CS 2 Console Commands List: Best CS2 Console Commands

CS 2 console command list

  1. fps_max 0: This console command allows you to remove all fps limits, allowing unlimited frames per second. You can also set a specific frame rate limit by replacing “0” with the desired value (such as 60 or 144).
  2. Sensitivity [value]: This command allows you to adjust mouse sensitivity to your liking. replace ‘[value]’ Use your desired sensitivity setting.
  3. Disconnect: Use this command to quickly disconnect from your server. It’s convenient for quickly leaving a match or server, whether you want to reconnect or queue up for another match.
  4. quit: This command immediately closes the entire game without any confirmation prompt. This is a quick way to exit the game completely.
  5. cl_showfps: By entering this command, you can display the FPS (frames per second) counter in the upper left corner of the screen, along with the name of the map you are currently playing.
  6. cq_netgraph: This command displays technical details such as frame rate, connection quality, etc. Note that in some games or versions this command may be named “net_graph” instead of “cq_netgraph”.
  7. clear: When you use this command, it clears all text in the developer console, providing a clean state for entering new commands or viewing console output.

Crosshair console commands:

  1. cl_crosshaircolor [value]: This command changes the color of the crosshair. You can select a value between 1 and 4 for the predefined color.

  2. cl_crosshaircolor 5: Allows you to set a custom color for the crosshairs. Set the desired RGB values ​​using: cl_crosshaircolor_r [value]cl_crosshaircolor_g [value]cl_crosshaircolor_b [value].

  3. cl_crosshairstyle [1-4]: This console command changes the style of the crosshair. Different styles offer different visual options.

  4. cl_crosshairthickness [value]: Adjust the thickness of the crosshairs to your liking.

  5. cl_crosshairgap [value]: Change the gap between different crosshairs, allowing precise customization.

Interface console command:

  1. HUD_zoom [value]: Allows you to scale the game’s HUD. You can make it smaller using a value between 0.5 and 0.95 to minimize interference.
  2. cl_drawhud 0: Remove HUD in CS2. Useful for taking screenshots or creating a minimalist gaming experience. Note that cheats (sv_cheats 1) need to be enabled for this to work.
  3. cl_reload_hud: This command reloads the HUD scale and resets all scale and borders to their default settings.
  4. mute [name]: Mute specific Steam users during voice communication. Alternatively, use voice_mute all to mute all players, which can be helpful in critical situations.
  5. Voice unmute [name]: Unmute a previously muted Steam user. You can also unmute all players using voice_unmute all.

Practice console commands:

  1. Start warm-up map [map name]: Launch a specific map in warm-up mode for practice.
  2. map [map name]: Load the specified map for practice or exploration.
  3. sv_cheats 1: Enables cheat mode, allowing you to use various console commands marked as cheats. These commands are only available in custom games and private servers, so there is no risk of being banned.
  4. noclip: Allows you to fly and pass through walls and floors, which is useful for map exploration and learning.
  5. Kill: Instantly kills your character, useful for quick respawns during practice.
  6. mp_c4 timer [seconds]: Determines the time it takes for a C4 (bomb) to explode after arming.
  7. bot_add_ct: Adds anti-terrorist bots to the game.
  8. bot_add_t: Adds a scary robot to the game.
  9. bot_stop 1: Stops all robots in the game from moving, useful for target practice or controlled scenarios.
  10. bot_place: Places the bot exactly where you are looking so you can practice engagements and placement.
  11. bot_crouch: Forces all bots to assume a crouched position, useful for practicing crouching shots and boosts.
  12. Kick [player name]: Remove the specified player from the game.

These console commands provide a wide range of customization options for improving your gaming experience, experimenting with crosshair settings, and enhancing your training sessions in Counter-Strike 2. Remember to use cheats responsibly and in compliance with the game rules and settings.

How to enable console in CS2?

To enable the console in CS2, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game and enter the main menu.

  2. Navigate to the “Games” tab in the in-game settings.

  3. Look for a setting called “Enable Developer Console (~)”.

  4. Change this setting to Yes or Enabled.

  5. After making this change, you can access the console at any time during gameplay by pressing the “~” or “`” key (usually located in the upper left corner of your keyboard).


Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter with objective-based gameplay. In this game, two opposing teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, employ various game modes to complete specific missions. These tasks can include securing sites where bombs are planted or defused, or protecting and rescuing hostages.

At the end of each round, players earn in-game currency based on their individual performance. This currency can be used to purchase more powerful weapons and equipment in subsequent rounds. Winning rounds can provide higher monetary rewards than losing, and completing objectives such as eliminating enemy players can add cash rewards to the player’s bankroll.

However, engaging in uncooperative behavior, such as intentionally harming teammates, will result in in-game penalties.

Counter-Strike Overview

First published date



Microsoft Windows


Source 2


Tactical shooting game


valve company


valve company

Counter-Strike 2 gameplay

CS2 retains much of the familiar gameplay from its predecessor, CS:GO, while introducing changes ranging from subtle to substantial to take full advantage of the Source 2 engine’s capabilities. Some noteworthy features and updates include:

Graphic enhancements:

  • Source 2 tools support NVIDIA’s real-time ray tracing technology and its low-latency buffering technology, Reflex.

Smoke volume:

  • Smoke grenades are now rendered volumetrically, allowing them to adapt to and interact with their surroundings.
  • Lighting changes: Spotlights are no longer visible through smoke, and ambient lighting can illuminate specific areas within smoke and cast shadows.
  • Bullets fired into smoke can create small holes, allowing players to spot enemies within the smoke. This introduces new tactical possibilities and increases the risk of junk smoke.
  • The explosion of a high-explosive grenade can temporarily disperse smoke, allowing players to gain brief visibility. This allows players to strategically throw high-explosive grenades from a distance to assist teammates, or underarm throws into nearby smoke.

“Sub-Tick” technology:

  • CS2 uses “sub-ticking” technology, which is designed to forward information that occurs between different ticks as time values ​​to the server for interpretation.

These enhancements and changes in CS2 are designed to improve the gaming experience by leveraging advanced graphics, dynamic smoke interactions, and innovative server-side technology, while staying true to the core gameplay that fans of the Counter-Strike series love.

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