Casting Margot Robbie’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Crew: 10 Actors Who Would Be Perfect


  • The
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    spinoff starring Margot Robbie will presumably introduce a new pirate crew.
  • If Robbie is playing the captain, Emma D’Arcy and Zoë Kravitz would be great choices to play her senior officers.
  • Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet, and Walker Scobell could bring much-needed fresh dynamics to the franchise’s story.



Jerry Bruckheimer recently offered insight into the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, including a spinoff starring Margot Robbie, begging the question of who will form the cast of Robbie’s pirate crew. The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is a massively successful, quintessential series of summer blockbusters that kicked things off with the surprise smash hit of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003. Yet a Pirates of the Caribbean movie not starring Johnny Depp is a major departure from the tradition of the series.

However, the steady decline in the movies’ quality — with the most recent installments generally being considered the worst Pirates of the Caribbean movies — illustrates how a new concept like this spinoff is needed. It can be broadly assumed that Robbie’s character will be a part of a new pirate crew, with characters filling the roles that are occasionally mentioned in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (first mate, bosun, etc.). Additionally, Robbie has suggested that her spinoff will feature more female characters than previous installments, saying (via Deadline) it would be “more of a female-led — not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story […].”

8 Reasons Why Margot Robbie’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinoff Is More Exciting Than POTC 6

Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff has the potential to be much better than a regular sequel, offering more exciting narrative ideas.

10 Captain — Margot Robbie

Robbie could play a charismatic pirate captain to rival Jack Sparrow.


Of course, Bruckheimer’s promising update about the Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff revolves around the fact that Oscar-nominated blockbuster lead Margot Robbie is starring in it. Robbie has played her fair share of wild, eccentric characters akin to Jack Sparrow, namely Harley Quinn and Barbie. However, she is nothing if not a versatile, talented actress who can create nuanced personas and could portray a pirate captain who, while outlandish, is still intelligent and driven.

Because no hard story details have been revealed yet, it is not known what Robbie’s character is in the Pirates of the Caribbean world. She could be another kidnapped damsel-turned-pirate like Kiera Knightley’s Elizabeth Swann or an average law-abiding citizen thrust into an unlikely alliance with a pirate crew like Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner. However, Robbie certainly has the magnetism to play a pirate captain capable of leading the franchise, while the story idea is extremely marketable and would break away from the franchise’s overused formula.

9 First Mate — Emma D’Arcy

D’Arcy’s serious performance would balance out an energetic captain.


The first mate is the captain’s second-in-command, and in most fictional examples, serves as a narrative foil to the captain.

Like Robbie, Emma D’Arcy can cut an intriguing, larger-than-life figure that would be at home in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise of melodramatic personalities. However, D’Arcy is primarily known for a more understated version of this character framework, playing the dramatic, wise, and harsh-minded Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon. As Rhaenyra, D’Arcy has a gravitas that makes them the center of every scene, showcasing Rhaenyra’s steely determination and her potential to become everyone’s worst nightmare.

The first mate is the captain’s second-in-command, and in most fictional examples, serves as a narrative foil to the captain. Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) was once Jack’s first mate and their drastically different personalities are fodder for comedy and conflict throughout the franchise. If Robbie is playing an upbeat captain, D’Arcy would be perfect to undercut her character as a first mate with a more pessimistic outlook and a more overtly deadly persona.

8 Quartermaster — Zoë Kravitz

Kravitz is the action heroine Disney’s newest pirate crew deserves.


Zoë Kravitz is no stranger to playing gritty action heroines, as demonstrated by movies such as The Batman and Mad Max: Fury Road. People who have watched Pirates of the Caribbean’s counterpart Black Sails are likely more familiar with the term “quartermaster” to refer to a ship’s second-in-command, as several major characters take on this role. The quartermaster is somewhat interchangeable with the first mate but is perhaps more associated with the duties of discipline and representing the crew’s interest to the captain in this context.

Disney favors the term “first mate” because the average person is more likely to understand it, but they could still cast two characters who narratively perform different roles, even if one or the other doesn’t have an official title. While D’Arcy would excel as a pirate characterized by being Robbie’s foil, Kravitz would be perfect as the more down-to-earth pirate seen conversing with the rest of the crew and considering their concerns. Additionally, Kravitz’s past characters have included practical and capable young women; her character could make the action sequences very interesting with a strategic outlook.

7 Bosun — Simu Liu

Liu demonstrates in Barbie that he could play a funny and capable pirate.


A couple of side characters have been credited as the bosun (or boatswain) in Pirates of the Caribbean (Isaac C. Singleton Jr. in Curse of the Black Pearl and Christopher Adamson in Dead Man’s Chest). The boatswain is responsible for maintenance of the ship, inspecting sails, rigging, etc. for any damage, and overseeing repairs. As far as casting this role, Disney is hopefully planning on bringing at least one of Robbie’s Barbie co-stars along for the ride, and Simu Liu would be a less-expected but perfect choice.

Liu is known for his action roles, having made an excellent MCU debut as Shang-Chi and recently starred alongside Jennifer Lopez in Atlas. Shang-Chi’s generally level-headed and calm personality illustrates how Liu could be a good bosun character, whose sensible nature is well-suited to making sure everything on board the ship is in working condition. However, Liu also showcases his comedic talents in Barbie, and someone has to help Robbie live up to Pirates of the Caribbean’s characteristic comedy.

6 Gunner — Florence Pugh

Pugh excels at playing a hilariously vicious action heroine.


The master gunner is in charge of maintaining a ship’s guns, canons, and ammunition. In Pirates of the Caribbean, this title would never need to be said outright, because it can just be a character who is far too trigger-happy and likes blowing things up. This is where Florence Pugh comes in, whose stellar MCU performance as the morbidly funny Yelena Belova shows her potential for this kind of dark comedy, blended with a character of great combative skill.

Pugh is a highly sought-after star due to her wide-ranging on-screen characterizations and overall talent, having scored an Oscar nomination for Little Women and been a part of other acclaimed titles. However, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Dune show how Pugh’s acting talents are easily transferable to action blockbusters. With Thunderbolts and potentially more MCU appearances coming up, she is still demonstrating interest in this genre and may consider joining Pirates of the Caribbean next.

Orlando Bloom's Will speaks to Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow as Kiera Knightley's Elizabeth looks on on a ship in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest
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From Jack’s origins to a villain-centric series, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies could have spawned countless potential spinoffs in their heyday.

5 Navigator — Cate Blanchett

Blanchett’s character could provide the pirate crew with direction.


While Robbie and her peers are relatively new to Hollywood, Pirates of the Caribbean’s history suggests that they are going to try for at least one veteran actor who has been a household name for decades. Cate Blanchett would be a valuable addition to the franchise, whose past roles (such as the great Galadriel) demonstrate how she could serve as a steady voice of mysterious wisdom among Robbie’s crew. It would be fitting for her to be given the more scholastic position of the ship’s navigator, responsible for handling maps and charting courses.

Blanchett has a veritable list of upcoming projects, several of which are at least hoping to be Oscars contenders. However, Blanchett has still appeared in several fun, family-friendly movies in recent years. Additionally, her persona as the cool criminal Lou in Ocean’s Eight could be repurposed for Pirates of the Caribbean, albeit in a period setting.

4 Surgeon — Timothée Chalamet

Chalamet would be a fascinating addition to the Pirates cast.


While they have yet to star in a movie together, Robbie and Timothée Chalamet are inextricably linked due to their respective association with director Greta Gerwig. It is impossible not to wonder what amusing dynamics he and Robbie could come up with on-screen together. Chalamet is also a repeat collaborator of Pugh’s and has starred in some recent blockbusters, in addition to his would-be Oscar nominees.

The ship’s surgeon or doctor would be the perfect role for Chalamet to play because he could turn it into something slightly leaning into the horror genre, influenced by Willy Wonka’s personality. It is a role that has never been given any attention in previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies and could add another layer of nuance to the story, illustrating the danger of the setting. However, Chalamet is another generally talented actor who could embody almost any character the producers want to create.

3 Cabin Boy — Walker Scobell

Scobell could succeed with this character where previous Pirates movies have failed.


A cabin boy is a typically younger member of the crew tasked with general chores and errands and could be an interesting Pirates of the Caribbean character. On Stranger Tides includes a character only credited as “cabin boy” (Robbie Kay) who has an oddly large role in the movie, given that he has no name. It seems like they wanted to do something with this character in the event that On Stranger Tides led to a new trilogy, but nothing ever came of it.

Walker Scobell recently gained attention for playing Percy Jackson, demonstrating his ability to star in an action franchise as a fun and sarcastic character. If Disney wants to take another shot at the cabin boy character, they should consider Scobell, who has experience working with brilliant actors such as Lance Reddick and Megan Mullally. With some workshopping, Scobell could establish equally interesting dynamics with Robbie’s character and the rest of the cast.

2 Cook — Taylor Zakhar Perez

Perez has the personality to live up to Long John Silver’s legacy.


If they are influenced at all by John Silver’s character, the cook would be one of the most amicable members of the crew.

Interestingly, Pirates of the Caribbean has never done anything with a character who serves as the cook on board a ship. The role is something anyone can understand and is imbued with a certain mythos in the context of the pirate genre, as it is the job pirate Long John Silver takes in Treasure Island to infiltrate the Hispaniola’s crew and lead a mutiny. If they are influenced at all by John Silver’s character, the cook would be one of the most amicable members of the crew.

Which means Taylor Zakhar Perez is certainly suited to the role. He is best known for his overall friendly characters in Red, White & Royal Blue and The Kissing Booth 2, but it would be great to see him in a new setting and genre, working with other acclaimed actors. Besides presumably being involved in the recently announced Red, White & Royal Blue 2, Perez has no upcoming projects; his fans would be pleased to see his career moving forward with a role in a major franchise.

Margot Robbie as Barbie wearing a pirate's hat with the Pirates of the Caribbean logo on it
Margot Robbie’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinoff Already Has 1 Major Obstacle To Overcome

Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff received a positive update; however, the movie already has one major obstacle to overcome.

1 Deckhand/General Crew Member — Vico Ortiz

Ortiz is an experienced pirate and a great actor in the making.


Vico Ortiz is a rising actor best known for another pirate property, the historical fiction comedy Our Flag Means Death. Their character Jim is practical and one of the Revenge crew’s most skilled fighters, but gets pulled into the silly pirate shenanigans like everyone else, especially during season 2. Fans still mourning Our Flag Means Death after its untimely cancellation would love to see a legacy for Jim’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The crew needs some general laborers and fighters, and not all the new characters have to have a specific job. Like many other actors with the potential to join Robbie’s crew, Ortiz would be able to portray a character who is funny, skilled, and a little bit scary. Fun characters like the ones they have played in the past have characterized Pirates of the Caribbean up until now — and while many things about the franchise need to change, this is not one of them.

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