Casting Taylor Swift In The MCU: 10 Marvel Characters Perfect For The Pop Icon


  • Pop sensation Taylor Swift has been heavily rumored to be joining the MCU in an upcoming project.
  • Taylor Swift’s previous acting experience is small, but very varied, meaning she would be great for a number of roles in the MCU.
  • Taylor Swift has been rumored to portray either Dazzler or Blonde Phantom in the MCU, but she could also bring the likes of Mockingbird, American Dream, Songbird, or Crystal, among others, to life.



Several iconic Marvel Comics characters would be a perfect match for Taylor Swift in the MCU, following recent speculation that the pop icon will be joining Marvel Studios’ ever-growing superhero franchise. Since the release of her debut album, Taylor Swift, in 2006, the eponymous Swift has become one of the world’s best-selling artists and one of the most influential celebrities on Earth. While her musical talents have seen her go from country star to pop sensation, Taylor Swift’s break into acting has been a much slower process, though this could soon culminate in Taylor Swift being cast in the MCU.

Aside from her countless music videos, Taylor Swift made her acting debut in 2009, portraying Haley Jones in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She also made an appearance as Elaine in New Girl, but has also made the move to feature films, having starred in projects such as Valentine’s Day, The Lorax, The Giver, Cats, and Amsterdam. Swift’s acting portfolio may currently be small, but her variety of roles in comedies, dramas, thrillers, and musicals means she has the range to pull off a complex superpowered role in the MCU, and speculation suggests Taylor Swift could join the MCU very soon.

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10 Bobbi Morse’s Mockingbird

Mockingbird May Have Already Been Teased In The MCU


While Adrianne Palicki portrayed Bobbi Morse’s Mockingbird in Marvel Television’s Agents of SHIELD, and Linda Cardellini’s Laura Barton, Hawkeye’s wife, has been teased to be Agent 19 in the MCU proper, Mockingbird hasn’t actually debuted in the MCU fully. This creates the opportunity for Taylor Swift to debut as the steadfast SHIELD agent, providing the popstar with a powerful role in the MCU. Bobbi Morse was introduced to Marvel Comics as a supporting character and eventual love-interest to Ka-Zar, but Marvel’s Tarzan hasn’t yet appeared in the MCU.

Since 2021’s Hawkeye suggested that Laura Barton is the MCU’s Mockingbird, it seems unlikely that Taylor Swift will assume this role. However, Swift’s blonde hair is strikingly reminiscent of Bobbi Morse’s in Marvel Comics, and this could provide Swift with the opportunity to portray a more action-based character than she has previously, perhaps even allowing SHIELD to be reborn in the MCU.

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9 Rita Wayword’s Spiral

Spiral Works For A Terrifying Villain In Marvel Comics

Spiral attacking in Marvel Comics

While Taylor Swift being cast as Mockingbird may seem unlikely, it’s more possible that the singer could bring a character into the franchise who has never been adapted for live-action before. This could include Rita Wayword’s Spiral, a villain-turned-hero from Marvel Comics who was introduced as the lieutenant to the supervillain Mojo. Spiral recently returned in Marvel Animation’s X-Men ’97, so it would be great to see the character imagined for the live-action MCU, and Taylor Swift would be great in the role.

Casting Taylor Swift as Spiral would enable her to show off some darker sides that fans haven’t seen before. Spiral is a complex and layered character, who eventually joins an X-Force team led by Storm, so this could set Swift up for a lengthy career in the MCU. This would plant Swift firmly in the MCU’s upcoming X-Men storylines, which is an exciting prospect for the singer-come-actor.

Shape-shifting X-Men member Morph transformed into Spiral in X-Men ’97 season 1, episode 3, “Fire Made Flesh,” before the villain herself appeared in episode 4’s first half, “Motendo.”

8 Illyana Rasputina’s Magik

Magik Could Be Crucial To The MCU’s X-Men Team

Magik with a disc in Marvel Comics

Previously portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy in 2020’s The New Mutants, the final film in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise, Illyana Rasputina’s Magik is the younger sister of prominent X-Men member Colossus and X-Men adversary Mikhail Rasputin. Magik would present Taylor Swift with an incredibly powerful role in the MCU, as her time imprisoned in Limbo saw her become one of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful sorcerers. This is also a role of two halves, allowing Swift to challenge her acting abilities brilliantly.

While one version of Illyana Rasputina is the hero Magik, another version marks her transformation into the demonic Darkchilde. This double persona would allow Taylor Swift to show a huge range of emotion, vulnerability, and strength as Illyana, though she may already be too old to portray Colossus’ younger sister in the MCU, especially if Marvel Studios introduces the X-Men team as young heroes in their first projects.

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7 Shannon Carter’s American Dream

American Dream Could Be A Brilliant Captain America Replacement

Shannon Carter as American Dream in Marvel Comics

While Sharon Carter’s MCU story as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Power Broker has caused some confusion, Marvel Studios now has the perfect opportunity to expand her family tree even further. Introducing Taylor Swift as Shannon Carter would do just this, as she is Sharon Carter’s niece. This would continue Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter’s legacy in the MCU, while bringing in another Captain America-like hero following John Walker and Sam Wilson’s run as the star-spangled man-with-a-plan.

Shannon Carter comes from an alternate future universe in Marvel Comics, so would work perfectly in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga. In her world, Carter idolized Captain America growing up, and was eventually inspired to become a superhero herself, adopting the moniker American Dream. Taylor Swift’s all-American persona would fit this hero perfectly, and this would gift her only a small role, meaning she wouldn’t have to commit to spending years in the MCU.

American Dream is a member of A-Next in Marvel Comics, an alternate universe’s version of the Avengers, and also led the Dream Team.

6 Alicia Masters

Alicia Masters Is Crucial To The Fantastic Four’s Storylines


In recent months, major casting announcements have been revealed for Marvel Studios’ upcoming The Fantastic Four reboot, but the casting for the role of Alicia Masters hasn’t yet been confirmed. Alicia Masters is a crucial supporting character for the Fantastic Four in Marvel Comics, as a love-interest and eventual wife to Ben Grimm’s Thing, and a pivotal character in explaining human emotions to the Silver Surfer. This would be a great role for Taylor Swift to assume in the MCU.

As a supporting character, Alicia Masters may not appear in all of the Fantastic Four’s upcoming MCU adventures, which would allow Taylor Swift to jump in and out depending on what her music career demands. This would also allow Swift to bring her gentle and compassionate approach into the MCU, as Alicia Masters embodies these traits. This could allow Swift to join one of the MCU’s most exciting upcoming casts.

Shortly after Natasha Lyonne’s casting in The Fantastic Four in May 2024, many suspected she could be cast as Alicia Masters opposite Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s Ben Grimm, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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5 Karla Sofen’s Moonstone

Moonstone Could Debut During Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts*

Moonstone in costume in Marvel Comics

Regarded as one of Marvel Comics’ most significant and powerful female supervillains, Karla Sofen’s Moonstone – later known as Meteorite and Ms. Marvel – would be a fantastic role for Taylor Swift in the MCU. The foundations for Moonstone’s debut have already been laid, as she received her impressive abilities after fusing with a Kree gravity stone, which made her a perfect fit in Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil, who masqueraded as the heroic Thunderbolts. This could see Swift debut as Moonstone as early as 2025’s Thunderbolts*.

Sofen’s time operating as one of the Thunderbolts saw her transform into an anti-hero, leaving her villainous past behind. Moonstone is a complex character, as she constantly battles with her shifting loyalties and sometimes-questionable moral decisions, which could provide Taylor Swift with a huge amount of opportunity in the MCU’s future, as Moonstone could appear in a number of different MCU superhero teams.

Karla Sofen became the new Ms. Marvel when she joined Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers during Marvel Comics’ Dark Reign event, which has been speculated to be adapted in the MCU’s future.

4 Melissa Gold’s Songbird

Songbird’s Ability Fits Taylor Swift Perfectly

Songbird in full costume in Marvel Comics

If not Moonstone, Taylor Swift could portray another powerful member of Marvel Comics’ original Thunderbolts team, Songbird. Melissa Gold was originally depicted as a supervillain and former wrestler who uses a throat implant to enable her to create solid sound constructs and fire sonic beams. Songbird’s emphasis on using sound as a weapon would fit popstar Taylor Swift perfectly, and this could see her embark on a similar villain-to-hero redemption arc as the likes of Scarlet Witch and Nebula.

After beginning her career as a villain, Songbird changed her perspective during her time with the Thunderbolts. Eventually, she even joined the Mighty Avengers, meaning casting Taylor Swift as Songbird would allow her to embark on a true transformative journey over several years in the MCU. This would create an immense boost to Swift’s acting career, and would allow her to put her singing skills to the test as a superhero.

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3 Crystal

Crystal Can Bring Inhumans Into The MCU Proper

Crystal as an Inhuman in Marvel Comics

After Anson Mount reprised his role of Black Bolt in 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s possible that Marvel Studios could be about to reintroduce Inhumans into live-action. This creates the opportunity for Taylor Swift to be cast as any number of exciting superpowered characters, but Crystal may be the perfect casting for the singer-come-actor. Crystal’s ability to control elemental powers makes her a formidable hero in the Marvel Universe, and her connection to the Fantastic Four means she could appear very soon.

While it wasn’t permanent, Crystal’s relationship with Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, was one of Marvel Comics’ most notable partnerships. Joseph Quinn has been cast as the Human Torch in the MCU’s The Fantastic Four reboot, and since him and Taylor Swift aren’t too far apart in age, casting Swift as Crystal could be an inspired choice, finally bringing Inhumans into the MCU proper.

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2 Louise Grant Mason’s Blonde Phantom

Taylor Swift Has Been Rumored To Be The Blonde Phantom

Blonde Phantom doing spy stuff in Marvel Comics

Recent speculation suggests that the mysterious Scarlett Johansson-produced project in the works at Marvel Studios could be a project focused on Louise Grant Mason, a.k.a. the Blonde Phantom. While this hasn’t been confirmed, this could be perfect for Taylor Swift, as the singer has the gifts to portray this classic Marvel Comics hero. Aside from looking strikingly similar to the Blonde Phantom, Swift’s role in David O. Russell’s 2022 movie Amsterdam may have gifted her the best experience to play the Blonde Phantom.

The Blonde Phantom was one of Marvel Comics’ original superheroines, and despite having no superhuman abilities, was a skilled fighter, expert hand-to-hand combatant, and high-level athlete. This allowed her to become one of the most exciting classic crime-fighters, and it would be great to see Taylor Swift embody this strong female hero in the live-action MCU, particularly if Scarlett Johansson is at the helm of the project.

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1 Ali Blaire’s Dazzler

Dazzler Is The Perfect Character For Taylor Swift In The MCU


While any number of these iconic roles would be perfect for Taylor Swift, the most popular theories surrounding Swift’s potential MCU casting have suggested she could play Alison “Ali” Blaire, a.k.a. the mutant Dazzler. In Marvel Comics, Dazzler is herself a global pop superstar, as well as being a mutant superhero with the ability to transform sound waves into light. Dazzler is the most spot-on casting choice for Taylor Swift, and rumors posit she could debut incredibly soon.

After being seen hanging around with Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and director Shawn Levy during the production of 2024’s upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine​​​​​​​, Taylor Swift became the subject of speculation. As a mutant, Dazzler fits seamlessly into Deadpool & Wolverine’s mutant-focused storyline, and Swift may have even teased this role in her most recent album. This means that Taylor Swift could be joining the MCU as the superstar hero Dazzler very soon.

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