Brain Teaser: 1×3=9 Add 1 Stick To Fix The Equation | Matchstick Puzzles

In recent years, brain teasers stick puzzles have attracted the attention of many people who are actively looking for interesting puzzles to participate in and solve. These puzzles have become fascinating and popular topics. Essentially, matchstick puzzles fall into the category of rearrangement puzzles. As you delve into these puzzles, your tasks revolve around adjusting the position of the matchsticks to obtain a specific result, usually forming a valid equation.

Brain Teasers: 1×3=9 Add 1 Stick to Solve Equation | Matchstick Puzzle

Matchstick puzzles place readers in situations that require the application of problem-solving skills.

Brain Teasers: 1x3=9 Add 1 Stick to Solve Equation | Matchstick PuzzleIn the picture above, the arrangement of matchsticks forms a mathematical equation:


Clearly, this equation is flawed when the numbers are added. Your challenge is to correct the equation using matchsticks. There is a limited time limit, and you are bound by one rule: you can change the matchsticks. The job requires cognitive abilities and rapid analytical skills in such a short period of time. Solving this puzzle relies on careful attention to the image and keen observation.

As a moderately complex challenge, those with sharp intelligence and impeccable attention to detail are prepared to solve it faster. The clock is ticking; the countdown begins. Examine the image carefully and identify the exact matchsticks that need to be repositioned to correct the equation.

Logic matchstick puzzles are basically rearrangement puzzles where you need to rearrange the matchsticks arranged in shapes or equations to fix and solve the puzzle. For all those who wish to improve their IQ and logical problem solving skills, we have provided one such matchstick puzzle in this article.

The final moment has arrived.


time up.

Can you solve the puzzle’s secret?

Hopefully most people are successful and a few may still be thinking about it.

Are you eager to reveal the solution?

The moment of revelation has arrived.

The solution is revealed below!

Brain Teasers: 1×3=9 Add 1 Stick to Solve Equation | Matchstick Puzzle Solution

This particular brainteaser involving matchsticks proved to be quite a challenge. Now we invite you to try it for yourself.

Brain Teasers: 1x3=9 Add 1 Stick to Solve Equation | Matchstick Puzzle

To correct this equation, all that is needed is to add a matchstick. Place the matchstick on the number 3.

After this adjustment, the equation becomes:


And this arrangement is actually accurate!

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