Buddy Games Hosts, Release Date, Time, Cast, Prize Money And Where to Watch Buddy Games?

Friend game host

The host of Buddy Games is Josh Duhamel. Josh Duhamel is an actor, known for his roles in the Transformers franchise, Las Vegas, Haven, Love, Simon, There’s Something About Pam ” and “Shotgun Wedding” and other films. He is also the inspiration behind the show as he enjoys playing different competition-style games with his friends. So not only is he the show’s host, but he also has a deep connection to the show’s philosophy and spirit, making him the perfect person to lead the contestants through the challenges and adventures of the Buddy Games.


Friends game release date

The game show “Buddy Games” is set to premiere on CBS on Thursday, September 14th. It’s part of CBS’ 2023 fall TV lineup, which includes more reality shows and game shows, as a strike over a new labor deal with the studio continues. “Friends Games” will air on Thursday nights along with other popular shows. So mark your calendars for September 14th to watch the first episode of “Buddy Games.”

In the Friends Game, contestants come together in teams of four, and they are more than just friends; they are die-hard buddies who have met at different stages of their lives. They will gather at a beautiful lakeside location for what is called a summer camp adventure for adults. The show will have them compete in a series of fun and crazy physical and mental challenges while living in the same lake house. Their goal is to test the strength of their bond and friendship as they compete for championship titles, cash prizes, and the coveted Buddy Games trophy. So, get ready to watch friends come together for the ultimate test of friendship at Buddy Games on September 14th.


Friends play time

Buddy Games is scheduled to air on CBS and will premiere on Thursday, September 14th at 9pm ET/PT. This means viewers can tune into the show at specific times to catch all the action and excitement. The show is scheduled to air as part of CBS’s Thursday night slate, following other popular shows such as Big Brother Season 25 and The Challenge: America Season 2.

In Buddy Games, a team of four friends gather at a picturesque lakeside location for an adult summer camp adventure filled with wild physical and mental challenges. They’ll also live in the same lake house together, adding an extra layer of camaraderie and rivalry. As they face a variety of ridiculous challenges, friendships will be tested, rivalries will be ignited, and the final Buddy team will be crowned champions, earning cash prizes and the coveted Buddy Game trophy. So if you’re eager to watch friends bond and compete, be sure to tune in to “Buddy Games” on September 14 at 9 PM ET/PT.

Friend Game Bonus

Buddy Games offers prizes of up to $200,000. So much cash to grab! Hosted by actor Josh Duhamel, the competition series features six teams of four contestants each. They live in the same house and have to deal with various physical and mental challenges. End goal? Win an impressive $200,000 in prize money.

Each team goes head-to-head in various competitions, and the stakes are high. Teams that lose a certain game have to make a tough decision – they have to send one of their own members home. With so much at stake and so much competition, Buddy Games not only guarantees entertainment but also gives one team the chance to win a life-changing prize. So get ready for an exciting showdown as contestants compete for the coveted $200,000 prize in the Buddy Games.

Where can I watch friends play?

You can watch Buddy Games on CBS and Paramount+. The show premieres its first episode on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 9pm ET on CBS. The show airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on CBS. Each episode is about an hour long, and each episode features a big game where the losing team must send one of their members home.

If you are a Paramount+ with Showtime subscriber, you can also watch live episodes on the Paramount+ streaming service. For those with a Paramount+ Essential subscription, episodes will be available to watch online the day after they air on CBS. While the episode total and any potential schedule changes are currently unknown, based on current information, Buddy Games is scheduled to air on CBS on Thursday at 9 p.m. So whether you prefer to watch on CBS or Paramount+, you can choose to enjoy this exciting competition series.

What is Buddy Game?

“Buddy Games” is a television show where people compete in fun and challenging games. It’s like a big game where friends or teams of friends team up to participate in various exciting activities. The show is hosted by Josh Duhamel and will air on CBS.

Each team tries to outdo the other teams, and the winner receives a reward. It’s a show full of laughter, teamwork and friendly competition that’s thrilling and fun to watch for everyone. “

Friends Game Cast List




derby team

Los Angeles, California


Melissa Berglund

Los Angeles, California


Rachel Johnston


St. Gur “Shaggy” Plummer


Jackie “Shu” Shu


best in chicago

Chicago, Illinois


Melvin “Ray” Davis

Chicago, Illinois


David “Sergeant” Moore


Alice Rodriguez


Ikela “Kay” intelligence


Team pride

Portland, Oregon


Steven Mosier

Portland, Oregon


summer lynn season

Tigard, Oregon


Andrew Scheider

Lexington, Kentucky


Becca Truew

Seattle, Washington


Good team

Edmond, Oklahoma


Stephen Craig

Edmond, Oklahoma


James Bryan “Hardy” Hudson

Isle of Palms, South Carolina


Justin Palmer


Situ Yubin


beauty queen

Denver, Colorado


Lauren Cisneros Campbell

Denver, Colorado


Lourdes Spurlock

Harrisonburg, Virginia


Yolanda Stennett

white plains maryland


Erica Devi Devi Devi Shay Wall

Lorton, Virginia


philadelphia forever

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Anthony Franzo

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Erica Franzo


Louis “Freddie” Meyers IV


Mike Ward


Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is an American actor known for his films and television shows. He was born on November 14, 1972 in Minot, North Dakota, and is currently 50 years old. Before becoming an actor, he worked as a model, and his acting career began with the role of Leo du Pres in the TV series “All My Children”. He later played Danny McCoy in the TV show Las Vegas.

Josh Duhamel is best known for his role in the Transformers films, playing Captain William Lennox in several films. He has also appeared in several other films, such as “Win a Date with Ted Hamilton!” and “Safe Haven.” In addition to his film work, he has also appeared in TV series such as “Jupiter’s Legacy” and “11.22.63”. Josh Duhamel’s career spans film and television, making him a well-known actor in the entertainment industry.


Josh Duhamel Movies and TV Shows


TV show


all my children

Win a date with Ted Hamilton!

las vegas


Traveling through Jordan

Transformers: Revenge

Fanboy and Chum Chum


afghanistan bomb patrol

life as we know it

Jack and Neverland

Lunar New Year’s eve



battle creek

you are not you


Love, Simon

Los Angeles to Vegas

Capsize: Blood in the Water


think like a dog

Veronica Mars

Batman: The Long Halloween,

Jupiter’s legacy

first part

Love, Victor

Batman: The Long Halloween,

Blade Runner: Black Lotus

the second part

Something about Pam

animated night of the dead

The Mighty Duck: The Game


change maker

power failure

Marry with a son

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