Can You Solve this Math Puzzle? Equate 44-60÷5+2-16÷2=?

Can you solve this math puzzle? Equal to 44-60÷5+2-16÷2=?

Math puzzles like these allow you to use your problem-solving skills. They are designed to make you think carefully, review the information presented, and use mathematical rules to find answers.

Can you solve this math puzzle? Equal to 44-60÷5+2-16÷2=?

In the picture above, there is a puzzle. To solve this problem, you need to find the hidden pattern that controls its parts. But here’s the catch – you have to do it quickly! This challenge requires you to think quickly and analyze things in a short amount of time. To be successful, you have to pay close attention to details and look carefully at what’s in the picture.

This is a bit of a tricky challenge, so it’s best for people who are really smart and good at observing things. The ticking clock will make you even more excited as you start counting down. Getting better at solving this puzzle is valuable because it gives you skills that can help you in different aspects of your life. It not only improves your problem-solving skills, but also makes your thinking more flexible, which is useful in school, work and daily life.

Although the puzzle may seem difficult at first, your main goal is to find a solution that follows the rules and solve the puzzle. The next section explains in detail the specific details of this mathematical puzzle and the satisfying solution that awaits you.

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Can you solve this math puzzle? Equal to 44-60÷5+2-16÷2=?solution

This math puzzle is very difficult and we want you to try it and find the answer.

Can you solve this math puzzle? Equal to 44-60÷5+2-16÷2=?

In order to solve the expression 44 – 60 ÷ 5 + 2 – 16 ÷ 2, we need to follow the order of operations, also known as PEMDAS: parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division (from left to right) and addition and subtraction (from left to right) . First, we perform division: 60 ÷ 5 equals 12. Then we perform another division: 16 ÷ 2 equals 8. Now, we have the expression 44 – 12 + 2 – 8. Therefore, the solution of the expression 44 – 60 ÷ 5 + 2 – 16 ÷ 2 is 26.

And this solution is absolutely correct.


Calculate 150 ÷ ​​5 x 2 – 10=?

In this math challenge, we will continue to apply the order of operations (PEMDAS). First, we divide: 150 ÷ ​​5 equals 30. Then we multiply 30 by 2 to get 60. Finally, we subtract 10 from 60 to get the answer: 60 – 10 = 50.

Determine the value of 280 ÷ 7 x 4 – 12=?

For this math problem, we will stick to the order of operations. First, we divide: 280 ÷ 7 equals 40. Next, we multiply 40 by 4 to get 160. Finally, we subtract 12 from 160 to get the solution: 160 – 12 = 148.

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