Brain Teaser: 5×3=8 Move 2 Sticks To Fix The Equation | Matchstick Puzzles

Recently, brain teaser stick puzzles have attracted the interest of many people who are actively looking for engaging and interesting puzzles to solve. These puzzles have become a popular and fascinating topic. Essentially, matchstick puzzles fall into the category of rearrangement puzzles. In these puzzles, you are tasked with manipulating the position of matchsticks to achieve a specific outcome, which usually involves forming a valid equation.

Brainteaser: 5×3=8 Move 2 sticks to solve the equation | Matchstick Puzzle

Matchstick puzzles challenge readers through scenarios that require the application of problem-solving skills.

Brainteaser: 5x3=8 Move 2 sticks to solve the equation | Matchstick Puzzle

In the image provided above, the configuration of matchsticks forms a mathematical equation:


Obviously, when the numbers are added, the equation is incorrect. Your challenge is to correct the equation by rearranging the matchsticks. The time limit adds urgency to the mission, and you’re bound by one rule: the matchsticks can be adjusted. Successfully solving this puzzle requires sharp cognitive skills and rapid analysis in a short period of time. The realization of solutions relies on careful observation and keen attention to detail.

This challenge is a fairly complex task that favors individuals with sharp intelligence and focus to solve the problem faster. The clock is ticking; the countdown begins. Examine the image thoroughly and identify the exact matchsticks that need to be repositioned to correct the equation.

Logic matchstick puzzles are essentially rearrangement puzzles where you manipulate matchsticks arranged in shapes or equations to solve the puzzle. For those who seek to improve their logical problem-solving skills and IQ, we have introduced one such matchstick puzzle in this article.

The climax is coming.


time up.

Can you decipher the hidden answers to the puzzles?

We hope most people succeed, a few may still be considering it.

Are you eager to uncover solutions?

The moment of revelation is here.

The solution is disclosed below!

Brain Teasers: 5×3=8 Move 2 Sticks to Solve the Equation | Matchstick Puzzle Solution

This special matchstick brain teaser puzzle presents a significant challenge and we now invite you to try to solve it.

Brainteaser: 5x3=8 Move 2 sticks to solve the equation | Matchstick Puzzle

To correct the equation, simply change the positions of the two matchsticks. Move a matchstick from the number 5 to the left.

Brainteaser: 5x3=8 Move 2 sticks to solve the equation | Matchstick Puzzle

Now, take the next step and change the configuration of match 5 by moving the adjacent matchstick away from position 8.

After making this adjustment, the equation becomes:


And this arrangement is indeed accurate!

Brainteaser: 5x3=8 Move 2 sticks to solve the equation | Matchstick Puzzle

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