of the game. However, the game’s commercial success is self-evident, as it already has a massive player base of over 50 million players. Its regular updates, expansions, and engaging gameplay have contributed to its longevity and continued popularity.

Film Adaptation: The success of “Dead by Daylight” spurred the development of film adaptations. Blumhouse Productions and Atomic Monster Productions are teaming up to bring the game’s intense horror experience to the big screen. This adaptation aims to capture the essence of the game’s suspenseful gameplay and transform it into a cinematic experience.

All in all, Dead by Daylight stands out as a unique multiplayer horror game that offers players an engaging and tense gaming experience. With its unique characters, gameplay mechanics, and availability on multiple platforms, the game was a huge commercial success and has become a staple of the survival horror genre.


Dead by Daylight PTB 7.2.0 Patch Notes

Bug fixes


  • VHS now aligns correctly in survivors’ hands when facing Onryo.


  • Survivors now scream in agony when struck by Deadshot’s harpoon.


  • Bots are now more likely to function within a terror radius.
  • Robots’ behavior when facing fellow killers such as Nemesis’ zombies or Knight’s guards has been improved.
  • The robot no longer attempts to confuse the killer by crouching and walking during a chase.
  • Bots now investigate supply crates more frequently.
  • Bots can now communicate telepathically to avoid having multiple bots running at the same time to heal or disengage survivors.
  • The reverse bear trap no longer causes the robot to freeze when the exit door is open.


  • Exploding mine notifications no longer appear after a delay.
  • The cooldown for “Playing with Food” is no longer displayed in the HUD when undetectable.


  • Steam will no longer cancel existing lobbies when experiencing network issues.

user interface

  • The “Match found” message will no longer appear during the matching process. Instead, the UI will go directly from Search Matches to Join Matches.
  • Shows remaining time when hovering over a character item in the store.
  • Fixed an issue where robot loadout slots were grayed out when no equipment was equipped.


  • Fixed an issue that could result in incorrect Killer abilities appearing in the loadout menu, blocking equipment add-ons.
  • Disconnected players can no longer watch the game they disconnected from.

Known issues

  • We are aware of and are addressing an issue where the killer could become trapped in a pallet or climb on top of the pallet in the Crow’s Nest Killer Hut.

Click here for the full patch notes.

Dead by Daylight PTB 7.2.0 Gameplay

Dead by Daylight offers a unique and intense asymmetrical gameplay experience where one player takes on the role of the killer and the other four players become the survivors. The game features a variety of experiments, each set in a different eerie and atmospheric environment. Game mechanics create tension, strategy, and suspense as both sides strive to achieve their goals.

Survivor Gameplay: The goal of the survivors is to escape justice by repairing the generator and electrifying the exit. There are usually seven generators in a trial, and survivors need to repair five of them to activate the exit gate. The process of repairing the generator involves a skill check, and the player must press designated buttons at the right time to avoid triggering a noisy alarm that could attract the killer.

Survivors can move around the map by sprinting, walking, crouching, or crawling. To avoid detection by the killer, survivors must hide, break sight, and use the environment to their advantage. They can jump over obstacles to put distance between themselves and the killer, or drop pallets to temporarily block the killer’s path and buy them time to escape.

Throughout the trial, survivors can find and search chests containing valuables such as maps, keys, toolboxes, med kits, and flashlights. These items can help in a variety of ways, such as revealing the location of a generator, helping track down a killer, or speeding up actions such as healing or repair.

Killer Gameplay: The goal of the Killer is to hunt down and eliminate the survivors by impaling them with hooks. Killers possess unique powers or abilities that set them apart and enhance their gameplay. For example, some killers can become invisible, sprint quickly, or set traps. Killers can attack survivors with weapons, damaging them and forcing them to move slower. A second attack incapacitates survivors and leaves them in a dying state.

The killer also has a “terror radius,” an area around them where survivors can hear a heartbeat that gets louder and louder as the killer approaches. Additionally, a red light known as a “red spot” is projected from the killer’s head in the direction they are facing, allowing survivors to predict their movements.

Hook and Sacrifice Mechanic: When the killer captures a survivor, they can impale them with a hook. If a survivor is impaled for the first time, they can try to escape, but the chance is low. If they are impaled again, they enter a struggling phase, trying to pass a skill check to resist the entity’s pull. If they are pierced a third time, they are sacrificed to the entity. Survivors can attempt to rescue stranded teammates, adding another layer of strategy to the game.

Endgame Crash: An “Endgame Crash” begins when certain conditions are met, such as an exit door being opened or certain events occurring. During this phase, a two-minute timer counts down. Survivors must escape within this time frame, and incapacitated or hooked survivors can extend the timer. If the timer runs out, remaining survivors will be forced to sacrifice.

All in all, Dead by Daylight offers an engaging gameplay experience where players must strategize, cooperate, and use their unique abilities to outwit their opponents. The tension between the killer’s pursuit and the survivor’s avoidance creates a tense atmosphere that keeps players engaged and tense throughout the trial. The combination of various killers with different abilities and survivors with different goals adds to the depth and playability of the game.

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