Dayz Update 1.55 Patch Notes – Version 1.22

Dayz Update 1.55 (Version 1.22)

Bohemia Interactive released a big update for DayZ on August 29th, called DayZ Update 1.55 (also known as version 1.22). This update is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It brings new bags, changes to backpacks, and other improvements.

In simple terms, the update adds new bags and animations, fixes various issues like crashes and weird gameplay stuff, and makes some changes to how bleeding, armor, and player actions work. It also adjusts how items appear in the game. You can read all the details in the DayZ Update 1.22 patch notes below.

Dayz Update 1.55 Patch Notes


  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • Sling Bag
  • Army Pouch
  • Canvas Bag
  • Leather Duffel Bag
  • Hip Pack
  • Craftable Drysack Bag
  • New animation and sound for activating the heat pack
  • White variant of the fingerless wool gloves
  • DLC section in the main menu


  • Fixed a server crash related to vehicle deletion
  • Car horns were not played when started outside of other players’ network bubble
  • Fixed a cause of the character and creatures movement giving the perception of micro-stutters at inconsistent but reliably high frame rate
  • Fixed an exploit to stand up from prone faster
  • Throwing an item into rivers/ponds/lakes would not produce a splash sound in deep water
  • Throwing an item into water would incorrectly play the sound at the bed of the water
  • The character was unable to enter some building entrances that were slightly above ground level
  • Players dying under water would not float up to the surface
  • Fixed a case of door animation desynchronization related to navmesh updates
  • The character name in the server browser was not displayed correctly in all cases
  • Fixed an exploit related to poison gas zone triggers 
  • When attempting to turn the car on with low fuel, the engine state between server and client would desynchronize
  • Actions that would hide items in hands would display the item to other players if they entered the network bubble after the action was started
  • AI were unable to enter the Livonia bunker
  • AI would not register open doors of the service hangar
  • It was not possible to detach the battery from a head torch looted from infected
  • Flares shot from the flare gun would produce a continuous sound when stuck in objects
  • The clerk infected looked too dark
  • Road flares would continue to burn for up to a minute even after reaching ruined state
  • Some weapon attachments were not registering hit impacts
  • Mining rocks with smaller tools did not play sounds
  • Destroyed fuel pumps would still yield gasoline
  • Washing hands with a water bottle did not have sounds
  • Certain can opening actions did not have sounds
  • Interrupting the washing hands action could result in a character glitch
  • Fixed several exploits to look through walls 
  • Several clothing items were missing their hitboxes
  • Camera was glitching when attempting to switch to prone in deep water
  • Bolts could get stuck in water
  • Crossbow bolts did not reflect their damage states correctly
  • It was not possible to shave while wearing the carnival mask
  • After removing a burlap sack from a player’s head, their hair could clip with their head gear
  • The red dot of the RVN Optic was not aligned with the center of the screen
  • If a dead body was skinned and quartered, bolts stuck in it would disappear
  • Attempting to treat another player’s wounds could result in false prompts to bandage yourself
  • Fixed several instances of items being held badly by the player
  • Fixed several instances of clothing items clipping
  • Fixed several building issues and exploits
  • Item widget would stay on the screen for the duration of hold actions 
  • While driving, the user would constantly get the item widget of the car prompted
  • Medieval helmets had inconsistent impact sounds when thrown
  • The crossbow did not have sounds when used in prone
  • The crossbow did not have sounds when dry shooting indoors
  • The reload sound of the crossbow was more quiet while moving
  • The thirst indication sound could overlap with the fever sound
  • The thirst sound was not being played while wearing a gas mask or helmet
  • Prison doors played the wrong sounds
  • Audio of certain doors was desynchronized 
  • The respawn timer was skipped as soon as the game was loaded
  • The reticle of the ATOG 6×48 optic was blurry on low graphics settings
  • Widgets connected to dead bodies were not static on the screen
  • An unconscious player could temporarily go into falling state and see their surroundings
  • Jumping while applying a gag bugs the rag
  • It was possible to access the inventory while blindfolded after waking up from unconsciousness
  • Deployed fence kits could block ladder exits 
  • The audio effect of the flash grenade would persist after respawn if the player was killed during it
  • Certain car wreck doors wouldn’t open in all cases 
  • Despawned fireplaces could still cause damage to players at their position
  • It was possible to collapse the hand slot container in the inventory
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed auto-rolling
  • Ambient sounds were missing after relogging while alt-tabbing in the Livonia underground
  • It was possible to warm up pills and split them
  • It was possible to bypass travel/server hop spawns by logging off on a ladder 
  • The player could cancel the stagger animation from a heavy hit by jumping 
  • The cursor could get stuck on the screen in certain cases 
  • It was possible to throw two-handed weapons through walls if standing too close to them
  • Some ambient sounds were missing in the amusement parks
  • When joining the game without a microphone plugged in, it was not possible hear other players’ voice chat
  • When joining the game without a microphone plugged in, proximity chat messages were not received
  • Changing voice level would not function as intended if no microphone was enabled/connected
  • It was not possible to arm improvised explosives on the first attempt 


  • Balanced gear armor values against melee weapons
  • Balanced damage caused by melee weapons and infected
  • Blunt melee weapons now inflict significantly more shock damage than health damage
  • Sharp melee weapons now inflict significantly more health damage than shock damage
  • The chance of suffering bleeding now both depends on the weapon/infected type, as well as protective clothing
  • Certain low tier sharp weapons will no longer cause push-back even when using heavy attack.
  • Chance of suffering bleeding is now based on weapons and armor
  • PBO data is now verified before entering the login queue (PC)
  • Added collisions for the player with dead bodies large animals
  • Reduced the weight of gas canisters 
  • Improved the fire geometry for several firearms
  • Improved the fire geometry of several weapon attachments
  • Improved sounds of explosives
  • Reduced the damage taken by belts from torso hits by 20 percent
  • Reduced surface noise when driving over specific surfaces 
  • Item widgets are no longer visible when blinded by a flash grenade or burlap sack
  • Updated the game credits
  • The in-game server browser now displays exact player numbers
  • Removed the column for slots in the server browser
  • Made the reception space in hospitals accessible
  • Infected can spawn with head torches again


  • Added: Missing armbands for new flag variants
  • Fixed: Fixed misaligned spawnpoints for various buildings
  • Changed: Reduced the amount of backpacks spawning on infected
  • Changed: Reduced amount of backpacks spawning in the world
  • Changed: Rebalanced spawning locations of backpacks
  • Changed: Reduced amount of tools that work as high tier weapons and increased their low tier counterparts
  • Changed: Gasoline Canisters no longer spawn with full gasoline
  • Changed: Gas Canisters no longer spawn with full gas
  • Changed: Power generator no longer spawns with full fuel


  • Added: Winning billboards of the BillboardZ competition
  • Added: Travel agency billboards


  • Fixed: A police event close to Brena was misplaced


  • Fixed: RPT header not being present when using -profiles= (PC)
  • Fixed: RPT command line print not working correctly when exceeding 1024 characters (PC)
  • Fixed: Very early calls of printing to RPT not being displayed (PC)
  • Fixed: Minor fix for logging of mounting/unmounting of BarbedWire to/from a Fence (PC)
  • Fixed: Firearm melee hits were not logged corectly 
  • Fixed: The orientation values in cfgundergroundtriggers.json did not function correctly 
  • Changed: Reintroduced the Logging of damage to dead bodies in the Admin logs 
  • Changed: all energy based items with a potential for energy quantity(Gas Canisters, Power Generator, Road Flares….) can now have energy value set through types.xml 


  • Added: server config for PC server now supports steamProtocolMaxDataSize, which enables larger packets, which can be used by servers with many mods to still show up in Launcher
  • Added: Users can now favorite a server from the Direct Connect window
  • Fixed: Launcher no longer displays a server as both offline and online in the FAVORITES tab (which would happen to certain steam accounts)
  • Fixed: Direct Connect window in Launcher was asking for “Server name or address” even though it only accepts the IP Address
  • Tweaked: All Launcher Server Browser tabs can now refresh simultaneously, and start refreshing upon Launcher startup
  • Tweaked: Server Browser tabs no longer refresh automatically, the user must trigger a refresh manually
  • Tweaked: Direct Connect window now opens Mod Management Window instead of attempting to directly connect
  • Tweaked: Removed Slots column from Server browser section. Players column now displays exact player number on a server, in color
  • Tweaked: Filter button in Launcher is now highlighted in red
  • Deprecated: Password field has been removed from the Direct Connect window
  • Deprecated: Completely removed the legacy PLAY SG button from the Launcher
  • Deprecated: Show Official Servers filter has been removed from the Launcher due to redundancy with the official tab


  • Added: Invoker for trigger enter/leave events
  • Added: Invoker for entity EEKilled and EEHitBy events
  • Added: ‘DayZPhysics.GetHitSurfaceAndLiquid’ to get the liquid type of the hit surface
  • Added: Method ‘SoundObject.UpdateVariables(array)’ to update the variables of a soundset while it is playing
  • Added: ‘SoundObjectBuilder.AddVariables
  • Added: Human::CheckFreeSpace exposed to scripts
  • Added: Accessor methods for the parent entity of a SoundObject
  • Added: Accessor methods for the speed of a SoundObject
  • Added: ‘AbstractWave.SetDoppler’ to enable or disable the doppler effect on sounds
  • Added: Script methods to get the current object texture/material
  • Added: ‘DayZPlayerImplement.IsAlreadyInFallingCommand’ to block falling command from starting
  • Added: ‘World.UpdatePathgraphDoorByAnimationName’ for updating states of doors on entities that aren’t a house
  • Added: ‘soundSpeedAppliesToHit’ for CfgAmmo to enable sound fall off on hit surfaces
  • Added: Basic config defines are now available in the built pbo as hpp file that can be included in any custom config
  • Added: Accessor for detecting if the player is teleported during login through ‘Hive.CharacterIsLoginPositionChanged’
  • Added: ‘ButtonWidget.GetText(out string)’ to get the set non-localized text
  • Added: ‘EntityAI.RegisterNetSyncVariableObject’ to synchronize an object by its network id
  • Added: ‘UUIDApi’ for generating and formatting a 128bit universally unique identifier 
  • Added: RandomBool() func.
  • Added: Config parameter “collidesWithCharacterOnDeath” on DayZPlayer and DayZCreature to enable if either entity collides with the player when dead
  • Added: ‘ScriptCaller.Equals’ and ‘ScriptCaller.IsValid’ methods
  • Fixed: Human::CanChangeStance – parameter newStance has raised hands flag now
  • Fixed: Having code in the body of UIScriptedMenu.Cleanup would cause an infinite loop in script for UIScriptedMenu created and managed by script
  • Fixed: Triggers will now sync their shape over network
  • Fixed: Triggers will now automatically refresh themselves when setting a new shape
  • Fixed: Debug shapes could crash the game under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Window couldn’t be resized after the window was maximized while CLI ‘-resizeable’ was used
  • Fixed: ScriptCallQueue.GetRemainingTime and ScriptCallQueue.GetRemainingTimeByName returning values of removed funcs 
  • Changed: A ‘CONTACT’ event is now fired for ‘InventoryItem’ when the origin of the entity is submerged in water
  • Changed: ‘Car.GetFluidFraction’ now returns the quantized amount with 8 bits of precision
  • Changed: ‘AbstractWave.SetPosition’ now contains 2nd default argument for setting the velocity
  • Changed: In-Game menu will appear on launch if the window isn’t focused 
  • Changed: Player identity is now applied before player object loading
  • Changed: Moved ‘string.Get’ and ‘string.Set’ to native for slight performance improvement
  • Changed: RPT warning “‘/’ is not a value” has been changed to “Trying to access error value.” for more clarity
  • Deprecated: ‘SoundObjectBuilder.SetVariable’ in favor of the more appropriately named ‘SoundObjectBuilder.AddVariable’
  • Deprecated: ‘SoundObjectBuilder.UpdateEnvSoundControllers’ in favor of the more appropriately named ‘SoundObjectBuilder.AddEnvSoundVariables’


  • Pressing the R-key after emptying a magazine can result in weapon desynchronization – a fix is undergoing internal testing


Dayz Overview

DayZ is a game where you play with others to survive. It was made by a company called Bohemia Interactive. They started with a mod for another game called Arma 2, and then they made DayZ into its own game. After five years of testing on computers, it officially came out in December 2018. Then, it came to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019.

In the game, you find yourself in a pretend place called Chernarus, kind of like a made-up country after the Soviet Union. There’s a strange sickness that’s turned most people into violent “infected.” You play as a survivor who has to search for food, water, weapons, and medicine. You also have to deal with the infected and other players who might help you or fight you to stay alive.

They also added a new made-up place called Livonia from another game called Arma 3 in later updates.

DayZ started being made in 2012 when the mod’s creator, Dean Hall, joined Bohemia Interactive to make the game all on its own. They had to change the game’s insides to make it work right, like how it connects to the internet and adding new things like sickness and a better way to manage your stuff. The game sold over three million copies while it was still being tested.

Dayz Gameplay

In DayZ, the main goal is to survive in a world where there are lots of zombies. You start the game near the coast with very basic things like simple clothes, a glow stick, a piece of bandage, and some fruit. Your job is to explore a big area that’s like a pretend country called Chernarus, which is about 87 square miles in size. You go into places like houses and barns to find things like food and water, which you really need to stay alive.

Besides staying alive, you can also find different clothes to wear, which can hold more stuff and keep you warm. There are also weapons you can find to protect yourself from zombies and other players if you have to. Some weapons are for hitting things up close, and some are guns with extras like silencers and scopes.

Sometimes, things happen in the game like helicopter crashes or poison gas areas, which make you sick and might even make you pass out or die if you don’t get out of there and find medicine. You can wear a special suit and mask to protect yourself from the gas. Talking to other players is a big part of the game. You can talk to them using your voice or by typing messages. You can also use gestures like waving or showing your hands to say you’re not a threat.

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